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10 Aug CROWDS on Twitter - A New Season Approaches Good news, everyone! Almost two years ago, we offered an Android app for expert Blizzard players to help their peers on Twitter, answering questions and providing advice similar to the kind of crowdsourced support you can witness daily on our official forums. Some of you may still remember: By using the app, Twitter users who had opted in could see messages sent to our support team's channels and jump right into the conversation, potentially solving other players' issues even before a moderator could get back to them. Needless to say, this was particularly useful late at night or early in the morning, for the forums (and thus our Twitter channels) have specific "opening times" due to the size of its dedicated team. But it was not all just feelgood assistance, either: Last year, we ran a so-called season where volunteers would compete with one another for points. Top scoring experts were featured on a Wall of Fame, and we even handed out prizes! Well, guess what's coming back. CROWDS has been running non-stop ever since we introduced it to our Twitter feed, but so far we only ever had a single season. So whether you've been curious about the program but used to be on the fence, or whether this is the first time you actually hear about our crowdsourcing initiative, here's your incentive to get started. Not only will top performers join the support website's Hall of Fame, they will also be rewarded with prizes such as Hearthstone card packs or loot boxes for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. For details on CROWDS and how to use the app, be sure to check out our support site article. See you out there!Hagut1 10 Aug
17 Feb Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting later this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, the games will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Radathryl0 17 Feb
25 Apr 2016 Common Issues & Fixes – Please Read Before Posting Hot Topics Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. For known in-game issues, see here. Here's what you're contacting us about right now: [MOBILE] Android – There is not enough space on your device UNDER INVESTIGATION: As a workaround, please delete your cached data and try again. (Settings > Storage > Tap on Cached data > Delete). Please make sure you follow this thread for further updates. No Chest Rewards Some players may not see a chest with rewards for ranked play. This is simply a visual bug and all rewards that you meant to receive are correctly added to your account. If you don’t see them added to your collection, please reset your password. No turn time/card hovering If this happens it usually means that one or both players have experienced a disconnection issue. Both players will incur a loss. The developers are working to improve stability. Bug reports Please submit your bug reports here. In-Game Voices in English After patching to 5.2, some players may find out that the in-game voices are in English. Performing a “Scan and Repair” from the Options menu in the BLizzard App should solve the issue. Common Issues & Workarounds Click on the type of issue you are experiencing for advice on how to resolve: Account & Security (Hacked/Can't login/Authenticator etc.) Installation & Patching (Stuck /slow downloads/BLZXXXXX errors/DVDs etc.) Connection & Latency (Lag/Regular disconnections/Unable to connect etc.) Performance & Stability (Crashes/Low FPS/Freezing etc.) If your issues persist after trying all of the troubleshooting steps in the article, please read this post on how to create an effective thread.Tiogaradh0 25 Apr 2016
17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh Celiby Danellos DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon Saneko ShammozNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
1h Blackscreen/Crash on bootup My Hearthstone game upon launching instantly becomes unresponsive, leaving nothing but a black screen with a loading mouse cursor. I have Reinstalled the game multiple times on different drivers, and scanned for repairs (which found nothing to repair), but nothing has worked.Karnork7 1h
1h Share chances for different sets Hello, dear Blizzard employees. I would like to change the current system of loots of cards. You, for your part, have repeatedly confirmed that there is such a system. Including a loud bug with 2000 dust. As again it is known from official sources, for each addition the chance of falling out of the legendary card is considered separately. And we are faced with the following situation. I bought for real money, won in the arena received for quests and other 57 sets of cards new additions RLT of them I dropped 2 legendary cards for 9 (guaranteed) and 45 pack. On the day of release, I watched a lot of streams where nothing like this happened to anyone. And people who opened 160 packs on the video received 12 legendary cards. Cryparian collected a complete collection of legendary expansion cards for about 240 packs. All this is on Tvich in the records, which is a direct proof. The data on what I received and how much it was discovered can be easily checked, in my battletag. I'm not in any way complaining about the low chance and something else, I BELIEVE to the statements that in the long run everyone is equal. But how much can an average player open for packs per 1 addition, on average per pack per day, and then for 3 months round up to 100 packs. And imagine that he was unlucky, and he received only 3 legendary cards, and as we have seen this is more than possible. Yes, suppose he should fall on the legendary map in 5 packs in a row in 301 \ 302 \ 303 \ 304 \ 305 But many players are not able to pass even for the mark of 150 packs of one add-on, all the same the game is positioned as free. There is a new addition and again our guy is not lucky. And so constantly. Tell me why you need to share chances for different sets. After all, if we make a common chance, then millions of players will finally approach that average value, and everyone will become equal. And I hope happy. After all, if several additions in a row you can not reach the white band. Do not you stop believing in it. And is it fair. Deprive the player of his white strip.Zol0 1h
2h Hearthstone is choppy and laggy For a while now my hearthstone has felt choppy and freezes/spikes randomly. This occurs in the menus and while in game, it is only a slight lag spike or frame delay but it really ruins the feel of the game making it almost unbareable to play. Any ideas on how to fix this? Specs: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3301 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Drivers are all up to date. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.Raptorjesus38 2h
2h Report Button Hi, i was playing ranked and i lost a game because my opponent was a cheater but there was no report button i have screenshots of the guy cheating it was like for 10 minutes he was waiting for me to leave while the game didn't go on and there was this card floating as he was moving other cards.LitShadow2 2h
2h Constant DC's guys... pls... it's my third opponent who I think dc'd and i m waiting like 15 minutes in the game screen till the rope is coming... the rly bad thing is, when i quit the game i get a lose.... it just happens nothing. oh and no it's not from my side... everything is fine on my side... but this is rly ridic... makes me don't wanna play this game anymore...AsiaSnack4 2h
2h Pls I beg for help This is serious! For some reason I can't play hearthstone on Americas region and that is where I play all the time when I tried Europe It worked fine <all on laptop> on my phone Americas Works fine too Pls I need helpSetsuna1011 2h
2h This game is rigged why cant you trade cards or buy dust? this game is so rigged. the people that can afford to use a couple hundred dollars to gold can put togethear decent decks while the people that wanna build up a deck without spending any money cant.TinyTauren1 2h
4h Asset BlizzaedGlobal contained incorrect data. Does anybody else get this problem and is there a way to fix it? Whenever I try to run Hearthstone I get a pink screen with that message on it.kula12985 4h
6h Still didn't get 3 packs. Hi, I still didn't get my 3 free packs and also didn't get any answer. I had 3 packs from arena, 50 bought packs and when I logged into the game, I got a message that I got 3 packs, but I got none. Then I read forum threads about this issue and I was advised to relog to game client but It didn't help.Shimpanzzz0 6h
9h Bug with match search Hey im playing on a samsun s7 and i lost a ranked match before it even began, the spinning wheel wouldnt stop spinning and after a good amount of time i decided to close the app and re-open it, after the game loaded up i got a message saying i lost due to a disconnect, i had been playing for a while, had no wifi problem, didnt move at all. Also i couldnt cancel the match search, it had already found someone but again, it never stopped spinning.spacemonkey0 9h
13h Bought packs Bought 40 packs and got 1 legendary after the patch which should've prevented this, feel kind of ripped off after it.TheJoker0 13h
14h Frost Lich Jaina in Pack. Hi. I have oppened a Pack before playing Prolog . The pack contained a legendary. Frost Lich Jaina revealed after clicking!!! I was surprised because its a free legendary which game gives it to everyone who does prolog; so i was supposed to be given this card by doing prolog anyway, and it conflicts with the rule that blizzard said no one will be given 1 legendary twice... . its hard to have 1 legendary every 20 packs (average) and it becomes The one which is supposed to be the free one (Two same Legendary cards). I haven't done prolog yet. i want a little help or something . Thanks.KupuKupu1 14h
14h Nothing happend literallyFacuGOLAZO1 14h
15h Weekly Brawl - Random Class Crossroads So I just played the brawl today, got a random Warrior deck and won my game, but the 2 wins Paladin/Warrior quest I have at the moment doesn't show any credit for the warrior win? The other quests I had, 'Destroy them all' and play 30 battle cry minions seems to be working fine.Nony0 15h
16h Hyldnir Frostrider Bug Hi, I was playing arena and played Hyldnir Frostrider after having played Bilefin Tidehunter the previous turn with the two murlocs still on the board. The freeze animation started but i pressed end turn during the animation. But my minions weren't frozen on either the opponents turn or during the next turn. Picture 16h
17h friends list bugged? if i press friends list its just blank, i have friends/friends online. i can show a screenshot but why does this happen anyway?TankHS4 17h
18h Arena bug? Hi, I was playing arena yesterday and got the same disconnect everyone had. At that time my deck was 5-2. I was able to resume play today, the deck was still 5-2 and I played and won another game. The game then tells me I lost a game by disconnect and kicks me back to a 5-3 arena deck, no play button, but also no rewards. I restart Hearthstone and when I clicked arena section, I then get the same 5-3 deck, with immediate rewards. I was 1 turn from winning my first disconnect game, so my deck would have been 6-2, then I actually won my game today, which would imply 7-2, instead I got shunted to a 5-3 deck. "Winning" 2 games and being given a loss and ending your arena run (on a very good deck, I had "The Lich King", of all cards), is incredibly frustrating. Can you please check the logs and try to identify how I was given a disconnect loss from a win today? Thank you in advance, MarioMorihei2 18h
19h Laptop crashes HARD! Hi Blizz, What kind of info should I post here if I would like your help figuring out why Hearthstone (and on a rare occasion Overwatch and Diablo 3) makes my computer crash HARD!? Don't recall ever having experienced a crash when playing WoW or Fallout 4. What kind of crash? Game freezes for a few seconds, then window goes white or dissapears while it still looks like it's running just minimized, I can still click on stuff on the desktop but then after 5-15 seconds the fans speed up to full speed, everything freezes, and the computer starts making these very loud BEEP sounds with a few seconds interval and after maybe 20-30 seconds it reboots but very slowly and when it does come back on I need to restart the computer else it'll be slow and not all programs will run. When does it happen? Well, while playing Hearthstone... seems like it does it more when I play against other players than some of the single player content. For a while I thought it was when I was clicking on the board "enviroment" in the corners, but recently I tried to mute the computer, and turn the sound down in-game and now it runs a lot more stable - but still crashes every now and then. What I've tried in order to solve this? A whoooole lot of all the suggestions inhere and from other sources, but no luck... few days ago I tried doing a reinstall of W10 and make sure all drivers are up to date and reinstalled the game, but it's still happening... Any help would be appreciated, thank you! Best Regards, SincrowSincrow9 19h
20h Hearthstone not updating on Android The game is not updating and is sending me to the app store where no update launches. Considering I bought Amazon Coins to pre-order the expansion I hope someone can help me.Tetro2 20h
22h [issue resolved] Tyrande Whisperwind not unlocked the topic is resolved now; it seems like waiting for it to be awarded was all I needed to do. Hello. I am usually a North American player that sometimes plays on the EU server. I don't log in often, but just every now and then. Last time i logged into the EU server was before the Tyrande promotion. I unlocked her and use her all the time on the NA server. When I logged into the EU server for the first time since then, I got those notification popups that said I have unlocked packs, the tyrande hero, and the tyrande cardback. However, I only have the tyrande cardback and not the tyrande hero in my collection. This doesn't seem intended, so I am posting here for hopefully a fix and to let it be known. Here are some images: Tyrande cardback notification upon logging in: Tyrande hero notification upon logging in: Tyrande cardback in my collection: Tyrande hero still locked: 22h
1d Hearthstone won't work (mac) So i ran it once and it worked flawlessly. I completed the first enemy in the tutorial and then shut down the game. heartstone now loads but just displays a screen with no enemies, no cards and no nothing. the board is still the same with the lil' creature poking out at times and i can poke the ground. noting works. please help.munkedyr1230 1d
1d Game crash problem hello,when i open the game i see that . i tryed everything ....Kinezar1 1d
1d Constant crashing on iPhone Playing on an iPhone 6, almost every time I look at my friends list or reply to a message, my phone just crashes. It also crashes in the collection manager, often when I'm around 26 cards into creating a deck (which is super frustrating). Is there a fix incoming?Numb1 1d
1d Wins not counting towards quests Usually quests played can be achieved in Tavern Brawl. This weeks Brawl my wins are only counting towards 3 = 10g and not the overall win counter for that class. Have not checked standard play modes to see if this issue is throughout. I have however logged out and back into the game with no change to Tavern Brawl wins counting daily quest class win counter.SuthrnFried3 1d
1d Mozilla Firefox browser i have notice that if browser is on the game can getting stuck when loading hearthstone logo and when closing it game works fine so wondering any ETA to fix it Os = windows 10 64bitTrancers0 1d
1d hearthstone crashes while browsing library..... hello, i'm having some troubles playing hearthstone. i login to the game everything looks normal. then i start browsing the library and when i turn 3 times the page the game crashe's and the following error appears: "the game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017_08_17_003054" next to game executable, it would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" those anybody knows any solutions?DarkGemini1 1d
1d No quest Completation i was playing current TB and i have a quest to win with Lock 3 games , i won one , but the quest still at 0 is this Tb don't count toward quests ?AcidRain0 1d
1d Double cards in card packs more often than they should I seem to get a lot more double cards (getting two of the same card) in one pack when I'm opening KotFT card packs. My sample size is very small - I've opened probably ~20 KotFT packs but I remember seeing something about you implementing a system preventing more than 2 of the same card appearing in one pack (or 1 legendary). Maybe it would be worth investigating if there indeed is a bug related to this. Wouldn't be a first time this happened on expansion launch ;) I would say a third of my packs have had double cards - which is not extremely unlikely - but if others have noticed a similar effect there could be something wrong. This has happened on common, rare and epic rarities to me.Mahti0 1d
1d PC - Reconnect to game crash loop Whenever I run the game it tries to connect me to a previous game. After a few minutes it fails to connect and I return to the main menu, then after a few seconds I get the "CLOSED could not connect to game" message and it crashes. I think I quit out of a single-player challenge yesterday.NoopyGoobers5 1d
1d Connection issues I get more connection issues then before. I was spectating a friend and it kept losing connection. The same thing happend in arena. I could reconnect in arena fortunate enough but sometimes my turn ended already so i could do everything i wanted :(.MastaG0 1d
1d Arena games not loading. I lost two arena games for free today because my client wouldn't let me connect to the game. I load in to the game and it just freezes, I'm gutted as mostly f2p type of player right as I spend all my gold for packs in this new adventure. This shouldn't be happening, and never before I had a problem like that.yourfaith0 1d
1d [Solved][Android] Permanent 'reconnecting to game' Yesterday I got disconnected from a game while playing on the PC, probably due to the Hearthstone servers (my internet was fine). When I try to access Hearthstone today (on android), it keeps trying to reconnect to that game (I assume), but it's stuck on the trying to reconnect. I can still open the friends menu, so it isn't frozen, but I can't get rid of the trying to reconnect, preventing me from playing. I've tried for almost half a day, even letting the game run for quite a while but no success. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?Dre6 1d
1d Cards missing from my account Hi, I've been told by a technical rep from blizzard that this is my next step. I have tonnes of cards missing from my account. I've been through support routes and they cant explain it. I went to craft a deck with y'shaarj and ysera only to find them gone. upon further inspection there's tonnes missing. Can anyone at blizzard explain this before I give up on this game? I've been playing regulary (every day almost since 2014) and have paid over £140 in card packs. for it to all disappear with no explanation is a slap in the face. Considereing quitting as I have no intention of paying out again to recover the lost cards. I have only 1 account and only play in one region.Soulben0 1d
1d Friends List Bug. Hi, neither my friends nor I can add each other on to our friends lists. It has only occured since the recent update and is quite frustrating. Does anyone else have this problem? Its as if the friends list has bugged out.ManiacNutter0 1d
1d Arena ticket bug I paied for an arena entry and it didn t work. I mean my money were taken from my card yet no free entry as it said. What can i do about that?abrasax0 1d
1d Error reporting a post When trying to report a post I get the message "error reporting". Something wrong here?ForestHunter1 1d
1d HS on OnePlus 5 Hi! I would like to know how works the hs on this smartphone? I ask the OnePlus 5 owners for write down their experiences! ThxHunScorpion0 1d
1d Black flashing part of game. From yesterday i have a problem with black flashing upper third of the game. So i cant see opponents cards and it is really annoying :) Do you have any ideas, where could be a problem? Lowering grafics or reinstall a game didnt work...Alambel0 1d
1d Visual bug on Pixel C Tablet Hi, I would like to re-open a case about a visual bug occuring on Pixel C. For a long time now there has been a visual bug in the card collection, when viewing cards uncraftable because of lack of dust. That wasn't really a bother until april 2017, when after an Hearthstone update, that same visual bug started to appear in the win/lose screen, during battlecries with target selections or when looking for quest progress. As you can see in some of the threads I provider at the end of this post, neither Blizzard, nor Nvidia, nor Google are interested by resolving this case. Each one is pointing to the other. As I said in an post on the US forum, I agree that it may be a Tegra driver or a Pixel C issue. But I think that the people who could highlight this, narrow the origin of the problem and give pertinent data to Nvidia/Google are the Hearthstone developpers. I also think that Blizzard will have more influence on Nvidia or Google to convince them correct this than the basic end-users. Here are a collection of thread about this bug (first one is the most complete) :!topic/nexus/zQVA34jkbtY Please, could Blizzard do something for his fanboys ? Thanks and best regards.CaptGiovax1 1d
1d Frostmourne In my last arena game i was in 3/2. I was going to win the i played frostmourne which i got from lick king. I killed 3 minions with it than the deatherattle triggers of the weapon but it only summon 1 minion of the 3 and i lose the gam because of the bugging deathrattel pls fix this. It is very annoying losing for the bugs in the game.Zsuli0 1d
2d Screen Freeze Screen Freezes when i hit the play button and appears the finding an opponent screen.Even the screen is freez the match starts i can still hear the sound and the game is working like if i move my mouse i can hear the sound it made when i "touch" a card but the screen is freez on the finding opponet screen . Also i have graphic glitches in game and in battle net app. I did play this game before and i had no problems with it. Last time i played was about 4 months and i didn't had any issues with the game. I have an alienware m11x 4gb ram intel core 2 duo 1.3 but my nvidia card is dead so i use the intel one . Yes I played from my intel (in low settings) but it was fine I didn't have graphic issues or freezes like i do now ... I did read the support article on your website and did all that is writen there even the advaced tab but it didn't work. ...sorry for my bad english :( 2d
2d Рандом, такой рандом! Как-то странно работает рандом. Открывал 51 пак Рыцарей ледяного трона, выпало 2 леги. Друзья открывали по 11-20 паков выпадало по 4 леги. Нормальная история наблюдать по две леги из пака через день у друзей???!! Прикрутите свой рандом. Желание играть пропадает напрочь, от слова СОВСЕМ.Kazivan1 2d
2d please help , i think my account is bugged Haven't got an 80g quest since ive been playing hs last 3 months after a year long break Can any blizz employee check my account ? i think its bugged ... my friends get it all the time and other people .... People tell me they get it a few times a month and i havent got a single one in over 3 months now ...Grommash1 2d
2d Only 1 Legendary card I bought 40 packs of The Frozen Throne and I received only 1 Legendary card. Is that possible?A03023C2 2d
2d Beating Deathwhisper - No credit! I've defeated Lady Deathwhisper twice now, received no credit for it!Wampa1 2d
2d Cards missing I logged in and I dont't have my Blackrock Mountain Cards. Can someone please help me?Axx1 2d