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04 Oct Common connection and latency issues - PC/MAC/MOBILE Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpTiogaradh5 04 Oct
25 Apr 2016 Common Issues & Fixes – Please Read Before Posting Hot Topics Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. For known in-game issues, see here. Here's what you're contacting us about right now: [MOBILE] Android – There is not enough space on your device There are multiple reasons for this error to occur. 1) Please try to reset the Cache on your device first (Settings > Storage > Tap on Cached data > Delete). 2) Review permissions: Hearthstone requires access to the internal storage of your device (Control App Permissions, Google Help) in order to install and update itself. No Chest Rewards Some players may not see a chest with rewards for ranked play. This is simply a visual bug and all rewards that you meant to receive are correctly added to your account. If you don’t see them added to your collection, please reset your password. No turn time/card hovering If this happens it usually means that one or both players have experienced a disconnection issue. Both players will incur a loss. The developers are working to improve stability. Bug reports Please submit your bug reports here. Common Issues & Workarounds Click on the type of issue you are experiencing for advice on how to resolve: Account & Security (Hacked/Can't login/Authenticator etc.) Installation & Patching (Stuck /slow downloads/BLZXXXXX errors/DVDs etc.) Connection & Latency (Lag/Regular disconnections/Unable to connect etc.) Performance & Stability (Crashes/Low FPS/Freezing etc.) If your issues persist after trying all of the troubleshooting steps in the article, please read this post on how to create an effective thread.Tiogaradh0 25 Apr 2016
17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon SanekoNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
8h [Linux] not working after last update I know linux is not supported, but I have seen some users here giving advice about running HS on it. After the last update, I get the 'missing dll' error. I can't figure out which one from WINEDEBUG logs, and also I'm not sure if it should be fixed in 'winecfg' or somewhere else. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.Que1 8h
10h Mill druid bugg Opponent using your "Choose one" cards after king togwaggle deck swap makes the card animation remain on the boardplumpopower11 10h
10h Arena Bug So..i was playing arena and i was 4-2 .I pressed play and then i lost connection for 1 second.Then i reconnected to hearthstone and saw that everything was ok,i was still 4-2 and and then got into another game.I WON that game and after that it was sawing 4-3...Dawn1 10h
1d Missing Marin the Fox(Standard/Non-gold) I've been told by customer support to make a post here so i have been playing on Europe servers without any real issues, however most of my online friends play on american servers, so i changed region. their was a day delay before i received the current promotional card and packs but i had received them. However it has been over a week and i have still not received the standard Marin the Fox on the Americas region. EDIT: Added screenshot - I'm not really sure how posting here will help if customer support cant help with this thoHotaruBlaze0 1d
1d Oops! unable to launch a game 2 days now after playing 2 3 game in a row HS shows me this message 'Oops! unable to launch a game for you!' i have to rr the application so i can play a new game... can you help me plz?Di03 1d
1d Archbishop Benedictus Hello i recently played a game against my friend, we both were priests on round 2 i played prince keleseth and on round 6 Lady in white which buffs my cards in my deck. on round 7 my friend played Archbishop Benedictus and copied my deck but no cards were buffed. Thanks for reading.exm01 1d
1d Blizzard do you hate me? So recently I have found it apparent that Blizzard actually hates me. I file this under technical support because it has come to the point of absolute absurdity. So let me give you all a few examples of this topic: 1. I had a game where a freeze mage top decked second ice block into second acolyte of pain, in which he then pinged it to top deck forgotten torch (3 damage) and then the next turn top decked that very forgotten torch for 6 damage, getting perfect lethal. Mind you he had about 15 cards left in his deck when this chain of events occured 2. I faced of against a rogue after the release of Sonya shadowdancer. Now this was fine by itself. But he got heckler into Sindragosa which has a pretty low chance. But he then proceeds to get from that Kalimos and that very Sonya Shadowdancer I was talking about before. He had 1hp and then healed for 24hp because of this. Now when I calculated this I found that there was a 1 in a million chance for these exact events to occur. 3. I today faced of against my friend that decided to play and extremely meme deck so I could win a game but still have some fun. Now he repeatedly said "it will be impossible for you to lose this game" as he then proceeded to high roll me into eternity and !@#$ing beyond. I have in my life never been a victim of such bad luck that I genuinely thought about committing harakiri on the behalf of Blizzard I just want you to know Blizzard that at this point the only available options for this to have happened is that either your game is bugged beyond belief. Or you just actually have an extreme grudge against me even after I have thrown my money at you continuously since I received my first PC about 7 years ago. Please give me a valid response as to what this hate has derived from or maybe fix me up with a compensation for kicking in the balls repeatedly since the release of Hearthstone in 2014. Please my balls hurt I debate to receive medical attention believing I might be sterile. Quick side note, the three examples stated above are only some of the seemingly infinite amount of times this has occurred. Thank you!Acceptz2 1d
1d Insecure passwords Hello Blizzard, I wanted to change my password and I realized it is not possible to make your password longer than 16 characters. Could you please increase the maximum length of the passwords from 16 characters to at least 40 characters? I don't see any reason to have it that low (and I haven't encountered any site that had such a short maximum password). In these days 16 characters are really not enough if you care about the security. I have also read that the passwords are not case sensitive, which is also concerning and it further decreases the security. Kind regards, TomBruky1 1d
1d No end of month reward Like the tittle says, I didn't get any reward at the end of the month. Playing strictly on Eu. I only need my card back that I didn't received until now. ThanksSurachai1 1d
1d daily quest change - monster hunt slot Hi, its been almost a month since the monster hunt challange has been released, and the monster hunt quest is still taking up its slot. I appriciate the advanture mode, but to be honest I found it a little bit boring, in comparison to other solo adventures. So a few days ago I decided to finally complete the first quest - defeat 10 bosses as a tracker - so I will have anthoer quest slot. I was a little bit upset when I saw that i got anthoer monster hunt quest that I cant replace! Please updade in the next patch the option to re-roll those quests, because not everyone enjoys them, and it made me feel more like a must-do-task and not a video game. Thank you :)Diddo21 1d
1d corpsetaker bug Hi, I found that bug two or three times playing mage. Corpsetaker copies taunt, but doesnt copy divine shield ability. Dont have lifesteal and windfury cards so I dont know how it goes with that. It should gain all abilities available in dock, shouldnt it? Big up guys, great work! All bestabdulek1 1d
2d Windowed mode fullscreen moving left. I know this has been addressed on these forums before, but I couldn't find any threads recent enough... The problem is: If I put the game on windowed mode, and try to maximize the window, it does that but instantly moves ~3cm left on my screen. I'm running Win10, single monitor... I have resetted In-Game Settings. My brother has exactly same problem, but for him it was "repaired" unintentionally by reinstalling Windows... I know there are others with the same problem, any fixes around?qeath3 2d
2d Frozen in loading screen while game is playing Hello! I recently started playing HEARTHSTONE again after a long break and when I came back and installed the game everything seemed fine, but when I tried to play the game would freeze for a moment, the sound would still be playing but my screen is stuck on the loading animation(like searching opponent or loading mana bar) but the game is playing, I can select cards without seeing the screen and I am virtually playing the game without seeing anything. When I try and restart the game it would sometimes put me in the game normally but most of the times it won't. Any ideea how I can fix this issue?SharkLORD1 2d
2d Mobile: Did not gain a star for a victory I was playing a game vs mage as druid 10 minutes ago. The game ended when my oponnent conceded. The stars never went up from 2 to 3 (rank 2). I touched the screen and saw that the star was never gained from the win. I restarted my device and as soon as I logged back in I saw the popup "you lost your last ranked game due to a disconnect". I never saw a disconnection from the game, and it ended when the opponent conceded. How can I get my star back? This is ridiculous.Lumpyavocado1 2d
2d Malfurion the Pestilent Dear Blizzard! I am playing with an Iphone X, and when I am trying to play Malfurion the Pestilent, I just can’t. When his animation is over it jumps back to my hand as a card. I do not know what could be the problem. Thank you for helping!Scadudle1 2d
3d Last patch issues with game. After last patch (the one over 1.5gb) game performs really badly. It stops responding a lot and my first thought was "lag" but then whole game goes "program stopped responding" for few seconds. There is also a lot of hitches where game freezes for a second. Any ideas what up with the game?Jinxter1 3d
3d Windows Taskbar overlapping Hearthstone Hi there. So I recently experienced a problem where my windows 10 taskbar keeps overlapping my hearthstone game - this only happends when i play hearthstone and not in any other games. I've tried to change both fullscreen, windows full-screen and so forth. I can start up hearthstone in fullscreen, but as soon as i tap out the taskbar overlaps the bottom of my game. ALT + Enter doesn't help either.Sebastian4 3d
3d Mobile account and PC accounts not sharing data. Hello! I have hearthstone on my phone AND on my PC, both of them are connected to the SAME account. For some reason, all the data that i'm building on my phone/PC does not save for the PC/Phone. (Friends requests, progression, ranks, level, decks etc.) What does causes this issue and how do i fix it? Thanks, Itay. (P.S Forgive my english.)ItayOzz5 3d
4d I can't download the game. Help please. Hi Hearthstone dev team. Yesterday i tried to download Hearthstone after a little break. And when the game were close to being finished it just paused. The blue downloading bar didn't turn grey like it does when you pause it yourself. So one day later i tried again. now its stuck on "1,90 GB remaining". And there is like 140 GB left on my computer. Help please.SealBurp3 4d
4d Hearthstone windowed maximized resizing I've always played HS with windowed-maximized -mode, which maximized my window to screen except leaving taskbar visible. This gave me visibility to notifications from Windows, webpages etc.. However, couple of months ago, hearthstone started to resize itself after maximizing the window. In way I quess is to keep original aspectratio... And this is really annoying. I have tried to google solution with nothing really helping showing up. I want to believe I'm not only one with this problem... any help? Example; open space right of the window: 4d
4d Connection Issue?? Hi I'm seeing a few other players experience the same thing I just went through, in an arena game. The opponents turn just didn't end and I was stuck waiting. I could see them taking actions but there was nothing I could do! The feedback I am seeing is that it is a connection issue but I was connected to the game just fine considering I could see the actions my opponent was taking and I know my internet wasn't having an issue because I could still alt-tab to my browser and access the net. It basically just cost me my arena run as it was my 3rd loss.x3b3 4d
4d No Quest Today! May 20 2018... Is Hearthstone having issues? I did not get my daily quest today. I have logged out and back in and logged in un both my phone and computer. Any help getting my quest would be appreciated.FTPHack1 4d
4d massive lag! i have massive lag at the game from pc and mobile also anyone else has the same issue?TERANOR1 4d
4d didnt get the free legendary ididnt get my legendary class free card ..Rex1 4d
4d Why does this game run so bad I have 3 pc's in my house on win 7,8, 10 each one lags yet the mobile client is fine, my main pc has a 1080 and 32gig of ram how can the game run better on a 3 year old samsung?Chopper2 4d
5d Oops! The game crashed! Hearthstone crashes all the time and i can' fix it. My driver is uptaded and i have already uninstalled/installed Hearthstone and tried again but i still get the same error. Please help!Decameron4 5d
5d lost progress i tried logging in to my hearthstone and it has booted me into the start of the game again, even though i have played the game for a few hours and even spent money on the game, please helpZom8ie1 5d
5d Buff Bloodmage Thalnos. Please. Hello i would like to talk about one problem with Bloodmage Thalnos.Bloodmage Thalnos is legendary card that isn't very usefull but its still legendary and it still deserves bigger hp and damage. his 1/1 (damage/health) is so bad. Please buff this card thank you for attention.Pyr0Fox12 5d
6d Cheat or bug Ranked standard game freeze. Card just froze and nothing happens in game. Im online, no disconnects. Strange. Please tell me its a bug? Or maybe cheat?fraggelpappa2 6d
5d RAF: I can't see my friend on RAF list. Hi. My friend took part in RAF program and he reached level 20 but i did not received my Murgle. He did not even appeared on my "recruit list". I don't even see this list. I can still see this Murgle screen. [screenshot 1] Also, if he tries again to accept my RAF invite it says that he "already accepted one". [screenshot 2] So we did not do anything wrong. Is this a bug? screenshot 1: screenshot 2: 5d
6d tables are full when i played ranked game, i was disconnected, and when i want log in, game says tables are full.. why i was disconnected??Eldarin1 6d
6d It's a busy day for Blizzard Services I played a game and just got kicked out and went offline from the server somehow. Now when I try to go back online it won't let and places me in some queue that lets me wait forever. This has never happened to me for years and wondering what is going on?Detector5 6d
6d Blizzard account logs off while playing My game crashes because the blizzard launcher logs off. But i still got connection and can log in right after ive "lost" when im in the lead!Chrispz12 6d
6d Hello! Long time no see i have a request Hello dear game developers. I had have a break to game for 6 mounths because of my personel works and now i came back. During this time i heard that some cards got nerfed(patches the pirates,corridor creeper) and i miss their full dust refund value. Now it's hard to go on to game as a player who have a break for a long time i mean i haven't any gold to buy witchwood cards. As a result could you please extend the date for refund nerfed cards like patches the pirates and corridor creeper. Thank you for your understanding i really want to continue playing hearthstone. Sorry for my english have a nice day.Tyrannie3 6d
17 May Wild cards in "Top 2 Standard" A user on Reddit has shared a picture of him playing Mechwarper + Metaltooth Leaper in the "Top 2 Standard" Tavern Brawl on the HS Subreddit. Another user has shared the code for the deck in the comments. I wont share any codes in this post for the sake of not spreading the glitch any further. When you copy the code and go make a deck in the current Tavern Brawl the game makes a deck where the cards appear red - alike when you don't own a card off an official recipy it is skyblue - as seen in this screenshot: When you queue for a game nothing out of the ordinary happens. No Innkeeper to tell you that, "That deck is only for Wild games" as I personally expected. You just get matched with your Wild cards against opponents limited to their Standard collection. I have played around with the deckstrings for a bit and have had succes making the game copy in Annoy-o-tron + Metaltooth Leaper, Micro-Machine + Metaltooth Leaper and Mechwarper + Gorillabot so far. This is a glitch that can potentially lead to very polarized and one-sided matchups. In my opinion it requires a hotfix. Cheers, fnefnefnefne1 17 May
16 May Mobile app bug Hey, i am experiencing a bug on the mobile app. All my cards, and general writing on the game has vanished. Please help me with a fix, thanks.Elinken1 16 May
16 May Bug: Tess + psychic scream I just lost a ranked game because of a bug regarding the interaction between "Tess Greymane" and "Psychic Scream". I was playing against priest with a 'create cards of opponents type' deck. At end game I used Tess. This caused her to cast a few priest spells, then it cast the psychic scream I had played earlier and then it continued to cast every priest spell I had played on the side of my opponent. This shifted the balance from me having lethal against my opponent (if the cards had been played on my side as they should), to my opponent having lethal against me with the cards that should have been played on my own side. Considering the interactions that djinn caused in the past before you fixed him, I cannot fathom how you could let this one slip as it would have seemed to be an obvious case to test for. and it cost me a game. Thanks guys. Shoddy QA.Zorth1 16 May
16 May Mimic Pod/Vanish bug So I've been playing quest rogue, and about 9/10 times I play mimic pod, I've been getting Vanish from it... This shouldn't be happening right?MrOJPurvis3 16 May
16 May Crashing client Im having issues installing heartstone . Please check this repord idd :FDDD185F-1343-46CF-BAAA-6FF4FF7AE49Aalexqr1 16 May
16 May Daily quest not appearing Hello, I tried opening a web ticket on the matter (id. US63318516) and after the usual trial-and-error solutions (switch regions, switch languages, disconnect/reconnect, clear cache, uninstall/reinstall) they bounced me here. So, since it seems to be not a common issue but just mine, is it thinkable to find a real solution or the quest for may 15th is lost for good? Thank you in advance, MatteoBies1 16 May
16 May Shop closed 2nd time I've posted about this My shop has been closed for a very long time I have 1.500 coins How can I fix thisFireshow501 16 May
16 May error en pago tarjeta de credito. Necesito ayuda he intentado pagar con tarjeta de credito y me arroja este error "Something went wrong. Select another payment method or try again later." como puedo solucionarlo . Gracias ...SirDark1 16 May
16 May error en pago tarjeta de credito. Necesito ayuda he intentado pagar con tarjeta de credito y me arroja este error "Something went wrong. Select another payment method or try again later." como puedo solucionarlo . Gracias ...SirDark1 16 May
15 May User can freeze game I play right now and user freeze the game , time not ends and he card flies what he addedWildWolf3 15 May
15 May MacBook Air Fullscreen mode Every time I start the game (which start on another desktop, in fullscreen mode), the resolution is set to something other than what's set. A quick fix is to switch to any other resolution then back to the original one, but I would really like if this would work as intended.Gandzo3 15 May
15 May No Epic in 10 packs I just opened my 10th pack and couldn't get an epic. I'm usally very careful and keep record of my packs. So if I'm not missing a pack, which is hardly, I passed the pity timer of epics. Can you anyone confirm this? Or it's just me?Xyth1 15 May
15 May F13 - Bound to screenshot Hey, Since there's only two threads on this, and they're both quite old, I felt I should bring this back up. I rebound my caps lock to F13, a common tactic to use caps lock as a push to talk key without actually activating caps lock. However, when playing hearthstone, F13 takes a screenshot and there doesn't appear to be any way to disable this. I'd like a way to disable it or to change functionality; I can't imagine anyone would want F13 to be a screenshot key, as it's normally only used for macro keys/push to talks.Boopington3 15 May