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08 Feb won't connect won't connect since yesterday. I tried resetting my modem and executing as administrator. Also many links don't load from the forum troubleshooting posts. If I click the error itself, the site it redirects me to doesn't load either. Any ideas what it could be? I played yesterday afternoon just fine, then at night this happened, I thought it was just an internet issue but today everything else works. Thanks.MateAmargo4 08 Feb
08 Feb "Envenom Weapon" and "Blade Flurry" FATAL ERROR Please use Turkish language translation Zaman >>>> 00:23:48 adresindeki video da "Envenom Weapon" and "Blade Flurry" ikisini birlikte kullandım fakat minyonlar yok olmadı. Yalnızca 1 hasar aldılarOzkan1 08 Feb
08 Feb Game stuck on Rope? I was playing a match and the rope burned down and just got stuck right before the forced turn change. It wasn't me disconnecting as my opponent and I were emoting back and fourth. What happened?Mew1 08 Feb
08 Feb Connect Problem I can't connect in hearthstone from mobile since yesterday and I don't know why I have good internet connection and the hearthstone still not connected.MitsSenpai1 08 Feb
08 Feb Connect Problem I can't connect in hearthstone from mobile since yesterday and I don't know why I have good internet connection and the hearthstone still not connected.MitsSenpai1 08 Feb
10 Feb Add some bots. Not enough players. Hey ! For weeks now, the population constantly dropped and now I'm waiting @rank 10-15 for a full minute to find an opponent. I'm just farming the golden hero for the last classes. I just want fast games ... and I cannot find opponents. Months ago, at the same evening time, I never had to wait more than 10-20 seconds to find an opponent ... what's going on ? @Team8: add some official bots please (like the inn keeper) and make them play some random decks, not the same hsreplay top 10 decks. Now I'm wasting about 10 minutes of my one hour of evening game play, just staring at your wait time between games ... :( Thanks.Solomon1 10 Feb
07 Feb Can't log into my Battlenet luncher Since yesterday I can't log into my battlenet luncher. I am playing on EU server. It keeps giving me BLZBNTBGS80000011 error, its not my internet connection. However I can connect to battlenet from a different region, but cant play any of the games, it's stuck in the loading menu. Need help please. Thank you.GalaxyWars12 07 Feb
07 Feb PC and mobile difference? So ive played hearthstone before on my PC and today i decided to download it on my phone but once i logged in and did the tutorial missions im still stuck with the basic deck and no gold. When clicking on my profile it says im lvl 50, but i have no characters unlocked beside the mage, no cards etc.Hecarrick4 07 Feb
07 Feb Mac High Sierra Hard Lockup I'm using OS X 10.13.6 and lately after playing a few games of Hearthstone I get a hard crash (can't tab out of app, sound driver stalls, need to power cycle to recover). Anyone else seeing this issue?Zeddicous1 07 Feb
06 Feb Bug when playing Gral, the shark I played the arena and had "Gral, the shark" in my deck. In two games it happened that the animation would stuck and the card it chose would stick at the left of my deck, hiding other cards till the end of the game.Giräffläffle1 06 Feb
14 Feb Im stuck at 25. rank Ive been playing this game for 1 month now after dropping the game 1 year ago. I didnt play any matches when i dropped maybe 1 or 2. but back then the lowest rank was 25 and now its expanded to 50. and now im stuck in 25 cant win any games beacuse all my opponents decks have many rare cards while mine is filled with the cards i couldve grind in a month. Im stuck just losing and losing.Zaphkiel16 14 Feb
06 Feb Update problem Hi. I have problem with my android version. When i did update to the last one it says" download is almost over only one more update" and it gets out of game and jumps to store to download it. But it wont work either. Will you please help me?Sydney1 06 Feb
06 Feb Problem with play store purchase Purchased lunar bundle on play store yesterday and usually with my packs I receive instantly. This time I haven't however even though my card has been charged, i log in to PC and it tell me that I need to log into my phone to then get the packs, but when I open the app it does not even get onto the home menu, freezes as the "Hearthstone" title appears, I can not switch accounts, after a few seconds it then says "click here to reconnect" and then it freezes and kicks me out of app. I've followed all help in have found on here and nothing has worked.SilentStorm1 06 Feb
06 Feb NO GOLD GIVEN FOR NEWYEAR QUESTS ok just compleated the 2 play turn quests in a finaal game... erm where is the gold ? didnt get the gold not sure if i got the dust either but gold deffinatly not had 65 gold still only 65 goldstolichnaya1 06 Feb
05 Feb Mindbreaker without effect -bug report Hi, Im sending a note about the mindbreaker, I was playing on the new adventure solo mode and after playing the hunter secret wandering monster it summoned the mindbreaker, but it hadn't any effect.. I guess it's just a bug from the game mode...MarioFaria1 05 Feb
05 Feb Bug in adventure Armageboom Boommasterflark Bug in adventure Armageboom Boommasterflark : Hello, sorry for the poor english (french...) I was playing the Armageboom adventure, and arriving the third level of survival, Boommasterflark I noticed a problem. Zilliak has not wind furry anymore so it's not possible to finish the problem... (I watched walkthrough to be sure) Maybe it is a bug only on my account or maybe the character has been changed, don't know, just wanted you to know. Sorry if that's already been said, or if I should have say it somewhere else... Hope that it can help, good day to everyone !CAB2 05 Feb
05 Feb Spinning Colour Wheel of Death when trying to play Recently when I try to play on my laptop the game slows down at the title stage and selection with the afore mentioned SCWD or coloured beachball. Occasionally then the application closes other times it is frozen till a force quit, how do I resolve this please. Thanks.Yojimbo1 05 Feb
05 Feb Wild format Hey everybody, i have looked at some of the questions from others and you guys have been nice to help others, so i hope you'll help me too, because i cant play wild format, i cant acces wild cards in the collection and i just can only play standard format, all of my friends can play but i cant and it confuseses me alot, maybe there is something i need to do, like buy packs or something?? please help me out. :Dsofus2872 05 Feb
05 Feb How to install and start HS without admin rights How to install and start HS without admin rights WIN 7??? There is noinstall way ?EXT2 05 Feb
04 Feb Shop closed Shop closed. Can't play arena! Tried solution found on this forum. Didn't work.Zihan3 04 Feb
04 Feb Arena troubles Started arena match and removed all the cards i dont like, then server disconected and when i successfully connected again all the cards i removed were there and the match started. Of course i lost that game in a heart beat. I think that is not fair at all.thepope56 04 Feb
04 Feb Android app doesn't remember email / password Hi there, Few days ago I changed my accounts email, and since then the Android app asks for email / password when I start the app. (before this it only asked for it, when I changed account inside the app). I already checked "Troubleshooting Hearthstone on Mobile Devices" article, and did the following: Uninstalled and reinstalled the application Cleared Cache data Cleared Data None of them helped. Thanks for any help in advance! Kind regards, Sectoid the GreySectoid1 04 Feb
03 Feb can't connect to my account.. i just bought 70 packs on my phone, and now i can't login to my account.. it says password incorrect. i just bought them 30 min ago,.. platypusRiccardinho95 03 Feb
02 Feb Sound settings resetting whenever I start HS Every time I start Hearthstone it resets my sounds volumes to max, starts the intro video and shows the "recent changes" screen. Anyone know how I can make this go away and let HS remember my settings? Edit: I've tried reinstalling HS but it keeps happening. Got this "problem" for over a year now. But only now it really starts annoying me :pBlackcheeta5 02 Feb
02 Feb Hearthstone Shop Not Open Hey guys, need some help. My hearthstone shop is closed for some reason, no matter how many times I restart my phone, log in and out, and it's been days now. I really would love to play the tavern brawl but I can't! Cos I can't purchase anything and I have more than enough gold. I'm playing on a Huawei P9 Lite. Please can anyone assist?!DeadGoddess3 02 Feb
02 Feb Sometimes lose visual but can hear the game running Occasionally while playing, lose the window and don't know how to get it back. The game continues playing sound wise but I lose because i can't play.Yojimbo1 02 Feb
01 Feb APPCRASH Without changed anything suddenly i have this problem after the new season. Screenshot: Crash logs: Any idea? I tried everything... Repair the game, compatibility...R4gS0ul13 01 Feb
01 Feb Thread for Hagut Hi Hagut Please lock this thread with some message that it is not relevant to tech support forum like you do to every other thread here so you can finish your daily work forum - reactions quota so your end of the month report to your boss won't be half-empty... Cheers mate, you da manMaedhros1 01 Feb
01 Feb Problem with app Hi I got a problem with is I can’t play on my phone (LG X Power). The app stops on this screen: or at this one . Problem appeared earlier but it was enough to restart applications or phone, now it does not work. I reinstalled the applications but it still does not work. Could some got the same problem or maybe know how to fix it? Thank you in advance. I appreciate every helpGziku1074 01 Feb
01 Feb Optimizing MacBook How do I do this?Yojimbo1 01 Feb
31 Jan Hearthstone Closed issue. I'm having a login issue, I hit play in the launcher and the game launches but then as soon as the in game hearthstone sign comes up it instantly says that the game is closed because I have lost connection, and it tells me to relaunch the game. I have been having this issue for almost a week now and its getting frustrating.Dustin1 31 Jan
31 Jan new bundle purchase Hello!!! i just bought the new bundle yesterday.from 30 packs i got not even 1 legendary.i have bought and other times packs but believe me this is the last time i pay to get something from blizzard.please fix your algorythms cause this is not fair not only for me but for all the players cause as i can se they make all complaints for this issue. thanks a lot!!!johnluv1 31 Jan
31 Jan Mobile app disconnecting often Hello the app is so badly designed that it hurts. I am getting disconnected after every game because the phone might have lost a packet of data which is common in wireless connections. The app instead of holding connection for a period of time after game says that you have lost connection, the game is recorded and forces app restart (or reconnect). Same bug tend to happen sometimes during matchmaking. If the phone loses even one packet of data, the app disconnects ceases to look for a match, doesnt inform user about losing connection and disconnecting or reconnecting and hangs in "finding oponnent" screen with the machine turning infinitely until the timeout error (probably) forces it to change state into "Disconnected tap anywhere to reconnect". As an IT developer i can tell that this is wrong behavior and forcing client to manually reconnect even after brief packet loss is bad practice. It gets tedious after three games and may even tilt the player. Needs rework. ThanksMaedhros1 31 Jan
31 Jan new bundle purchase hello ! so, after i saw on reddit that the new bundle is available i wanted to check it out and buy it on my phone i use the amazon appstore, to be able to use my amazon coins whenever i need to. however, when i click on the buying button in the shop, a window opens up (waiting for confirmation) and then the newly opened window crashes with an error 403 message ("contact support" grayed out...) can you guys help me with this? i would like to not miss out on this one thanks in advance & kind regards.JoaoM1 31 Jan
30 Jan cany update heartstone i cant update heartstone igot this message(waiting on another installation or update)but ii am not updating or intalling anything plz helpdragonius1 30 Jan
30 Jan druid broken please fix i played druid for quest. so far fine. then i used my hero power basic and transormed into dk and i couldnt attack and i wasnt frozen. later i used my new heropower and i still was unable to attack and then i realized i cant even emote please fix your gameDraven1 30 Jan
30 Jan Lunar Bundle Having issues purchasing the new bundle. An internal error has occured. Anyone else having this issue?Cleng2 30 Jan
30 Jan ziliax got attacked but no lifesteal return on me it happens 3 times today when my ziliax got atttacked no lifesteal one game was critical i lost the game cause of that . why that ????NAMASTE3 30 Jan
30 Jan Помощь Уважаемые разработчики. С выходом последнее обновления, Ваша игра перестала приносить удовольствие для игроков. Суть такова, что приходя с работы, многие ищут развлечение и отдушину именно в играх, однако заходя в игру я вижу только разочарования. Потому что класс "охотник" встречается каждую игру. Да да каждую. и где же то разнообразие игрового процесса которое Вы предлагаете, к сожалению, я не вижу. Нужно это как то исправлять. Заранее спасибо.Free2 30 Jan
29 Jan Non-sensical download (patcher) Many times, when I start the game with my mobile data not having connected to the mobile network right away, the game enters into a non-sense update. There is a 0mb file that needs to be downloaded according to the patcher. And sometimes it actually takes some time to get it done. Is there any way to avoid it in the future (apart from constantly reminding myself not to open the app - I play on mobile android - while I am not yet connected to my mobile network: be it E, H or h+)ilYaku0 29 Jan
29 Jan Android game becomes unplayable after 2 games I log in to the game and it starts out fine. The game gets progressively more laggy as I play matches until I finally lag out and miss my turn. I was playing initially on an older nvidia's shield tablet but I am experiencing the same issue on a new Galaxy Tab. Is there some fix for this issueRay1 29 Jan
29 Jan Cheating or a Bug Hey, I want to report a bug or a cheat that I saw today. I was playing ranked game, at the end of enemy’s turn, rope started but it rope sticked and didnt finished for almost 10-15 minutes. Then, I closed my game and opened it again but I saw that I lost the game. I think player was cheating. His gamer tag is “<removed>”. I can send video of this if someone wants it. I recorded it.sarpkoksal1 29 Jan
28 Jan Rogue AncientMage+Spirit of the Shark BUG I had 2 Shark Spirits on the table. Played Ancient Mage between 2 minions, but received only +4 spell damage bump. Please fix! TIAolechka19821 28 Jan
28 Jan "There was an error starting your game." Hello, I was just about to start an arena run but this message appeared: "There was an error starting your game. Please wait a few minutes and try again." Problem persists even after restarting both the app and the client, and has been there for more than 2 hours. I can't search for any game in any game mode. The thing is, I'm set to host a Fireside Gathering this evening in around 10 hours from the time of this post as well, does anyone have any suggestions/fixes for this block? Thanks!zennonlwr2 28 Jan
28 Jan Won't load on phone I have installed Hearthstone on my Samsung and I load it but it just sits in the loading screen and then crashes.MorphEmperor1 28 Jan
27 Jan Possible exploit? Not sure if it's a deliberate exploit on my opponent's part, but he has left the screen with his card floating mid-table and there is no rope? Seems like he is just waiting for me to leave the game. Been stuck looking at the screen for 15 minutes! User FLOOD. HAs anyone seen this beforeLongfaced12 27 Jan
27 Jan Can't select minions on the field Hi everyone, still a new player and this is really the only bug I've come up against, besides disconnection issues. I've had to concede in a few games now because after I play a minion I then cant select it to attack or its battlecry doesn't deploy. Meaning that I can put cards out but I cant use them for anything or attack the enemy. When I hover my cursor over the minion it is not highlighted and I keep poking the sand when trying to select it as if its not even there. Everything else works fine, including my opponents minions! Please help! I just wana play.Sgtsmithers2 27 Jan
26 Jan Priest Hero Tyrande. Is there a way to obtain the priest hero Tyrande these days?Jackan1 26 Jan
24 Jan Cheat <removed> no wordsAppcet1 24 Jan
24 Jan Hakkar OTK rogue causes Disconnect So I found out that there's a glitch with my rogue Hakkar, the Soulflayer deck. I use coin (made by wanted!) prep walk to kill him. or however you want. on your turn. He then fills up my deck which is empty with 1 Corrupted blood. I'm using 2 Ebon dragonsmith's to reduce my Shadowblade cost to 0, I then use my 2nd preperation with a myra's unstable element to setup an OTK lethal. which allows me to swap decks afterwards with a King Togwaggle (being a legal 10 mana combo). The issue there is you see that everytime I activate my Myra's unstable element I disconnect from the game and I'm unable to reconnect. Which is quite annoying to say the least.EzraBridger2 24 Jan