can't use mouse pen after update

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there may not be too many people like me who use a mouse pen even for playing games (it is much more comfortable for me than a regular mouse), but it was working just fine until the latest update.
now it does not notice it when I click on something.
I use a Genius Mouse Pen i608x.
Thanks in advance for the help!
I got the same problem, my Pen Tablet (Bamboo CTL 470) stopped working after latest patch so annoying :/
Hello Sungre,

I'm afraid this is outside the scope of support we can provide for the game.

I recommend you contact the manufacturer of your mouse pen for further assistance.

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I have the same problem, it's too bad this is outside the "scope of support" . After last patch update my pen ain't workin... I also have a bamboo tablet but as it seems it isnt a specific manufacturer problem.

I hope there is something that can be done, as i dont have a mouse connected (or like to be.)
The manufacturer does not seem to be at fault with this issue. There are many people who are experiences issues with pen tablets from different brands, all since the latest patch. See:

Though it is likely that this cannot be fixed on the client side and thus outside of the scope of technical support, it does seem like Blizzard's devs need to look into this.
Yeah, in bug report there are many people with this problem, there should be a fix for this from blizzard's side..
why, are there any mouse pens that are still working?
what a horrible response from blizzard. How is this not ur fault? It was all working perfectly until last patch..
here's a crappy partial fix for those having the issue with wacom tablets:

if you go into wacom settings and change your pen from "pen mode" to "mouse mode", the game will start accepting your clicks.

mouse mode is pretty annoying to use when you're used to pen mode, but if you mess with the speed settings on it, you may be able to find something usable after some practice.

As long as you're using a newer wacom tablet, you should be able to set it up to only do mouse mode in hearthstone, so you won't have to change your settings back and forth. (i have an old tablet which uses the old drivers though, so i can't confirm it.)

It's still not a real fix since it doesn't work as before, but at the very least maybe it can help narrow down the problem for a real fix.

Latest blue post on this topic is in other thread;

At least some hope :)
Please follow that thread for more information, but please do keep in mind as stated there, we do not officially support this.

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