Blackrock, Naxxramas, and other adventures...

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Don't delete them Blizzard - Please; even when the cards go out of standard and become craftable, that's no reason to pull a fun piece of content and tell us we can't have it - Even after we paid for it!

If cards are going to become outdated, and their adventures 'redundant', why not just leave them their for player to enjoy for the sake of enjoying them, like how players may replay a single boss several times over because it's fun! It can still make money from some people, such as new players who just want to see things.

I play Hearthstone for the adventures. Even if the rewards were taken away, put in packs, or just available only from crafting, I would play them. Because I enjoy them!

I recognise this probably won't be heeded, but if there's even a chance - Let us keep our adventures.

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