7.1 Balance Changes and Ranked Play Changes Now Live

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EDIT 01 March 2017: These changes are now live!

Update 7.1 Ranked Play Changes – Floors
We’re continuously looking for ways to refine the Ranked Play experience. One thing we can do immediately to help the Ranked Play experience is to make the overall climb from rank to rank feel like more an accomplishment once you hit a certain milestone. In order to promote deck experimentation and reduce some of the feelings of ladder anxiety some players may face, we’re introducing additional Ranked Play floors.

Once a player hits Rank 15, 10, or 5, they will no longer be able to de-rank past that rank once it is achieved within a season, similar to the existing floors at Rank 20 and Legend. For example, when a player achieves Rank 15, regardless of how many losses a player accumulates within the season, that player will not de-rank back to 16. We hope this promotes additional deck experimentation between ranks, and that any losses that may occur feel less punishing.

Update 7.1 Balance Changes
With the upcoming update, we will be making balance changes to the following two cards: Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws.

Small-Time Buccaneer now has 1 Health (Down from 2)
The combination of Small Time Buccaneer and Patches the Pirate has been showing up too often in the meta. Weapon-utilizing classes have been heavily utilizing this combination of cards, especially Shaman, and we’d like to see more diversity in the meta overall. Small Time Buccaneer’s Health will be reduced to 1 to make it easier to remove from the board.

Spirit Claws now costs 2 Mana (Up from 1)
Spirit Claws has been a notably powerful Shaman weapon. At one mana, Spirit Claws has been able to capitalize on cards such as Bloodmage Thalnos or the Shaman Hero power to provide extremely efficient minion removal on curve. Increasing its mana by one will slow down Spirit Claws’ ability to curve out as efficiently.

These changes will occur in an upcoming update near the end of February. We’ll see you in the Tavern!
I appreciate the changes but I don't think the nerf to spirit claws is enough. It is still 9 damage for 2 mana. That is still insane.

The nerf to STB makes it unusable now, why not make it 1/2 with 2/2 when weapon equiped? Would have fixed the easy kill on doomsayer while keeping the card playable.
Thank you for responding to the meta. Frequent changes make for lively metas thank you again. God Bless you Team 5.
It's really cool to see that you take care of the community !

The spirit claw nerf is good enough for me ( she is still valuable but later so she dont destroy the early game !)

But the Buccaneer nerf is too much he his now unusable...
1 ping he is dead .. the 1 damage shaman portal ..
Why not put it 1-2 for 2 and only 2-2 when weapon is equiped ?
so she cant kill doomsayer easily .. and it stays a playable card (combo with patches on T1)

if you can explain to the community your choice with more detail, it would be great !
Appreciate the balance changes.

But I think the ranked floors are not enough. Something needs to be done about ranked reset; getting reset to rank 17 once per month and spending a few days grinding to get past noobs is just wasted time.
Just want to say that I appreciate your steps in the right direction. This is why I play your game and not someone else's.

Kodos! Oh, I mean, kudos!
Bless you Blizzard, oh bless you.
And what about Patches?
I was hoping for removing charge from it. Just look what all is packed in Patches.
1) Draw extra card. (find Patches in your deck and put it into your hand)
2) Play Patches from your hand for 0 mana.
3) Give Patches charge.

Is not drawing extra card and playing it for 0 mana enough? Does Patches really need to have charge as well? There is no other minion in whole HS that can be put into battlefield right away from deck, without having any drawback. There is only possible to swap creature on battelfield with creature in deck, but even without charge, Patches would have unique advantage which no other minion has.

PS: Keeping Patches like he is (with charge), is just saying that card advantage is not good enough advantage. Any top player can tell you how significant are cards which are giving card advantage.

PS2: There is another important thing worth mentioning. Players who manage to get Patches from deck right onto battlefield are effectively playing with deck with 29 cards in it. This means, they have slightly more effective deck than other players because 29 cards deck has slightly higher probability to draw exactly right card, which is needed in current situation.
14/02/2017 22:34Posted by Motylek
And what about Patches?
I was hoping for removing charge from it. Just look what all is packed in Patches.
1) Draw extra card. (find Patches in your deck and put it into your hand)
2) Play Patches from your hand for 0 mana.
3) Give Patches charge.


Yea that point is completely valid. I don't get how ppl can be happy with those nerfs. They aren't enough, they are a start.
Floor rule is nice. We can battle easily.
Small-Time Buccaneer is harder for Rouge than Shaman. She remove 1/1/3 difficult.
So we'll still have to live with Patches, but I guess that's tolerable if STB and Patches can be countered together with 1 dmg AoE like ravaging ghoul, arcane explosion or pyromancer, or a lucky knife juggler. Spirit claws for 2 mana sounds reasonable as well. It's still powerful in mid- and late game but doesn't have such an overpowered effect during the first 2-3 turns. Is everybody prepared for the jade golem invasion now?
So we'll still have to live with Patches.

Yes. Power of Patches is not that big when you nerf his buddies. It wasnt him who was so strong. It always was STB. I have alot of control decks and only reason i was losing vs Pirate was no way to kill him at turn 1 (expect Arcane blast, which has potencial to destroy way bigger minions, or good old Holy Smite, which i play just for this reason) those are only 2 cards with effective clearing of this STBastard
No Jade nerf?
not good enough
shaman still best class in the game.
So when will rouges and warriors be balanced?
17/02/2017 06:59Posted by Hiandaripper
So when will rouges and warriors be balanced?

It wasn't rogues and warriors that were top tier 1 for the past 3 expansions
You could have also improved hunter somehow..Just a though.

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