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Thank you Blizzard, you're turning me into an insane troll because of Arena. Yeah I know that it's actually my own responsibility. It consists mainly of me spamming emotes to whine and adding others to complain (rarely any profanities and if any, almost always if they have bm:ed, which I don't; except some threaten emotes now and then). But every every time I play arena it's so crazy beyond belief, it seems like 8/10 games I get stomped by a plethora of things: Board states that forces me to make very awkward trades, incredible combinations and synergies, broken cards like Vilespine Slayer, Spikeridged Steed, Vicious Fledgling, Stonehill Defender, glyph, cabalist tome etc etc. These cards aren't necessarily the most unbalanced.

I will admit I am a bad arena player. But I use Heartharena to draft most of the time and I have a fair grasp of what cards are good. So it's not just about that. Obviously my perspective is very biased, but it almost seems as I am cursed and I can't help to (sometimes) believe in conspiracy theories about the Arena being rigged somehow. In any case, many things are wrong with arena right now and it needs to be fixed to make it an enjoyable experience.

Hopefully some of you can appreciate my honesty.
I believe it has to do with the current arena season.
I noticed that i win less frequently than in previous expansions, and though it may mean a lot of things(i'm getting worse), i believe it has to do with the average card rarity as it seems that there are far more epics and legendaries in the draft, which in turn creates a more volatile arena environment, so even high tierscore decks cant perform steadily , resulting in these frustrating plays.

Just look at some top arena cards, like glyph, vicious fledgling and stonehill which can all perform from being average to being a win condition. Based on mostly luck.
Arena is basicly a lottery , if you want to improve watch twitch arena streams , but after watching multiple streams it seems to me its all about luck , how lucky u get when u pick ur deck vs how lucky was ur opponent. Basicly its gold/money blackhole.
That is simply wrong, of course it is affected by luck, but it's not about not being subjected to the whims of fortune, but netting out the most wins from whatever cards you've been dealt.
Arena is minion spam , allmost no use of spells. What chance do u have with common minions vs a guy with some good rare and unique cards? Ok lets forget that and say you have about 50% to win each game , now do the math on you'r chance to win 12 games with 2 or less losses.

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