Upcoming Balance Change: The Caverns Below

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In an upcoming update, we will be making a balance change to the Rogue card:
The Caverns Below.

The Caverns Below now reads:
Quest: Play five minions with the same name. Reward: Crystal Core.

Since the release of Journey to Un'Goro, Hearthstone has enjoyed a wider variety of competitively viable classes and decks than ever before. We’ve been monitoring overall gameplay, and we’ve decided that—even though everything is varied and many decks are viable—a change to The Caverns Below is still warranted.

The Caverns Below is uniquely powerful versus several slower, control-oriented decks and played often enough that it’s pushing those decks out of play. This change should help expand the deck options available to players both now and after the release of the next expansion.
Great change! Control decks might have a chance now...
FINALLY! It's time for the constructed decks return...
Makes more sense with the 5/5/5/5 combo anyways, only reason why not was so new players could play and it only with 2x shadowstep. Hope this change will revitalise the meta!
And it took only 3 months.
How about doing something to the shaman quest which gives you the "Burn at least 1 card" ability?
Put 6 not 5.Becouse 4 was too easy...
i think very good
Do the same with Jade Idol and then old fatigue decks will make a comeback.
Holy FKN Finally!
Good change, thank you team 5
God bless.
Correctly. Still the warlock needs to make discard not to six, but five cards, in quality sacrifice lakkari
You guys suck at making card changes and balance. The only card that needed a whole deck of bad cards around it was this and u nerfed this too. People just wake up and realize that this is not even a card game. U see a freaking green aura around your card and u press that card to the board. That's all. Zero comboes, zero creativity.
Hell,it was about a time
What a joke blizzard, nerfing quest rogue? It's not even overpowered, yet when we had almost 1 year of mysterious challenger dominance you didn't move a finger. Again blizzard changing stuff because kids are crying
Nice job nerfing the barely tier 2 deck. That'll fix standard!
That's nice could also make blade furry a playable card at the same time.... That was nerfed to hard, not really that hard to make usable card, for exaple cost 2 mana deal the weapon damage to minnion and cost one charge of the weapon, seems good....
ez +1600 FeelsGoodMan

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