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Since the release of KotFT Hearthstone has been unplayable. When I'm playing against another opponent Hearthstone freezes approx. every second game. While the screen freezes, I can still hear everything that happens in the background (e.g. I can hear what my opponent is doing and I hear the sound of me hovering over my own cards).

Earlier I was able to solve this by ending Hearthstone in Task Manager, to quickly relaunch it through Battle.net. As of today this doesn't work, instead it causes my laptop to crash (blue screen of death). Similar problems occur in solo content, like playing against The Lich King.

Full-screen or windowed, low or high resolution are not making a difference. All my drivers are up to date. Blizzard repair found nothing. Re-installing Hearthstone did not fix the problem. I'm not encountering anything similar by playing other (Blizzard) games. As the game continues in the background while the screen is frozen, no crash reports are being generated (I think).

Any help will be much appreciated.
After two weeks the same problem still occurs daily. I would really like some help, since the game is unplayable.

I would be glad to provide more information as best as I can, but I don't exactly know where to start.
It sounds like the video card/driver crashes or does not react to the game anymore. Check if the video card meets the minimum requirements, try wiping your video card drivers and reinstalling them, also check for overheating.

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Hi, I have the same problem and the solution didn't solve anything, do u got any other ideas what could be causing this?

I didn't play Hearthstone for a while and now when i came back it started doing this, even though it's on the same PC.
Hello fRit0L,

Have you tried the general steps here?

Kind regards

What's your opinion?

yeah I've done all the steps from that article and I even reinstalled the game, so I have no idea what could be causing the problem.
Same problem here for months but since like 3 weeks, i literally cant play HS anymore on my Computer


the game freeze almost every games

i play a game, graphics freeze.
i close the game, and now i have 2 solutions, i can reconnect the game, or the widow is white and it say doesnt respond

i reinstalled Hearthstone, i reinstalled the whole Blizzard kit, updated/downgraded drivers, tryed beta drivers even reinstalled my computer, nothing work

and i run i7-7700k & 1070
Heya guys,
I guess that you still don't have solution for this, am I right? I don't mean to insult you with this comment or something, I'm just trying to this conversation to be updated, so we know and don't have to only guess.

Thanks (:
nothing, i updated to the last Nvidia driver today 391.24 and i still have the problem, wich mean the problem is obviously on Blizzard side
24/03/2018 22:13Posted by Xanlis
nothing, i updated to the last Nvidia driver today 391.24 and i still have the problem, wich mean the problem is obviously on Blizzard side

It is. It seems to be sensible to very small disconnects or irregularities in connection balance. As they say. But the game doesnt dc, jsut the screen stops, and it is noon existent on phone and tablet.
Ie is a bug that came out with the last expansion and plagues a few people since then. problem is we didnt arrive at a point where anyone from blizzards accepts that the game has a bug on PC and try to fix it, they just handle it as the game is sensitive to DCs, and that was always the case, which is untrue, as it only started happening a few months ago.

Btw have the same bug, every driver is the newest always, and i did like 3 clean gpu driver installs since this issue started, and it still exists.
I'm having the same problem.
As of today, I got that same frozen game state of death.

It is really annoying to know that you are winning, and for this to happen. Especially because each loss due to this cheat, hack, bug, you name it, not only kills your winning streak, but also competitive gaming.

Thanks Hearthstone.

(Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 12:23- 12:45 A.M.)

Over fifteen minutes waiting, but not responsive from the other player. On my side, everything works, just that eternal wait for something to happen. The opponents card just stayed from as if being played on his side of the screen.

I was going to obliterate this dude, namely, "drbtrpin". Learn to play without cheats brother.
Hey Doryan,

Thank you for using the search function to try and find a solution or answer, but please do not bump such old threads. If you cannot find a recent thread that matches your description, create a new thread for yourself instead.

Note that the issue you reported happens when either you or your opponent has a connection issue and as such disconnects from the match.
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