The Secret to Permanent Squelch

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So seeing posts about "give us permanent Squelch" because you know when your opponent gets the upper hand or that legendary death knight hero draw - the emotes never end.

And if you're like me you just want the answer and not try the search engine to get endless threads, comments, etc etc....

So - right click to BRING up Squelch Bubble. Here is what they dont tell you. You still have to LEFT click ON he Squelch bubble. Ahhh - peace. Blissful peace. As you see their avatar light up around the edges again again and again without any sound or bubble spam. And only you can unsquelch them by repeating the steps.

Topic should be a sticky.
It is called a user-interface.
well its common sense for all intelligent beings
Everybody already knew this :x
I like how the original poster seemed totally obvious to what the word "permanent" means.

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