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I used to be playing at around ranks 5 to 1, have never reached legend. The past few expansions have mostly ruined the game for me. I've started playing a lot more since this latest one however i don't know how to actually win.

I.e. i cannot counter anything. If i go against mage they have that legendary that gives lifesteal. Therefore i craft the same cards to play as that.

Mirroring is the only way i've found to actually stand some sort of chance. Either it's jade druid, priest with crazy lifesteal cards and constantly stealing (nothing new there) or like i said mage. (let's not even mention warlock, although i do believe that's a little hit and miss)

I can't find a suitable deck to settle, obviously there must be some out there.
Is anyone else in the same position as me? I've invested a lot of time in hearthstone over the years since 2014, i don't want to give up but it feels ruined :/

Edit: jade druid isn't a problem now.
The deck you'll choose to climb with doesnt really matter. You can hit Legend with any Tier 1-3 deck. What it matters though is to:

1.) Know the Meta, and do the right techs. If you see lots of Murlodins, tech Hungry Crab, Crawler for Pirates, Geist for Jade Druids, Devolve/Silence for buff-focused decks, etc.

2.) Know your deck, and your opponent's deck. Realizing whats your win condition and how it may change depending on your enemy's deck is very important. Dont hesitate to play your second Jade Idol for Tempo against an aggresive deck. Shuffling them to your deck will be irrelevant, and probably ruin your draw consistency when u seek for Swipe or Spreading Plague. Against Murlodins clear their key minions, try to keep their board clean, before they Steed/Blessing/Tarim. As a Wild agressive deck, push for lethal before turn 6 cause if they Reno its lost. If you play Control vs Control, be greedy. Jade vs Jade, try to ramp your Jades faster. I think you get my point.

3.) Play around. Use Deck Tracker for that. Jebait your opponent's aoes/answers, and then ure free to overextend on board as much as u want and push for tempo or even lethal.

I think thats all. GL with climbing.
The deck you climb with doesn't matter, indeed, as long it's Jade Druid.
Come on it's easy all you gotta do is follow youe heart
Suck penos?
31/08/2017 14:43Posted by Xavathos
The deck you climb with doesn't matter, indeed, as long it's Jade Druid.

Jade Druid is easy to counter now, i've worked that out, didn't realise you could delete all 1 cost spells :D

What the other guy said is right too. I'd just forgotten i guess, I started climbing again got to 13 i'll have another go this season, thanks for the replies.

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