Is it worth it to buy 2016 expansion packs

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I started this game a little bit after The Journey To Un'Goro launched as a f2p. Ive been buying mostly classic packs and un'goro packs since then. Now that im playing a few ok revised decks and would like to get a few of at least some semi-decent decks. So should i buy the older expansions to try to get some key cards, or is it not worth it since they will be rotating out soon. (i have next to none of those cards)
you have a good amount of time before they rotate out, so you decide, if you have to build a collection from scratch focus on those expansions that will provide you key cards for cheap decks.
If you've never opened any then you should get a few ss you're guaranteed a legendary in the first 10, however if you've opened any at all you're probably better off getting more classic/un'goro/frozen throne packs so you're in a good spot come April.

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