I've started playing again, but cards are missing from my account.

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But I've noticed that I'm missing cards that I used to have, or at least I'm quite sure I used to have at least.
For instance I'm quite sure that I've had both Malorne and Cenarius in my collection, but they're not appearing and there are several others missing as well, a lot of Hunter cards are gone as well.
And yes, I have checked for Wild as well.
But my question is, would it be possible to see which cards I had when I last played, about a year ago? And if so tell me what's missing from my account?

Kind regards/ Cinder#21922 / EU.
have you checked the other servers?

is it possible that another person gained access to your account and dusted cards? (can you remember what your dust count used to be? might it be a lot higher now? do you have cards in your collection that you were sure you hadn't?)
I recommend posting this in technical support. Seems like a technical issue with your account data. Or contact support through the main site.

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