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After Windows update, Hearthstone launches without visible window.
Game sounds are allright, game icon is visible on the bottom bar, but no window is there.
Alt + Tab gives nothing
Scan & repair didn't help
Resetting in-game options didn't help
I have exactly the same issue
I guess we are (at least) three in this situation

Please check if the Xbox DVR is enabled after your update, and disable that. Restart and test again please.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
I tried it but it didn´t work
Having the same issue. I have repaired Hearthstone and issue still persists. Began after recent Windows update yesterday.
Same here, after update.
Also having exactly the same problem after the update to fall creators update that installed last night.
I have reinstalled hearthstone completely.
Graphics drivers are up to date Version 388.43, Release date 11/30/17.
Game DVR was already turned off pre update and is still off now.

Tried using some additional keyboard shortcuts like Alt-Enter, Alt-Space to get hearthstone to actually appear on screen but instead only got it to appear on the left hand size as a tall narrow window, about 1-2 characters wide compared to the character size of a desktop shortcut description, it is resizeable but only black sceen, mouse cursor inside the windows changed to the hearthstone cursor, clicking inside this dismisses the quest pop-up and can hear the sounds of the menu options been selectable.

On the taskbar mousing over the hearthstone icon brings shows no snap-shot or preview just a blank box.
02/12/2017 09:15Posted by Nenyasqi

Please check if the" class="bml-link-url2">Xbox DVR</a> is enabled after your update, and disable that. Restart and test again please.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
<a href="

DVR was disabled before update and is disabled now, I checked

UPD: reinstalling HS didn't help
So, I was able to get Hearthstone to work.

I lowered the refresh rate of my monitor down to 60 Hertz, game loaded fine, then I reset the graphics options in the menu back to a decent resolution. Was able to set my monitor back up to 120 Hertz afterwards and the game still works.

I hope this helps other people with the same problem.
Same as above, after the latest Windows 10 update, launching HS (through the client) doesn't seem to launch the window (although sound still plays when HS is in the foreground), and when the window randomly appears, it's the aforementioned black screen case as well.

Re-installing HS didn't work

Game DVR was initially disabled (even after the WinUpdate)

Edit: I've also uninstalled McAfee from my computer.
Same problem. Havent been able to play hearthstone since windows update late november -17 (win 10). Game starts, I hear sound (the dwarf greeting me) but game window is minimized and I cant open it.

I have tried to repair files, uninstall and reinstalled the game, updated to the latest drivers for videocard, toggled off all xbox/ game DVR functionality, turned off firewall and antivirus.

Please help us!
same here. plz fix before the expansion
I first had this problem too that the game was on the foreground with a black screen and only sound, then I read a post about changing the options.txt from fullscreen true to false. I already had there standing false so just tried changing it to true BUT now my hearthstone it's just a straight small line through the middle of my fullscreen and the option.txt is now completly different as well without options of changing fullscreen to windowed anymore. Worse thing is that repairing doesn't change that back either it just doesn't detect any problems. Wanted to get back into hearthstone so feelsbadman. (reinstalling doesn't work either)
I too have this issue. How about Blizzard doesn't release patches that screw up your own game. So when will you be fixing this problem?
I have this problem too, no blizzard game works.. the Game recording thing was set to ON, I turned it off and restartet the PC but it didnt work. I turned off the scaling mode that was on and now, the game window opens in windowed mode, and when I doubleclick to make it fullscreen(not fullscreen, but u know) and it flashes the game background and reverts back to the smaller window...

what to do? It says I now have Windows version 1709
Also: Diablo now works after switching to 32-bit instead of 64-bit, in the game options in the client.. but the other games dont have that option
what worked for me is to rollback to the previous windows version.. it's in settings -> Recovery
Hey there!
Usually this is a result of a display driver problem or user settings. Try this to fix it:

  • Open the Blizzard application
  • Click the "Options" menu and choose "Settings"
  • Under "Game Settings" click Reset User Options
  • If the game is still running, open the Task Manager and force close the game's exe
    Relaunch the game
Forgot to mention that I already had tried to reset user options too. And I have tried reinstalling the game. For me warcraft works fine but hearthstone stays minimized.
The problem appeared after the windows update. I havent any special user settings nor have I changed them. My gfx card is a GTX 1060 3 GB and updating to latest drivers for it didnt help either.

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