Hearthstone crashes on Mac OS Sierra 10.13.2

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Hello , Dear tech.support . I am a Mac user and I can't play hearthstone for 2 months. I have a problem. When I am staring the game , there is a launch screen , then I am waiting for loading the main menu, but the game crashes .I don't know what to do
Hello ДраконТеней,

Please follow the steps of our Hearthstone Lockups and Crash Errors support article, including the advanced steps if needed.

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Man , anything doesn't work !!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED HELP !!!!!
Have the same problem here!
Same here guys
20/02/2019 19:16Posted by MrFicus
Same here guys
MrFicus, if you already tried troubleshooting steps in our support article (basic and advanced), please open your own thread, and add there a link to your System Report file, so we can better assist you. You can upload your file to Pastebin or to another website of your choice - just make sure an account isn't required to access them.

Thank you!

Note: thread locked - necroposting.

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