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Hello there.
I think this is a bug.
So when i played against "xol the unscathed" he played the card " corrupting mist" which is gonna kill all the minions at the start of his next turn. When i saw this i summoned "Kel'Thuzad" so when all the other minions is died my ones gonna come back to life but it isn't worked. I used kel'thuzad previously and it resurrected all my minions every turn it doesn't matter if it was my turn or the enemy turn. So i dont know if kel thuzad bugged all the time or the "corrupting mist" spell is not working right.
Did Xol then kill your Kel'Thuzad? What should have happened is all the minions die and then come back at the end of Xol's turn so if you were just left with an unsilenced Kel'Thuzad for your next turn, then yeah, it sounds like a bug.
if your Kel'Thuzad was neither destroyed nor silenced, post it in the bug report forum on the NA server:

on EU no official will see it

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