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In this video Ben Brode addressed some of the questions that were asked on Twitter about the game: https://youtu.be/EOyfhco3Upc

He explained that the team is looking for a not-too-easy, but not-too-grindy way to give players old card backs.
I would like to suggest a solution, that is the daily quest streak. If you manage to complete your daily quest every day for X days, you get either a random card back, or a token, with which to buy aesthetic modifications that were available in the past but are no more. Different modifications should cost different amounts of tokens, based on their "rarity" (e.g. old Hero skins have much higher value than card backs).
It doesn't even need to be a streak, it could be that if in a season (1 month) you have completed at least X quests, you get TWO card backs! One is the one of the current season, the other is a past one.

I suggest such a mechanic because at the moment quests have too little variety, that means the reward given is just the gold and that's that.

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