Saronite Chain Gang and Shudderwock bug

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after last update Saronite Chain Gang doesn't work with Shudderwock
Seriously? That was the whole point...

Please be a troll. Please...
Do you mean,
A) that Shudderwock does not create another Saronite Chain Gang through battlecry
B) that Shudderwock does not create another Shudderwock through battlecry?

A would have been bug, while B is intended result of the latest patch.
that Shudderwock does not create another Shudderwock
Shudderwock doesn't create Shudderwock again when you go out with Saronite and Shudderwock. creating saronite
20/12/2018 09:33Posted by walkerdark
that Shudderwock does not create another Shudderwock

Despite your obvious downvote on my earlier post, this was indeed the intended reaction. Now that the wording has changed its no longer possible (in Standard at least) to Spam Shudderwock after Shudderwock by playing a card 10 turns earlier.
I couldn't see a patch about that patch on the patch notes. I think this is a bug. Shudderwock operation is failing
Taken from the Hearthpwn Patch Notes Page for the 19th December:

Shudderwock brings an interesting combo to the table, but playing Shudderwock multiple times in a single game can be frustrating. Changing Saronite Chain Gang makes playing multiple Shudderwocks in a game much more difficult. Shudderwock should now exist as a powerful one-turn effect rather than constantly copying itself with Saronite Chain Gang’s Battlecry.
No worries.
I had a blast and you spoiled it
You really didn't get it?
I still hope it's a joke
here you have a proof that people are dumb

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