Missing lethal because charge didn't work >:(

Technical Support
The second time I encounter a ridiculous bug this week, resulting a lose.
Lost a game because a charge minion couldn't charge.
I played a Southsea Deckhand, and I could play a second one because Valeera the Hollow's Shadow Reflection, but the second one could not charge. I still had weapon on ofc...Nice one.
Just happened again with vicious scalehide :'(
Hello Yolo,

When playing a charge minion, please wait until the summoning animation(s) is over - doing otherwise might trigger some odd issues.
This said though, please use this forum to report bugs - the Technical support one is not the best place for these reports and we can't perform the investigation required.

Thank you!

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I waited, it's not my first time playing this game. It just got stuck, I couldn't click on it, and it was outlined with green still. Couldn't even target it (with for eg. shadowstep).

Ok, thx, I'll post it there as well.

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