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So I've been recently playing against some suspicious players over the past few months, and whilst I lack video evidence to prove some of what I'm about to say, but I think there's been an outbreak of bots lately, and these ones are the only players I seem to be put up against as a whole. Just last night, in fact, all I had was bots thrown my way, for whatever reason. I'm sick of them enough as it is, as they aren't fun to even play against.

I'll be posting a link here, and assuming that I've got the right one, you should be able to see the screenshots I've collected after these players started popping up:

I've determined a few things from the couple of months that these bots have popped up, which hopefully gives this some more credibility:
- All of them play basic cards, and nothing else.
- All of them play very aggressive decks, and will often try to go face, but will sometimes focus on clearing the board if it means securing a victory.
- Their responses are not only predictable, but also very robotic in nature. Some of their responses to my turn happen the moment I hit the End Turn button, faster than what I'd consider possible for any human, only to follow up with seemingly calculating what to do next, before suddenly playing half their hand.
- All of them use the more recent Ranked Seasonal card backs, likely to show off.
- All of their names are a jumbled mess of numbers and letters.

I don't know if this is one guy or a bunch of them, and all of these have occurred in Wild games, as I strictly play Wild myself. I would hardly be surprised if they appear in Standard as well.

I doubt reporting them individually will do much, so the best we can do is make it known when and where these bots appear. Blizzard should hopefully have an answer to this later, but for now, calling them out will be enough.
Hello Ogre,

First of all you'll notice I have edited your post to remove the link, as naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums. Please also review the Forum Code of Conduct.

If you believe you've encountered someone who is exploiting, then please send a detailed email to

Thank you!

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