Keep reconnecting to phantom game

Technical Support
Since two days ago, my account keep reconnecting to some phantom game when I login and it always failed after waiting for a long time since there no game ongoing.

And after that it stuck matching opponents if I start a game.

I did read some post and try to fix by myself.
I tried following steps but doesn’t work:
1. Uninstall and install the app
2. Logout and login to another region and then login back to previous region

Platform: iOS
Region: Asia

Please advice.

So everyone got feedback except me?
Are you guys just ignoring me?
Hello 左轮,

This forum is meant for technical support for PC and Mac. The technical support we can provide for Hearthstone on mobile devices is very limited; please see the Troubleshooting Hearthstone on Mobile Devices support article for more information.

You can also check the Bug Report forum to see if other players have reported the same issue.

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