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I'm playing Hearthstone on my Android phone (Android One, no root). Since last Hearthstone update, I've already encountered a game hang 4 times :
- it's my opponent turn ;
- my opponent is choosing a card (out of three) from a discover or from the zombeast hero power ;
- and the game hangs : the UI is still responsive. The opponent seems to do nothing. The rope never starts. I can wait several minutes, and nothing happens. If I click on concede, it does nothing. The disconnected dialog box ("reconnecting...") never happens. The only way is to force quit Hearthstone, relaunch it, and of course getting a "you lost your last ranked game due to a disconnect".

It's *very* annoying, since previous version was working fine.
Hello TheProphet,

This forum is meant for technical support for PC and Mac. The technical support we can provide for Hearthstone on mobile devices is very limited; please see the Troubleshooting Hearthstone on Mobile Devices support article for more information.

You can also check the Bug Report forum to see if other players have reported the same issue.

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