Blizzard Authenticator - Lost Serial code

Technical Support
Hi, i have some issues with my Blizzard Authenticator.
i've changed my phone number along with my device and i've lost my serial number. I can't find a way to take back my account or just remove the Authenticator itself.
I even sent a ticket to support (twice) to help me but they were keep asking me to send my ID , where the 2nd part of my problem begins . I know the name i used back then , but some other information was pretty much random. I got all my purchases from all these years for this specific account saved, i can even name almost every card in my hearthstone collection i had and the date that i lost my account so i can get back my account. I've spent a lots of money on this account and i 'd really like to get it back.
I'll be waiting for a response . Thank you in advance .
Hello Merkiou,

You'll need to contact our support team directly for this, we're unable to assist you with an account recovery via the forums.

How's my driving? Let me know!

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