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Is there any way to play Hearthstone without the Battlenet Launcher?

I have uninstalled the launcher because it makes my computer freeze and wow runs so slow with it installed.

No you cannot play without the launcher, Hearthstone requires it to run.

Once the launcher is out of beta it will become required for all Blizzard games, so best to try and fix your issues.

You can find the BDA forums here: the techs there should be able to help you out.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
I have experienced the same problem but if I close the launcher after I have opened eg. WoW it does not happen.

The Desktop app is required to launch Hearthstone, there is not a way to run it without having the Desktop app at this time.

However it should be a relatively slim client that doesn't take too many system resources.

Can you check that no other application is running and interfering:

Then try it again?

The Desktop app is required to launch Hearthstone, there is not a way to run it without having the Desktop app at this time.

Is there really no way, this stuff is incredibly annoying to deal with. I tried the launch argument mentioned in the .db file but it just gave me this

Please allow us to play the game without the launcher :<
Too bad that Blizzard jumps on the Valve and EA Launcher wagon
a desktop app for 4 games? this is getting ridicoulus .. time to uninstall...
At least the launcher for Blizzard games makes sense. You have to play online regardless of starting the game directly or with the launcher, and you will have to login if you start a game directly.
The launcher is quick and you don't have to login any more from your pc. Just click play and you're logged in automatically.

For other companies launchers, they don't make things easier but even more complicated. Starting a launcher first and then the game instead of starting the game directly is ridiculous in most cases, because it does not save you time, it needs more time.
It's still better than the previous unique launcher for each Blizzard game.
wow... i cant play hearthstone(and soon any other games) installed at a USB drive... nice one blizz...
And now the launcher is the source of all evil. Give me one good reason to hate on it, I dare you.
I will give you the positives meanwhile:

- Single log-in and computer remembering so I don't have to type my password AND authenticator code every time my connection goes down;
- Automatic updating with soft settings, no need to download patch clients, run them, delete the executables, not to mention the frustration of finding the appropriate patch which is an issue for other games (older Blizzard games as well);
- Integrated news page, so everything useful and interesting is at one place and is far from "stuck down your throat". If you don't want it, just don't click the News tab, just like with IE :)
- Low resource consumption for all those above. Cool your heads, check your task manager you are using to hate on software developers, and tell me, how much resources does the Battle.Net App use? After opening as much as I could, it says 0% CPU usage and 105 MB physical memory/page file. How is that heavy is beyond my comprehension. Of course, your computer might be old, but this is no excuse - on a less than 200$ machine I am running everything at max at the appropriate resolution.

Wish you luck with fixing your computer. And hey, try to run an adware/spyware removal, as well as a disk defragmenter. The results will surprise you ;)
how about this...
the launcher is in beta and not working properly, some days it works and some days it just wont open.
itll be stuck on looking for updates / updating agent for hours even if theres no updates i tried everything and its just luck if today i can play hearthstone or not since its required to launch the game
fix the damn thing before you make it mandatory for a game plz

one more thing Valdemart what you're saying is like saying look at this car its an awesome car you can travel fast you have AC, usb port for mp3 players, tons of gadgets but there is only one little default we forgot to put a gas tank so you cant even use it yet
i wont use the launcher as it slows down my pc. i do not care about solving my issues since everything runs smoothly without it. also i do not appreciate it being mandatory thus shoving other games into our throats. already uninstalled a game that "somehow" got incredibly huge youtube promotion. i guess electronic card games are the new cool.thing after twerking.
More corporate strong-arm tactics courtesy of Blizzard. You should be ashamed forcing us to use the launcher. Give your customers the choice to use it or not. Too many companies are going down the same road and I'm sick of it. This reeks of EA, Valve and Google+. The problem isn't a corporation thinking they know better than us though. The problem is the herd of sheep that will continue to use your products despite your lack of respect for us. Rant now over, and just want to say that I love the launcher. Keep up the good work. :o
Here's an idea. Don't use the launcher and stop playing blizzard games. I didn't like the idea of it much at first either. It seemed like an invasion of privacy, an excuse for blizzard to keep an open Internet connection to your computer and a very easy way to gather consumer data. After using it for months now I'm not sure if all of those things are true or not. What is true is that it is a very functional piece of software, which, by the way, you can close once WoW is open. It's not a heavy app but even if your 1996 iMac can't run wow and the launcher together, just close the launcher. I have cd keys for all blizzard games and now instead of having to muddle through program files or the blizzard website, I can redownload and play all of those games with a few easy clicks. When I'm in the middle of tanking a 10m progression fight and my WoW dumps because of a LUA error I no longer have to go scrambling for my iPhone to get my authentication code. The bottom line is the launcher and all of the blizzard products are their intellectual property, with which they may do what they please. No one is forcing you to download the launcher, much like no one is forcing you to play WoW. But if you wish to continue to have access to blizzards property you are going to have to play by their rules. You bought the game with your money and own the license to that individual copy so, if you wish, you can pursue an option in which you play Warcraft or hearthstone by yourself. Until you discover this innovative way of playing an MMO by yourself you are going to need to continue to rely on blizzards help to facilitate your gaming experience. It really boggles my mind at the things that people decide to take issue with and the outlets in which they choose to voice their malcontent. If you don't like the launcher, don't use it. Problem solved. What is whining on a forum to the WoW community going to solve? The world of Warcraft is blizzards world, you're just playing in it.
19/12/2013 10:08Posted by Valdemart
And now the launcher is the source of all evil. Give me one good reason to hate on it, I dare you.

It causes issues with being able to tab out when I play WoW. I uninstalled it because using the launcher causes you to be unable to lose focus of WoW, which is the most infuriating thing I've ever come across. When I uninstalled it, the problem never happened again. Until I was forced to reinstall it because of Hearthstone.

It is not a perfect product, nothing ever is.

I don't mind it existing, I mind it being NON-OPTIONAL. Key word.

You want your buggy software still in beta, have at it, just don't force it down my throat. I'm getting real fatigued of beta crap, it's just another excuse to have subpar quality in something.

26/01/2014 04:08Posted by SicJellyFish
Until you discover this innovative way of playing an MMO by yourself

Holy hell, I hate that line. Not being able to do something does not forbid you from critiquing it. Maybe you can't be an evil dictator, so you shouldn't even THINK of protesting. Horrible line of thought.

If you don't like the launcher, don't use it.

Except, then you're excluded from playing a game. Which some people have paid money to play.

What is whining on a forum to the WoW community

Except, this is the Hearthstone community, and is in regards to Hearthstone. Are you lost?

Not that any of this matters, nobody is going to read any complaints about the launcher and care, they'll disregard everything, and the launcher will be a buggy piece of mandatory software anyways.
Ever since I got the launcher LoL has had really bad ping issues (i use to run 55 ping and now i run 115). Though i fixed it to a certain extent (i now run 75) I still think the launcher is really annoying. I just wanna play hearthstone. I dont wanna see all the other nonsense.

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