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Hey there Blizzard, Just had Hearthstone installed, and I already like the design, but I do have problems with the resolution. I have 2 monitors, 1 at 1280x1024 and 1 at 1366x768, but neither of the resolutions are listed in my options,while all other games I have, have them listed.
The nearest resolution I can get to, is 1280x960, which cuts some of the screen =/
Any suggestions for a fix?

Try running the game in windowed mode to see if that helps.
Yes, I have tried that, but it still cuts the buttom of the screen unfortuneately, and I still have the same options for resolution as before =/
Have you tried using just one screen to see if that changes anything?
Not a change either :(
1 monitor works now, Thanks for the help :)
I have a monitor that runs at 2560x1080 windowed mode does nothing to match this, are there going to be more resolution settings as in WoW?

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