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they didn't send me the redeem code what shall i do to have the game beta ???
I think one of the Blue posters can check your account to see if you were given a Key from Blizzard and sort it.

If you got your key outside of Blizzard, well then your probably going to have to open a support ticket with full details of how and where you 'won' the key.
but i didn't have any code not from blizz or out of it i didn't have any
I have the same problem.
I have the game but i can't play because i don't have any code.
What i have to do to "win" a code?
Blizzard will randomly select player that has signed up for beta, thru there beta profile page.
I cannot answer you how you can get a key, but you can sign up at beta sign-up button on top of this page.

Hope this helps you.
i signed after december 16, so, what happens to me?

We're going to be automatically flagging for Hearthstone access any account that opted-in for the Hearthstone Beta before Jan 7, 2014 and hasn't yet attached a key to their account. This will be done in the couple of weeks following that date.

We're not able to check to see if a particular account was sent an invite already or resend an email upon request.

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