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I got my beta key today. I finished the tutorial (not without problems, had to reset the game twice because next encounters wouldn't load, just kept spinning in circles). Now I tried to enter practice mode to unlock new heroes, I select the Mage, select an opponent and the game starts loading... and never loads up. I tried it with three different opponents after resetting the game each time. Still doesn't work. Maybe it's a server issue but I thought I bring it up.
Yeah, it's definitively a server issue. Happening to me and a lot of other people right now.
Same here. The starting up game thing keeps rolling and there is no way to click it away. Only close the game and start it again
Happening to me as well and I know its not my computer when I'm running an eight core CPU at 3.1Ghz
Yeah, same is happening to me :\
Yup, same problem here. I've been loading for 10 mins twice now and the bars just keep on rolling. Has anyone experienced this problem, logged out and then gotten in?
Same problem here
same here
Same here just got my beta key and i cant play normal mode because i want to unlock my fav. hero :/ I wonder when its going to be fixed.
Same here :(
Just adding my name to the list.

Games will not load in any mode :)
same problem here. :(
Same here, I guess its some server issue.
Yarr same here, a damn shame. But hey, we made it into the beta? :D
I can only play Play Mode but with the basic mage deck which isnt that good :/
And the same here as well...
You can unlock heros by playing against them in Play Mode just unlocked Paladin :d
same circle here
im also having this issue.
Same here, but I think its part of the beta stress test. Im just happy I finally got a key. I'm sure Blizzard works hard to keep up with the new boost of players. Can't wait to start exploring another great Blizzard product!

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