Arena cheat!!!

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I recently started to play arena and to my surprise after my second win I played my mage vs a paladin. Now, I thought that decks are made out of random cards and if so how come he managed to get into his at least 4 epic cards (he did get to play 4 before I died). I didn't get a single one?!
What the hell is going on? Imho that's cheating in some way....
RNG is RNG. Some people can get multipel legendarys and epics in arena, others will only get a few rares. Arena despited being the " real skill test" is not really as much as it it made out to be, since Some people can get a better deck then you. But no, not cheating, just luck
Yeah, to me, Arena is 90% RNG and 10% skill, Arena should essentially be ranked play mode and the current iteration of Arena should be renamed Random or something.
90% RNG.. lmao.. whatever helps you sleep at night sir
Deffinately not, 90% RNG. BUT the RNG rate in arena is too big in my opinion. i have played 15ish arena games and most of the times i have gotten horrible draft options. won some too.. but i think it needs some kind of factor to even it out more.
The lack of Lightning Storms is too damn high!
I agree there is a lot of lunk involved in arena, but it has nothing to do with how many epic someone has. More about which cards you get to pick from.
Arena is s*cks... Tonight, I played arena 5 times. I won only 5 games. I always had bad cards, or bad picks. If i played something, my enemy always has a card to counter it or kill it. Arena is a big random. 100% random 0% skill :(
Player DarkPhantom have no time limit at the begining and my turns was just skiped. After five turns I got control again but it was to late.

Please do something with that it kills the game!

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