Legendary has disappeared

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Yesterday I crafted myself a legendary Ragnaros for 1600 dust. Today I was opening some packs and to my dismay I got another Ragnaros, but on the bright side at least I could disenchant one and regain 400 of my wasted dust, right?

Wrong, for some reason the second legendary Ragnaros has not entered my collection and I still only have one when I should have two.

I'm really disappointed and frustrated and would appreciate if someone could help remedy the situation.
Bump for help please
Friendly bump
Same bug with Harrison Jones. Other ppl reported same problem. This is a must-fix!
i have the same problem and want to be compensated for this. i had in 30 expert packs 2 legendary cards. 2 times harrison jones and wanted to disenchant one but in my collection it showed only one.

please guys fix this, otherwise i never buy a pack becouse of this risk

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