Can't log in and play Hearthstone

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I have several problems:

1. When I try to log in Hearthstone,every time it displays this message: "Closed,the game was unable to log you in through Battle net.Please wait a few minutes and try again later.So I managed to "fix" this problem by reloging Battle net and after the 4th or 5th attempt I can log in and play.I believe this happens because Hearthstone is still beta.However when I log in from another computer I don't have any problems loging in.Some of my friends experience the same issue and we don't know how to fix it.

2.This bug happened today and I feel really sad.While I was playing in the arena I recieved a disconnect .I don't know if it was a problem from the server or from my connection but when I loged in again I had already lost my games ( I've played only two games,the first was a win and the second was in progress).However this is not the end of the story.Now I can't even play in the arena because it shows the first available key ( with 0 wins,I had already 1) and when I unlocked the rewards from this key I recieved them but if I try to enter the arena again I can't because it shows the part of unclocking again and again.I hope this bug can be fixed because the arenas are the funiest part in the game.Thank you in advance.
I had the same problem as the fist one plz fix it
I got the same problem at the moment, wow and sc2 are login fine
i also have the same problem plz fix it
not sure if you peeps are trolling.... cause most people cant log in lol ... read the topics plz
i cant even pres the play button
I can even pres the play button plz fix it , or tell me what is this problem thanks.
Yes i also have the same Issue, Play button will not work but was working 2 hours ago my guess the Servers must of broken down. also having Issues loggin back in to D3 WoW an SC2

No one can log in they have some connection issue.
Regarding the first issue, we're experiencing some login issues right now, which may prevent play, please see here for details:

The Arena issue is something we are also working to fix, however it will require a patch in order to do so. Please see our Known Issues sticky at the top of the forum for further details.

Let me know how I'm doing!

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