Card missing after patch

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Right before the patch I disenchanted some cards and crafted "Ancient Brewmaster". After the patch all my decks that have that card are unavailable, the "Ancient Brewmaster" itself is missing from my collection and on top of that the cards I disenchanted and the arcane dust are gone. After removing the "Ancient Brewmaster" from the decks and replacing it I can use them again.
this happened before man
what you need to do is remove ALL the cards from the deck and put them back again
don't just fill in the missing cards. I hope this will fix it for you

*Edit* I believe this is caused by a counter which is still counting 29 cards even after you replaced the missing ones. By removing all the cards because the -1 counter can not count -1, only 0 it will reset.
Next time when you disenchant a card be sure to remove it first from all the decks you have it in.
It's OK now.

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