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So I bought some packs after the newest patch and got some sweet cards, including Bloodmage Thalnos. When I relogged I seems that I no longer own the cards I got but my gold is gone. I can still see Bloodmage Thalnos in my rogue deck but I can't find him when I search for him...

any solution to this?
Same problem happened here...
I just got my Shaman to level 2 and got Bloodlust*2, then the game suddenly crashed me. And when I came back online, my Shaman had a red cross on it in Play Mode. Then when I went to edit my Shaman deck, the Bloodlust is no longer there! I can't even craft it, it's gone everywhere...

Please help :'(
Just had the same problem. Made a Warlock deck and the glitch occurred. Now my entire collection of warlock cards are all gone. Not sure how or why this happened but hopefully I can get my cards back... pretty frustrating and makes me feel rather uneasy buying boosters if there is a risk of the cards just disappearing out of no where.
I ran into this bug also. My Shaman was at 14/20 cards. Game lost connection. Logged back in, was 12/20 again. I could see the new cards in the deck I created, but they were no longer in my inventory. This happened to me twice. 12/20, and 14/20. So, now I'm missing 4 cards from my beginner deck that I have no idea how to get back now.
Happened to me too, crafted 2x Snake Trap and Unleash the Hounds. When I tried to start a game with that deck, it disconected me. After I logged in again, I still had the cards, but the deck was crossed and unable to play. When I deleted the deck and made it again, the same error occured again.

Now I logged in after 30 mins or so, and cards are gone, so is my 840 dust.

Edit: Now I got traps and Hounds back, and its working, but my Arcane Golem went missing, also crafted him a while ago.
Having the same problem, took both my unleash the hounds out of my deck to rebuild and now i cant add them / find them.

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