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28 Sep 2018 RANKED GAME LONG QUEUE Ranked games Please Blizzard, why do I have to wait 45 minutes to play one ranked game :*( and 1 player left during the draft and I was waiting another half an hour then I decided to press Alt + F4... really frustratingHiFriend3 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 It feel like a damn singleplayer Damn, after much time spent on lol with all that toxic comunity this is a good breath of fresh air but... Idk of you but here (in EU) no one comunicate... no one.... You can say ''hi guys'' no one respond, you can try to colaborate with your team to win but still no one talk... why... idk... it feel like i am in a anti-social game... I rly want to know if the NA server it's the same, rarely i find someone to write something in chat.. Pls dont downvote me to oblivion and sorry for my english if i have mistakes.NutellaKing4 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 [QUEST] Strength in numbers, broken doesn't update progress.CasualPlayer0 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 Bug: Brightwing Dust & lvl 20 speed So when I got the lvl 20 talent for 20% increased movement speed, it made my dust not do anything anymore (I would not get any movement speed increases if I cast it on myself), I just constantly stayed at the 20% extras with no further increasesTheRobin0 28 Sep 2018
28 Sep 2018 New skill cooldown animation Am I the only one to be completely irritated by new cooldown animation without darkening the icon? I am used to use peripheral vision to watch skills availabilty - icons that are dark while on cooldown were easily distingushed from fully collored icons and i didnt have to move me eye focus on hotbar to see whats available at any given moment. Now with new animation I am completely thrown off, because I can't distinguish icons with peripheral vision and actually have to move my view to hotbar to check cooldowns, this is very uncomfortable in competitive play! I'd really like to have an option to revert back to old system with dark icons...Orbry0 28 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 New Kerrigan - Summon Ultralisk I think you forgot to either make it permanent or add timer in the description.CasualPlayer0 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Thx for the TL Thx blizz for the new hero league mode. It's horrible.benoby3 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Worst matchmaking ever So, Kael Tas, Lunara, Mephisto Muradin and Kara vs Zarya, Dehaka, Garrosh alex and Malth. 4 melee guys (easy firebomb for KT and aoe for Meph), no engage, lunara can just dance around the whole team if she wants and there's barely any damage, vs 3 damage dealers. Please fix that lol that's just a waste of timeTheRobin3 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Fall of Kings Quest healing bug I played a game with whitemane did 88,000 some in healing, won the game and before the game got to score screen it put me and the enemy healing to 0. So my quest for 100,000 didnt proc at all.eggshell5 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Well, that's my favourite hero completely ruined. The high risk high reward playstyle of Kerrigan is now completely gone. She's nothing more than a hero that jumps around picking off low health heroes. If that's what I wanted to play, I'd play !@#$ing Genji. Any chance we can have these changes reverted, please?FluffyBacon11 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Congratulations to the Art Team! The skins for the new event are amazing! Such detail and creativity. The quest system is fantastic too. Nexomanía was great too, the comics are a superb idea <3 Just showing some appreciation and praise in this forums full of negativity/blame/etc... Greetings to the good players too who give great games and don't complain about everything <3Naoki4 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Matchmaking and Abathur players Dear Blizzard and HoTS community, For the past 5 games, me and my team (we are a team of 4) are losing the game because your amazing, incredible and totally working matchmaking decided it would be fun to give our team an Abathur in all of the 5 games. Before I forget, we are talking about a lazy and flaming Abathur. This abathur doesn't soak, does'nt push, doesn't do a considreable damage or siege damage. I can understand that this is not in your hand as you can't control how people play their heroes. Abathur is more of a disadvantage and a reason to get cancer but that is a topic for another day. I'd like to focus more on your matchmaking. Now dear Blizzard, why does your system think it is a great idea to match an Abathur with my team 5 times in a row, knowing that we lost all of those games with an Abathur in our team? Anyone stating "well you 4 were on the team in all of those games, maybe it's your fault lol", NO, it was not our fault. So, maybe you want to review your matchmaking system Blizzard. Because if you don't I'm afraid I will get cancer. I'm writing this not because I want to win a game, I'm way past that since you decided to match an Abathur with us every time, I'm writing this because I'm worried about my health. To everyone saying "don't play QM play unranked or ranked", been there done that. People still select Abathur even if we tell them not to. And people still play lazy and leave the team 4v5, thus one step closer to cancer. Please Blizzard, do something. I want to enjoy this game again. For the past 2 days, I'm really not enjoying it.Miscreant8 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 How bad reporting system is. Just here to point out something that maybe everyone knows already, but hey making some more noise maybe actually works. So recently my account has started receiving random bans for not participating in games. First i got a warning, and i was totally shocked because i never went afk or int feed in my games. So i proceed to contact a moderator, after arguing, i wanted the moderator to remove the warning because it was totally unjustified, he said he couldn't do anything because it wasn't actually a ban. So fine, at least it wasn't a ban. Few months later, right after a balance patch my acc got suspended for 7 days, same reason, no participating, i thought this might be caused by some disconections i had a few days before the ban (not intentional dc my intenrent provider was working badly those days). So i thought well, even if i didnt dc intentionally, these dc might have cause the auto ban to trigger. I accepted it and move on, after that my connection was flawless and i had no trouble with random disconeccionts nor any other problems. Everything was fine for some weeks, then at the end of season, with the patch bringing out the new season, again another ban, this time 14 days, this time i was really angry because i was sure nothing went wrong. Then i realized the message blizzard sent me said i was being reported for not participating, reported by players, clearly angry players reporting ppl just because of losing or whatever. I'm appealing the ban but mods just gave a copy pasta message and didnt even let me answer his post. Also as a proof for them to check i told them i mostly play Hero league with is true and i actually reached grandmaster so, how can a player that consistently goes afk or int feeds to reach gm, i think this is a consistent proof that i take games seriously but seems not good enough for mods to look into. So to sum up, reporting system is actually completely broken, and is punishing players who play the game a lot like myself with their auto ban system. getting to XX reports in 15 days or w/e the reset time for report is, is way easier for someone that plays a lot, that for someone that plays only a few hours. So i'd really like to make a call to Blizzard, if they really want their customers to stay, reporting system fix is really needed, and also competent moderators, that look into appeals and actually try to be helpful for the customer because these copy pasat messages really, they help absolutely no one.Yoloakin011 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 Why only female heroes got new skins? Why only female heroes got new skins?Apollyon2 27 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 A.I Game Mode need fixing AI Game mode need fixingBizlop2 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Should I be dissapointed in my BF? Hello, I wanted to do some placement games of Team League with my boyfriend yesterday. He has always been a higher rank then me. he plays Plat and I play in Silver League. And I am struggling to get out. First of all I want to say that I never really like to play these type of games with him because he's very competative and gets in a really bad mood over losing a game. But I always warn him up front and tell him that if he starts acting like that, then I will stop playing. He always promises me not to "rage". Anyway. Yesterday we joined the TL draft and one person pre-picked Azmodan. Meanwhile my boyfriend enjoys playing Azmodan as well but never gets the chance to (so he says). Because Azmodan is perma banned in the higher leagues or something. So, without pre-picking Azmodan, my BF tells me "Look at this" and he instant locks Azmodan while he was last pick. I know that in TL everyone can pick whenever they want. But ofcourse, the guy who pre-picked Azmodan ofcourse started to rage and say "I ruin the game now". And he and his pre made troll picked several random heros. I told my BF that now they will start griefing and ruin the game because of what he did. He mainly told me "I don't care, it was worth it. I never get to play Azmodan. People act like children etc". But I really felt annoyed by this. First of all, I know that it's annoying if another player instant locks your pre-pick without even pre-picking himself. And on the other side, my BF caused me to lose a placement game because of this. I kept it inside of me, because he will never agree with me and only get more and more annoyed, trying to justify what he did. Which in my opinion was trolling. I feel really bad and annoyed over this. But, am I right to feel this way? Or am I overreacting? PS: My BF is the type to call other players "retarded or kid" or anything along those lines in a second. So that's why I mainly avoid playing games with him.Pierlala16 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Soloplayers to queue for TL... now it's ranked QM (GJ ruining TL) So this new patch have introduced a feature that goes against the entire purpose of having a Hero League and a Team League Hero League: Where you HAVE to queue alone, with 4 others who have to do the same Team League: Where all have to be playing with atleast 1 or 2 others For some reason you have now made it so people can queue up in TL without even having to invest a second to find someone to play with - Just hit the ready button and you have a group now, hence defeating the entire purpose of TEAM LEAGUE! Am I the only one who find this to be the breaking point for stupidity on Blizzards behalf? You have basicly just made TL and HL almost the same, considering you don't even need a team to play in TL anymore. You want it to be a TEAM BASED game as you even write in your patch note, however you defeat the whole point of it being teambased, when you make people able to join a mode that was meant for teams ONLY.... You may aswell just have removed HL and TL and just made 1 mode, so it was always the same for all (sometimes you get soloplayer and sometimes you get teams in your group). It even took you years to implement voicechat into your so called "teambased" game, when voicechat is the most crucial part in ANY teambased game, because you have to be able to communicate with your teammebers without having to focus on typing: you can't type in the mist of a battle, but you can talk however... but that only took you 2+ years to figure out, despite all other big titles (including your own Overwatch) knew you need voicechat for teambased games.... Anyways back to topic: Now you've made TL a pure RNG fest.... You can have groups consisting of 4 players and you: if you lose the entire team will blame the solo player and report him for abusive chat, so your automated system can smack the ban hammer (Your curling kid system you've implemented in all your games that breeds so much toxicity, that I havn't spend a dime on any Blizzard game in the past year, and never going to spend a dime more on any of your titles - because you made a system that makes everyone report anyone when you don't get it the way you want). So the question is why do you ruin TL by making it Hero League 2.0 ? If anything you should have made rank mode, be just ranked mode without any HL or TL (aka QM with ranks) cause that is basicly what you have made TL now... TL have now become a ranked QM... all can join you don't even have to find people who wants to play with you, just hit the ready button and you're good to go!^ Blizzard have basicly become the social justice warrior of the gaming industry and try to make sure all can be a part of anything without any effort at all whatsoever, and make a safespace for all, because no one must tell you that you aren't as good as you think you might be!!Bilbo4 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Maps rotation Guys, are you getting the same maps all over again? I couldnt find anywhere anything about saying so? Please Help!winguard9 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 THE 3 LANE NPC PUSHER (Loss of dept) Have a look at Cursed Hollow, a broken map where laning (the one that Blizzard really cared about last year), is sabotaged by the multitude of tributes spawning every other minute or so. At some point you find yourself with a level difference, and you are placed in front of the decision: should I soak? should I get tribute? can't do both, you can't do tribute since you have 2-3 levels missing, you can't soak because then the 3/3 tribute will take out your lanes and you will have a 3-4 level difference. At the end of the day, Cursed Hollow is an imba map that can go down hill quickly for one team or the other. Instead of seeking improvements blizzard instead considers this a good map and expands this mechanic to Garden of Terror, removes vehicles, (which in turn removes game dept), until possibly to a point where every map is using this overused mechanic from Alterac Pass, Tomb of the Spiderqueen and of course the fresh Garden of Terror (the 3 lane NPC pusher). GG... Boring to watch, boring to play, and no control over it at all (the 3 lane NPC pusher of course). I frankly believe the different maps are bringing dept to the game, learning more strategies, and feeling like you play a different game on each map, not a different theme / skin for the same map. TLDR: In conclusion, Garden of Terror rework is done badly while the map was rather fine, and in turn Curse Hollow needs a rebalance as bad as plants need water, doesn't get one. Ladies an Gentlemen: THE 3 LANE NPC PUSHER Best.Idea.Ever!AlienRock1 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Why does blizzard support not an honest game? why does blizzard support not an honest game, and does not try to fight it? The situation when players (masters) create a second account, enter the party, and drag along the rating of other teammates. Why do you encourage not an honest game and do not react to it in any way? why can not you enter a restriction on the ownership of only one account?Partyshock3 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Raynor nerf plz hello its me 12 years old if you want to get a nerf on raynor like this post plszƇĄȒȒƔPøţţĕŗ3 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Whitemane, too good?` From what i have seen Whitemane seems to be the most heal potent and self sustain in end game teamfights. If you focus her, she just keeps healing herself to full + armor and the enemy team kills your team, If you focus on the team she just happily heals everyone to full.Gire1 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Kerrigan What in The World!!!! Kerrigan is the one and almost the only i have played through out the years, This is the worst change ever, you say you can play as before. Thats not true at all, as Kerrigan you could clean up ads with no problem at all and with right build you could take camp aswell and sometimes you could change the tides going up against 2 opponents and go winning out off the dueling. The first game i made with her now, i felt weak i could not be i game changer like before. Why even do the changes ? Did any complain who really play her like i did. I normally dont write post, but this time i made myself the effort to do so because the update on Kerrigan is bad.... very bad. I dont think who ever made the changes did play the Kerrigan at all. Blizzard please do change Kerrigan back as it was before please. Best regards zapp (the outmost biggest fan of Kerrigan, se my character)zapp3 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Bugged? Fenix Unconquered Spirit Talent Hey, I just played a game as Fenix. The talent choice in question is described as this: "Upon taking fatal damage, Shield Capacitor regains 800 (+4% per level) Shields. This effect has a 120 second cooldown." I died despite of this. The death recap clearly shows that I healed for roughly 1800hp and afterwards died because of a 1dmg attack(+300 overkill roughly) by Alexstraza. Doesn't seem right now does it.Flanger0 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Ugly and Malformed Alexstrasza model i rarely complain about the many issues of this game and usually laugh them off, but aestethics is just something i cant pass over when screwed up with.. The spectral wyrm Alexstrasza's event model is totally malformed: her bust and waist have lost any form of feminine shape ONLY ON THE LEFT SIDE and are just a straight trunk, while her left thigh is twice as big than the right one, effectively making her a monster imposible to look at, killing all the charm of a skin which i really looked forward to. This isnt happening on either of her other models, which have normal and feminine shapes (if i knew how to i would attach a screenshot to this post to prove my point but just check the in-game shop for proof). This is making the skin just look awfully off and not even worth buying, especially if people are supposed to pay ACTUAL money OR a !@#$load of shards to get it.. i hope this is unintended and fixed as soon as possible, things like these already happened in the past and were fixed most of the times, but heck.. this is a legendary-limited-time skin... at least make it worth it. Thanks for the attention... AND PLEASE FIX THIS OH GOD MY EYES IT JUST CANT BE UNSEEN!!torrone0 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 HOTS is finally dead? 20 minutes in ranked queue as gold 3 still no game. Playing vs op Mephisto in QM is not the best game ever.orBeat16 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 why does a Last second lag out give a ban? Why do i get banned/4penalty matches and loose my game. When i lagged out in the last second of the match where we basicly already wonOlavi0 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Piercing darts quest Ana is amazing but I think that her quest has a BAD design. It is not like garrosh q quest, which is always good to hit on chance, it has low cooldown. There are challenge quests like hitting different people with storm bow or collecting globe but they feel satisfying when we get the rewards but anas sleep dart farming punishes mindful play. Skill isnt landing that skillshot but landing it on the right time and target. You mindlessly try to land it and put the skillshot in 14 second cooldown, in some teamfights you can use it on an opening for a great impact like shooting backline raynor for an ancestral healing affect but when tf began it was on cd because you have already used it on johanna for an easy stack. After getting ten stacks I find myself throwing it to the enemy team for an easy 2 stacks. The reward is so huge that we need to farm though. Same applies for grenade quest, it has a multipurpose but high cooldown spell with great potential but we just throw it to the enemy team, it is not satisfying like getting stacks with either of hanzo quests.hermes4 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Limited unranked bgs Recently I returned to play HOTS and I've been enjoying quite a while. As a casual player I prefer to play Quick Match since there's less flaming and more casual. But when you limit the battlegrounds, the joy of the game decreases more fluently. I want to play Volskaya, Braxxis and so on in quick match and unranked modes. When I asked to my friend about this limitation, he gave me the reason for the new player experience. I'm sorry but it doesn't make sense at all. Can you please consider to add more maps to the casual gamestyle? I feel sick to play Dragon Shire and preferably Towers of Doom over and over again. Pleaase?ratatun1 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Priorities to fix. (Before touching Matchmaking) I been thinking calmly alot lately and I know how much the match making has it's issues.. I think it's time we say: "Stop touching it!" Why you ask? Simple... Fixing Match Making won't fix the problems we are having in general. The more algoritims we throw in the more messier and extreme reactions we get. No matter what Blizzard does it either gets worst right? Well not exactly. Matchmaking did had a great improvement when it 1st launched but lately it dipped.... but due to pattern observation I can now say for sure.... Matchmaking is only a small end of this problem of match making. Why is matchmaking so much lower to fix to me? Since the community is suffering in other ways! Where are the most problems spawning from in my opinion? The report system. Though I haven't been banned or silenced yet since it's revamp. I know how much dissmay it has caused on the forums. This is a bigger problem then matchmaking can do. And has always been a problem. Tell me... is it a matchmaking problem if you hear someone say: "Report Player cause of their pick?" Even though it's quick match? Or the topics that say: "Play this hero and get auto reported." Yea... those matches aren't EXACTLY going to be blamed on the match making system would it? Wel to some degree but what if these people just lately changed like this? Cause of something like a stray troll coming in? Or a good player who just wants to quit the game but decides to rub a big F you? Again... match making can't be blamed on that. Alot of players do irrational things on games for things unrelated to their allies. These are harming the system more especially by spamming reports on their alt acounts too... piling it up and possibly banning you cause this one guy just wanted to be a jerk. So 1st things 1st. Fix the report system... by backlashing false reports. (by litterly punishing false reports with suspension from reporting or a silence) Next up.. an old one of mine. Smurf gating. Smurf acounts can ruin matchmaking in general due to them being new but expirenced players behind it. Though nothiing major their rise in popularity to go around the MMR has been confirmed by many. I know it sounds silly.. but we can't just keep putting people in gold cause they are new and good.. insted.. add a level gate to it. If you are below level 200 you can't place higher then silver. If you are bellow level 500 not higher then gold. Etc, etc, etc. This will stop rapid smurf's from entering higher ranks from the get go and will make players relax abit. Last priority. Faster hero balancing. You were really fast back in the days of Zarya but these days balance patches are abit slow and some heroes even have to be perma banned from ranked if they are broken by admin judgement. Though they are allowed to roam free for almost 2 days when the community finds out within hours. This is the only other thing that needs to be fixed before we touch Matchmaking agaiin.Kotlol5 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Special Event Bug Some special event quest lines require maps that aren't available on the current rotation . For example watchtowers in Alex. quest lineElgard0 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Cure for the hatred in HotS Since my original thread had too much rage in it, I have reformulated it. Just as there is no friendly fire in this game, please make it impossible to ban the picks on your own team's draft! Also, please ban any players who criticize picking Nova or whatever else when they have no clue on what they are talking about. Have a specialized game master check the replays and judge (keep dreaming). I probably get a ton of reports from these players and they should be the ones paying for it. On the point attribution policy for ranked, we need a system that allocates differently to wins or losses depending on the competence of the player. About the win/loss ratio, everyone knows you get thrown into low winrate player teams if you get a an above 50% winrate. I suggest doing the obvious and upping your rank at the COST OF RESETTING TEMPORARY WINRATE. Reset winrate to go up in rank or something like it. Use a hidden temporary winrate for this purpose. I know it's SO HARD for devs to understand, since they got employed on SJW diplomas instead of hard work. This is the key implementation that would make everything else redundant. STOP PAIRING LOW WINRATE PLAYERS WITH HIGH WINRATE PLAYERS AT THE SAME RANK. And yes, the current system breeds toxicity. I tell players of low winrate who demolish my matches to play properly, what they are doing wrong, and I am rewarded with awful teams and their flames while I get bans for occasionally replying in kind. Obviously I get reported all the time but the ban kicks in when I say something 'offensive', based on the volume of earlier reports. Please ban THEM, not me. Or fix your matchmaking and ranked points, which would fix the PROBLEM. YOU are the problem. Thank you. Instead of having the same skill level smeared across many ranks (we can have the same person play from Silver 5 to Platinum 1, or from Bronze 5 to Gold 1, however you may call it), you can make a serious ranking system. This would go a long way to reduce hostility between players. Congratulations on no longer using automated banning, I got my latest ban a while after I stopped playing which means that some SJW game master actually took his sweet time to check the text or replay or whatever. But did not bother to check the CONTEXT, as all SJWs do.BlueEagle6 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 MORNING PLATINUM 3, NIGHT GOLD 1 Can you explain why I was playing health games on the morning at plat 3 and after the md10 you put me in the gold 1 after 8 loosee 4 with the same lammer trolling? Do you think this is fun blizzard? fire this game designers and save ur company.CobraKai6 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 "Destroy 6 towers or keeps in winning games" But they aren't counting. I just destroyed five towers/keeps as Abathur, I made sure to get the last hit and I counted the flags bearing my name towards the end of the game. There were five of them. Not a single one of them was counted for the quest. What gives? The match before that I played as Hammer, destroyed four towers/keeps, only one counted.Firellius0 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Spamming heartstone (B) as a taunt this should be a bannable offence and when i see u doing that u can thank yourself for getting your whole team reported on all optionsAnfru8 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 Disecting Toxicity. Toxicity lately has been going rampant but it's all clumped together as one big problem. While in reality... alot of cases Toxicity...isn't the problem. Heck, even things like constructive critism or legitmately saying GG can be considered toxicity by some since some thiink you aren't allowed to tell people how to play or the GG felt sarcastic. So let's disect the groups of Toxicity and how "Dangerous" they are to the game's community. Toxicity: Sarcasm Toxic Rating: 2/5 Danger: Low. Sarcasm can be toxic but also funny. It's not the worst thing in the world but defintally not good either. It is a form of toxicity but alot of time missconstruded. To me sarcasm is just "annoying at best" and not something GMs should consider as the "main reason" for punishment. Toxicity: Flaming/Bashing a player. Toxic Rating: 4/5 Danger: Moderate. Flaming and Bashing is bad when it's unnneeded. I been called a flamer alot of times when I am just saying: "Can you please not engage when I ping retreat? Wait for me to arrive." Or even giving advice saying: "Don't pick abathur... our team isn't good for it." Yea... again this toxicity is bad when it;s actual toxic. When someone says: "You stupid (insult) you are losing the gaame." That is flaming but on this degree it's just someone really angry and though punishable.. is not a bad person. He is just angry. He is still trying to play to win. He is just saying the player is losing the game as well... However if it's: "You stupid (insult insult insult) You suck and need to uninstall!" "Your build sucks and --" You get it.. they keep going. Then thats when you are just ruining the game for everyone. A flame will happen sometimes... but if you stoke it into a fire... thats when you are out of line. Toxicity: Death Threats. Toxic rating: 5/5 Danger: Extreme. No death threats of any kind are welcome. Get out. Toxicity: Discrimination Toxic rating: 5/5 Danger: Extreme. Now saying someting like "Russian this" or "French that" is racist but that's not the toxicity i am tallking about. Some things are facts like most Russian players can't speak English and can hinder the game. After all the game has a Russian language setting... but they can't communicate with their fellow players propperly. BUT when it is about actual insults about race and such. Yea. okay thats when you are wrong no matter what. In a joking format it can happen...but... let's face mostly backfires in the sense. Just don't do it. Toxicity: Opposition to your team. Toxic Rating: 4/5 Danger: High. What's this? You disagree with your team? That's not toxic is it...? Well yes and no. You can disagree with your team all you like but... you know when it's toxic. When you litterly try to demand and deminish your team's ideas. This form of toxicity is never mentioned but it does fuel the next catagory alot. They litterly say things to excuse their bad behaviour and if 4 of you want to strategize but number 5 is like: "Nah! It doens't matter! I will do what I want" Or: "This strategy sucks since the matchmaking sucks so don't bother!" That kind of excuse behaviour is to me very toxic as not only do you sound like you aren't going to give it your all.. you are also demoralizing your allies alot... showing you don't want to play with your team and last but not least... aren't helping the situation. Toxicity: Angry Responder. Toxic Rating: 1/5 Danger: Low. The angry responder aka someone who talks back to Trolls, bigger toxic players and such. These players mean well but just aren't in the mood to deal with this problem so they shout back to get them to back off or show them their own way. They are toxic to some degree.. but never intend to break the game or anything. Toxicity: The demander. Toxic Rating 3/5 Danger: Medium. The demander is a mixed bag since some of them just demaand things for the good of the team and are annoying then there are the demanding types who ruin the game. "I want to play "X" you can't stop me!" "I want to do this! If you don't let me I will troll/feed!" This why I am giving them a 3/5 since overall they can be just annoying to litterly wanting to give up on the game just ccause they can't get their way. Toxicity: The silent type. Toxic Rating: ?/5 Danger: ??? The silent type who never talks back or responds... is indeed toxic. As they are just plain ole rude. They can just trying to avoid a silence but since they don't talk aat all or communicate to avoid silences.. they are unreadable and hard to cooperate with. And pretty much are the result of the toxicity that actually damages the game alot. If toxicity was a clump.. they would be just a lil part sticking out. A problem but not a big one to deal with, but easily delt with if thiings change. And that's toxic types to me. Any comments on this?Kotlol26 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 DCs Is this the game with more DCers in the world? Every single game i get one guy who DCs. This is even worse then League of Legends, jeez!DragonH1 26 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 Surrender option Why do I have to waste time watching the enemy team being 5 levels ahead steamrolling over my team? How should I have fun in that? A comeback from being 5 levels behind seems highly unlikely. The enemy team just outclassed us, I don't mind about that. But I do mind that I have to sit and watch them troll us while steamrolling us. I'd really love a surrender option for these kind of situations.Faceroast15 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 Stomp or be Stomped... Is it just me and a friend, or is matchmaking either; Pubstomp the enemy like you're Faker on adderal, or get handed a group of plebs and violated by the enemy team? I've had one fairly matched game that was genuinely enjoyable and a decent challenge, out of hundreds. The rest have been completely one sided, and left annoyed, win or lose. What's up with that, Is there a direct reason, or is it a mystery? On a different note, is there a way to veto a specific map. Getting tired of playing Towers of Doom 5 times in a row, especially since its just a poorly designed map. Ty xSaiytanic5 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 Picker Tassadar in solo queue, team mates told me to kill myself. What a nice community this is. Best part was that our team composition was really solid, but our tank decided to AFK the entire game with Leoric because of my pick. He naturally did it in the middle of the map to feed as effectively as possible.Zikh7 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 Abathur should be disabled in QM Too many wombo combos where QM allows it to be a stompfest. Too many team comps that fail because of him where QM allows it to be a stompfest. He always ends up turning the game toxic. Make Aba draft exclusive.Azure2 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 Wrong display bug Hi, so i had this bug when Blaze came out and still having this bug : If i get 1 new spray it says in the top section next to the name banner +1 If i get 1 new announcer it says sprays +1 If i get 1 new voice line it says announcer +1 If i get 1 new Emoji it says voice lines +1 If i get 2 new portrait it says emoji +2 It's all linked to the next line. But if i get a new skin or mount it's good. New skin just says skins +1 Am i the only one having this ?DuaneDevil4 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 Leaver So i thought About playing hots again after 2 yrs. played some unranked drafts fun and all. really had potential. then like the first ranked game the game freezes in draft cant get it to work. close it open it again. missed my pick. LEAVER. Jesus Christ. now im forced to Play four qm games which i despise. with 10 min Queue times and !@#$ty comps where everyone just Arams. i dont know. nice welcome back i guess. what System is this. why not at least let me play unranked draft. the games really fun and all but im not gonna spend 3 Hours of unfun pseudo games to get back to normal. Please Change this weird System. Maybe ranting here but this really seems over the top. i have a Basic human Right to games with normal Team compositions. regardsElzweipee1 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 No skillshot one-shot ults, why? So what's the deal with those ults that deal a huge amount of damage to a single target, can't be dodged and don't need to be skillshots? Like, this is so unfun in so many situations, why is this in the game? When there's no counterplay and the enemy needs only press a button to win, it stops being a game entirely, might as well just stand there and die. Now if they would just deal maybe 30% of a lifebar that would already be crazy, since its not dodgable, but dealing like 70%-80% is so stupid Really frustratingTheRobin6 25 Sep 2018
24 Sep 2018 Another surprise! Hello everyone! First of all I want to ask Bliizard to stop removing my topics for no reason please.I have just done similar topic and it has been removed without any explanation.The topic was serious that's why i write again.I want to show that there are many players experiensing some werid bugs and they actually don't get any compensation. Since i am bored and afraid that this topic will be deleted again i am going right into the main story. Without any long explanatin,with one word - Me and my friend played "Team League". We won , I had win and she had lose.How ?? Well i don't know.I am not showing her reaction,because probably this was the reason for removing my post,but you can imagine that it wasn't rainbows and roses.Just 2 screenshots to prove it really fast: My profice- Her profile - This is -You win, one of us gets points the other gots minus points.I don't know what happend,but i am sure that there are many players with similar problems. I can say much more but i am afraid that this topic will go to the trash as well, so i stop now.Now i am pretty sure that there is no reason about it .Insomnia0 24 Sep 2018
24 Sep 2018 Losing and Winning and your next match. ...I have seen a really weird pattern in ranked lately and it's ticking me off to some degree. When I win I instantly get lower ranks then me, but when I lose I get higher ranks then me.... It's a really weird pattern since the lower I go the higher I get, but if I get near promotion I get Plat 3-4-2. But if I demote I get diamond 5-4-3. ....Non of that makes sense to me in a system wise setting. Isn't the opposite suppose to happen? Also the increase of selfish non thinking players is getting abit out of hand.Kotlol2 24 Sep 2018
24 Sep 2018 Report a player Hello, Forum! Today I played a game on the map Dragon Land. In my team was support Morales, who ignored my small amount of HP. Even though I was near her very often to get a heal from her, she ignored me. The game was almost won, but I missed the fights because I often fought with a small amount of HP. I want this player to be blocked for not helping allies in a TEAM GAME for no reason. This is not the first time such a player in my team is playing to lose the game Thank you for a attention and time! Link a video with this game: 24 Sep 2018
24 Sep 2018 NERF NOVA Nerf NOVA ... you letting all stealth like Superman on the game and btw Nova her ulty sniper shoot its like your full Health Gone is that called Balnce on this game? you must guys let this game more Balnce then other cuz there is no iteam so first thing Hard to hit nova.. and she hit you with High Damge if she on good team you cant kill her easy.LordGrim5 24 Sep 2018
23 Sep 2018 No warning for game loss? So just got matched with a troll abaturh again and decided to not waste my time in ranked, then lost about 400 points for going out, no warning, wtf? At least make it clear that you lose points...we didn't even start drafting ffsTheRobin7 23 Sep 2018
23 Sep 2018 Explain soaking range Too often Aba players seem to not understand how they're not actually soaking any exp. There is no explanation how this works anyway, so how would they know, obvioulsy aba isn't gonna be IN the lane, so CLEARLY the locus spawn will soak, right? Kinda dumb to have a hero revolve around efficient split soaking and then give players NO indication whatsoever how this actually works and mislead them with the locust on top of that...TheRobin4 23 Sep 2018