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6d Darion Mograine + the Ghoul, a double hero Hello guys, I just came up with an idea of how to implement Darion Mograine in HotS. Sorry if I am not very original and someone has already posted their vision of Mograine on these or some other forums, I haven't really tried to find any similar posts. had to post it on a fansite cause these forums have a character limit.Amalkatrazz0 6d
14 Jan I'd with all the Blazes weren't THAT STUPID! 14 Jan
12 Jan A hero design idea. Dark vs Light. Hi comrades. Sorry for my English. But, anyway. I wanna share an idea with you. The suggestion is hero support\assassin who uses dark (shadow) and light (holy) power to support teammates and beat enemies. The mechanic is - the effectiveness of heroe's abilities depends on the amount of power. Holy power for supportive skills and Shadow for aggressive. (It's not about Auriel energy. Resource for using skills is mana; dark/light power is about might and effectiveness). But the feature of the mechanics is you should use aggressive skills to charge holy power (the using of shadow abilities spends itself shadow (dark) power). And the same way using holy skills charges shadow power. In other words you should beat enemies (or waste for nothing shadow skills ) for maximum profit of your heal, shields, other buffs etc. But the more hero uses holy power the less heal, less shields. The more using shadow - the less damage, control and other nasty stuff. "D" could be a switch button between holy/dark skill panel; or the other way is using skill on teammates supports them, using the same skill on enemies crashes, bashes and smashes them. It could be priest (Anduin, ,Monara =D) or one of a draeneis, or protos... You should destroy to build something new. Death is the fertilizer for life.LastHope0 12 Jan
11 Jan Cho'gall Skin suggestions Hi, all I like how prolific Blizzard creators can be regarding the skin of heroes. However, I find unfortunate that some of them don't get more different ones, even thought I know that new skins with themed abilities takes more longer to create. As far as I am concerned, I like playing Cho'gall, but I would love to see him with more diferent skins. Cho' gall Giant Mountain Cho'gall Giant Sea Cho'gall Siamese Dragon 11 Jan
10 Jan HotS Highlights: Blizzcon 2017 Quarterfinals Hi guys, today I have a video with highlights from Blizzcon 2017 HGC Finals Quarterfinal matches for you. Enjoy! Fuska0 10 Jan
07 Jan Double hero - Aysa Cloudsinger & Ji Firepaw I don't have yet talenst and numbers for spells that they should have but I got idea of that "hero" Would be cool to get "double hero" as Cho'gall is, but this time they will be two heroes that has to be both in team to work. Main and also probably trait would be something called "balance / yin yang / friendship". They will be strong when near each other and much weaker when one is dead or far away from second one. I imagine both as melee assassin, but when together they will be able for small amount heal each other (Aysa heal Ji by "soothing mists" and Ji heal Aysa by "healing balls" created by "spinning crane kick") Both have small amount of many and can get 5 chiFreedom1 07 Jan
15 Dec Matchmaking system. Please, solve the problem with your system. It is really sad when you meet opponents just with better composition, for example, you have 3 specialists and they 2 supports (It could be also a different situation or the other way around). All players deserve a fair chance to win the game. I think, teams should be more "mirrorwise", if you have 2 assasins, 1 warrior, 1 support, 1 specialist then opposite team also should be the same.OneOfAKind2 15 Dec
14 Dec Hero Idea: Argus the Unmaker Name: Argus Title: The Unmaker Appearance: Role: Melee Assassin/Warrior Abilities: Trait (D): Sweeping Scythe: Every 5th Basic Attack causes Argus to swing his scythe, dealing X damage to enemies hit and leaving behind a tear in reality for 1 second, dealing X damage every 0.25 seconds to enemies standing within. Cone of Death (Q): Deal X damage to enemies in an area and leave behind a patch of death fog that lasts 2 seconds, dealing X damage to enemies within every 0.5 seconds. 45 Mana. 9 Second Cooldown. Tortured Rage (W): Deal X damage to all enemies around Argus. Damage increased by 1% for every 2% health Argus is missing. 50 Mana. 6 Second Cooldown. Volatile Soul (E): Deals X damage every second to an enemy over 4 seconds. Argus is healed for 25% of the damage dealt. 60 Mana. 12 Second Cooldown. Ultimate Abilities (R): Edge of Obliteration: Argus summons a scythe that travels in a line, dealing X damage to targets hit. Enemy Heroes hit are afflicted with Volatile Soul. 100 Mana. 110 Second Cooldown. Soulblight Orb: Conjure a Soulblight Orb above the target for 9 seconds. Every 1.5 seconds, a pool of death fog spawns under the target that lasts 2 seconds, dealing X damage every 0.5 seconds. Unique Talents: Level 1: Fog Armour: Argus gains 5 Armour for every enemy Hero hit by Sweeping Scythe for 2.5 seconds. Titanic Assault: Argus gains 15% Spell Power for every enemy Hero hit by Sweeping Scythe for 3 seconds. Energy Drain: If Sweeping Scythe hits three enemy Heroes, the next Basic Ability Argus uses costs no Mana. Level 4: Enduring Fog: Increases duration of Cone of Death's Death Fog zone by 1 second and increases its area by 10%. Crushing Mist: Reduces Cone of Death's Death Fog area by 15%, but it deals 40% more damage. Unleashed Anguish: Increases Tortured Rage's area by 20% and instantly kills nearby Minions and Mercenaries. Soul Leech: Increases healing from Volatile Soul's damage to 35%. Level 7: Unseen Force: Enemies within Cone of Death's Death Fog are pulled towards the centre. Fury Unending: Quest!: Hit 2 enemy Heroes with Tortured Rage while below 25%, 50% and 75% health three times. Reward: Lowers Mana cost by 20 and Tortured Rage always deals maximum damage. Cosmic Fists: Tortured Rage creates a Death Fog zone that lasts 1 second that deals damage when it expires equal to 50% of the damage dealt by Tortured Rage. Level 10: See Ultimate Abilities. Level 13: Destroyer of Souls: Hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack that has been hit by Cone of Death within 2 seconds deals bonus damage equal to 1.5% of the target's Health. Hindering Fog: Enemies hit by Cone of Death are slowed by 20% for 2 seconds. Fuelling the End: Enemies damaged by Volatile Soul while within Cone of Death's Death Fog take 20% bonus damage and deals half damage to nearby allies. Level 16: Ending All Life: If an enemy Hero dies within 1.5 seconds of being hit by Sweeping Scythe, Argus' next Basic Attack will trigger Sweeping Scythe. Moving Unseen: Allies within Cone of Death's Death Fog become Stealthed. Spreading Pain: If an enemy Hero is damaged by Volatile Soul while below 40% health, Volatile Soul spreads to nearby enemy Heroes. Volatile Soul spread this way does not heal Argus. Detonating the Soul: Volatile can be recast to detonate the effect, dealing the remaining damage and healing Argus instantly. Target has 25% reduced Armour for 1.75 seconds. Level 20: Unmaker: Reduces Mana cost of Edge of Obliteration by 50 and cooldown by 30 seconds. Soulruin: Soulblight Orb's pools deal 50% extra damage and grow in size by 10% each time over the course of the duration.SkrauhgD1 14 Dec
04 Dec Hero Idea: Reaper Name: Reaper Title: Talon Mercenary Appearance: Role: Ranged Assassin Abilities: Trait (D): Hellfire Shotguns: Reaper can attack two targets at once with his Basic Attacks, and has 10% increased range with his Basic Attacks. Double Shot (Q): Reaper fires both his shotguns in the chosen direction, dealing X damage to the first enemy hit by each bullet. 60 Mana. 12 Second Cooldown. Wraith Form (W): Become Invulnerable and gain 75% Movement speed for 2 seconds. Can pass through terrain during Wraith Form. 70 Mana. 13 Second Cooldown. Mark of Death (E): Mark a target for death for 2 seconds, increasing Reaper's Basic Attack damage against the target by 10% and healing himself for 25% of the damage dealt. Has 2 charges. 40 Mana. 16 Second Cooldown. Ultimate Abilities (R): Death Blossom: Deal X damage to all nearby enemies every second for 5 seconds. Damage doubled versus non-Heroic enemies. 80 Mana. 90 Second Cooldown. Point-Blank Shot: Dart behind the target Hero and deal X damage. Use again within 2 seconds to return Reaper to his original position. Unique Talents: Level 1: Death's Reach: Increases Basic Attack range bonus to 15%. Relentless Doom: Basic Attacks lower the cooldown of Double Shot by 0.5 seconds. Reaping: Double Shot refunds 4 Mana when either shot hits a target. Level 4: Quest: Soul Leeching: Using Mark of Death on an enemy Hero below 50% health permanently lowers its Mana cost by 1 and its cooldown by 0.5 seconds, up to 10 times. When 10 stacks are reached, the Mana cost is lowered by 5. Hyper Acceleration: Increases duration of Wraith Form by 1 second and increases Movement Speed bonus to 100%. Skulking Wraith: Reaper gains Stealth for 2.5 seconds after Wraith Form expires. Shadow of Death: Reaper gains 40% Movement Speed for 2 seconds after Wraith Form expires. Level 7: Sharpened Bullets: Bullets of Double Shot pierce the first target, now able to hit a second enemy each. Ruthless: The next Basic Attack against enemies hit by Double Shot deal 60% extra damage. Dread Mark: Increases the duration of Mark of Death by 1 second and increases Reaper's Basic Attack damage bonus to 15%. Level 10: See Ultimate Abilities Level 13: Blur of Bullets: Activate Hellfire Shotguns to increase Basic Attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds. Reaper cannot use Abilities while Blur of Bullets is active. Quest: Swift Death: Every time Double Shot hits an enemy Hero, future Double Shots deal 0.5% extra damage, stacking to 15 times. When 15 stacks are reached, Double Shot deals an extra 10% damage. Decaying Cells: Enemies near Reaper during Wraith Form suffer X damage every second for 3 seconds. Focused Duality: Activated Ability. Activate to caused your next Double Shot to focus both bullet onto a single location. 24 Second Cooldown. Level 16: Relentless Pursuit: Hitting an enemy Hero with Double Shot increases Reaper's Movement Speed by 20% for 2 seconds. Lethal Attack: Double Shot now deals extra damage to enemy heroes equal to 7% of their maximum Health. Terrormonger: Every 10 seconds, Basic Attacks deal extra damage equal to 1.5% of the target's maximum Health. Level 20: Shadeflurry: Death Blossom now deals 50% extra damage to Heroes, Reaper takes 25% less damage from all sources while it is active and its cooldown is lowered by 15 seconds for every Hero killed during Death Blossom. Shadowstep: Increases range of Point-Blank Shot by 20%. Can be used a second time for free within 5 seconds upon returning to Reaper's original position. Quotes: Selected: Time to reap. Spawn: Death comes for our foes. Once I am done here, you shall be next. This alliance shall be interesting at best. Revival: Death cannot be slain. They will die for that. Move: I move. Doom follows me. Attack Unit: Fear the reaper. Time to reap. Death alongside Enemy: Hahahaha. I hope they hurt. Suggest Healing Fountain: Use the healing fountain. Must I drag you to the healing fountain myself? Being Healed: I feel my cells recovering. Death thanks you. Hearthstone: The reaper shall return soon. Capture objective/merc camps/Enemy Hero dies: They suffered greatly. Take advantage of their loss. Pings: Attack Unit: Wash death over this area. Attack Enemy Building: This fort must be laid to waste. Attack Enemy Hero: This foolish Hero asks for their end. Attack Enemy Core: Destroy their core, and their defeat shall be sealed. Help Me: The Reaper calls for aid. Our mission is at risk if I am impeded. Help Allied Hero: Our success depends on our comrade's survival. Defend Building: Our fort must stand. Defend Core: The enemy attacks our core. Defend it at once. Attack Mercenaries: These mercenaries would serve Talon well. Take Watchtower: This watchtower can aid us greatly.SkrauhgD7 04 Dec
04 Dec HotS Quick Tips: Double Hearthstone w/ Giveaway Check out last episode of HotS Quick Tips about how to use Double Hearthstone as Chromie. Also win a hero in this video's giveaway! 04 Dec
29 Nov HotS Quick Tips: Checking Bushes with Abilities Another quick tip video, today about using abilities to check bushes for enemies. 29 Nov
24 Nov DADmen tell tales This Season is almost over but we still got 67% winrate in QM (yeah QM only) and 20% MVP fights! Having such a great time these months) And this is one of my favorite moment in two years of playing hots (!!!): Dont miss it, its truly epic comeback with no visual chance of success.Dadmenplayin0 24 Nov
24 Nov Cloak rework Does anybody know if Blizzard is going to change the cloak effect from Medivh's lvl 20 talent? Since they nerfed cloak they ought to buff this talent.Delano0 24 Nov
19 Nov New Hero I want to give an idea about new hero. I suggest Anduin Wrynn as healer and damage as mutli class hero. So the players can decide at 10 level what they want Holy or Shadow. I hope Blizzard read this and make it come true we want more multi class heroes thank you and keep going \m/Atrocious0 19 Nov
19 Nov Tyrael and Ragnaros skins Hello! When will we see skins like:"Firelands Ragnaros" and "Exiled Tyrael"? That would be so cool to have a legendary skin like that. By "Firelands Ragnaros" I mean the one who is walking on his legs from the raid dungeon and by "Exiled Tyrael" the one who also does not hover in the air and is also without the helmet. In my opinion that kind of stuff would be a great addition to already existing stuff available. The animation of abilities does not have to be different but the way they move could be, I guess. (would totally buy it :D :D) Ragnaros could be even surfing on some kind of rock as "skin`s basic mount" ! :) :) ... ... Btw, there is no way to create a hyperlink or smth here? :OOneOfAKind0 19 Nov
17 Nov Imperius from Diablo deservs a spot in Hots Where is Imperius from Diablo at? I think i deservs a spot in Heroes of the storm because he has a big role in diablo. Auriel has actually a smaller role than imperius has and she is in the game. As leader of all angels he should be in the game as a warrior/assassinmorre0 17 Nov
15 Nov Warcraft heroes needed in HotS 1. Velen, we need a draenei and we also need a priest. Velen is a perfect combo. As a priest, he is a much better pick than Anduin since we already have many humnas and 0 draenei. Plus it would be awkward if Anduin got matched against Varian. 2. Vashj, there is no naga in the Nexus and Vashj is the most iconic one. Plus she was a playable hero in Warcraft 3 and she had unique abilities there. 3. Vol'jin, we also don't have a troll (we have Zul'jin, but he's a forest troll, we need a JUNGLE TROLL). Vol'jin was the Warchief of the Horde for a pretty short period of time and he was killed by a random demon. It would be cool if you gave him the time to kick some !@#$ in the Nexus. 4. Varimathras, we don't have a demon (from Warcraft), and dreadlords have some pretty interesting abilities. 5. Mannoroth, another demon of the Burning Legion with unique and signature abilities needed in the game. 6. Kel'Thuzad, i don't need to give a reason, just give him to us. 7. Maiev, we simply need her. And yes, I know that she is similar to Zeratul. But she is unique enough with signature abilities and her stand out personality. Just don't make her stealth, please no more stealth. Give us Maiev, but without that. 8. Garrosh, his character was very interesting, Garrosh brought much harm to Azeroth and I think that it's time for him to do the same to the Nexus. I know that you may feel that all warrior abilities are already used by Varian and that there are none left for Garrosh, but it's not like it, Garrosh can still be made unique enough. And plus we don't have a warmongering orc architype in HotS yet. 9. Malfurion, I know that he is already there, but he needs face animations. Just that tiny bit, please start working on that.MarijaMilic1 15 Nov
15 Nov Jaina Guide 15 Nov
14 Nov Deadwood Lunara? So in the halloween bundle, there is a deadwood lunara portrait, but no skin. I am a little disapointed by this, because it would look awesome :) Perhaps something like this could come into development? I cant be the only one wanting this skin!Loonietoons2 14 Nov
09 Nov I laugh a lot when I stream! That's cuz I have no friends: 09 Nov
07 Nov Alexstrasza First Impressions! 07 Nov
07 Nov hanzo will be in nexus !!!! hi, I really like hanzo character in overwacth and i really want to see him in nexus. so can you please please bring him to nexus. i have already thought his talents and passive please check; D-storm bow; hanzo can not auto attack. when click D he put an arrow to his bow and auto attack range and damage increase depends on how much you hold. of course there will be a max range and damage. Q-stamina; this ability will be fill up like valeera's enerjy. when hold it hanzo's movement speed will increase and if passive use while running he will auto attack with max range and damage; W-sonic arrow; hazno trow an arrow to area and see everthing that moves there. vision will be like seeing shadows. E-scatter arrow; same as overwatch R-Dragon strike;same as overwacth.verdant4 07 Nov
07 Nov LIVE with ALexstrasza 07 Nov
06 Nov Rework Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a way to suggest Blizzard to make rework of some champion and give some ideas for it? Is it actually taking in consider or I shuldn't expect any response?Delano0 06 Nov
03 Nov [Master] RazyeLx Gaming - Streams [CZ, ENG] Master Kerrigan, Team League, join us at ---> We talk mostly Czech, but we have no problems to communicate in English, if someone comes from other countries!:) See ya on the stream!:)RazyeL6 03 Nov
02 Nov LIVE and ready for Blizzcon 02 Nov
01 Nov HotS - Daily Moments This will be a daily upgoing serie, where I will be uploading every day 1-2 best moments or great plays from Heroes of the Storm. The footage will be most of the time from Ranked Master Games (because I play only Rankeds:D). I will create only this one post and post all episodes here, so i don't spam the forum too much. Hope you enjoy!:) HotS - Daily Moments | Genji vs Lili | S01 Day#1 01 Nov
01 Nov Hi, I'm a streamer Self plug woot woot: 01 Nov
31 Oct LIVESTREAM continues! Blizzcon2017 HYPE! 31 Oct
29 Oct How to win 1-17 on ToD Win 1 against 17 at ToD? EZPZ! Even while our own Tassadar plays for the enemy: watch the boss's progress bar) You literally cant be closer to losing on this map) 29 Oct
29 Oct Alleria in Heroes: my idea of her skillset! Alleria and her skill set revolves around her Heroic ability, Plane Shift, which allows her to switch realms as she desires, gaining different stat bonuses and changing the way her abilities work. It’s true that Alleria does NOT wield the Light on her corporeal form, which makes her kit non-cannon, but I think it does give her a nice touch and supports the idea of her fighting alongside the Army of the Light. I strongly think her kit will not resemble anything like this if Blizzard ever get her into Heroes but hey, I hope you have a nice time reading and imagining how she would turn out to be in game! :D Trait: Power in Reserve: When Alleria moves into a new plane of existence she loses all the Energy she had stored, and starts receiving 10 energy per second (max 100 energy). Additionally, for every 5 seconds spent in one specific realm, Alleria creates an arrow of pure light or shadow, which she holds until she changes form (5 max). When she does, she fires all of them while she transforms, each reducing the closest enemy's armor by 3%. Q: The Ranger's strike (8 second cooldown): -Corporeal Plane: Alleria jumps into the air and shoots a light-imbued arrow which explodes in a small area, blinding all enemies hit for a small duration. Additionally, when Alleria auto attacks one of the slowed foes, her arrows will look for a nearby affected target; if there's any, the attacks bounces and strikes him as well. -Void Plane: Alleria jumps into the air and shoots a void-charged arrow which explodes in a small area, leaving a rift from which the Void erupts, slowing enemies inside by 20%. If any enemy remains within the rift when it collapses, they get rooted and silenced for 1 second. W: Influenced by Power (Passive): -Corporeal Plane: Alleria wills to fight close to her allies. When close to an allied Hero, she gains an additional 5% attack speed and moves 10% faster. -Void plane: When no allied Heroes are around, Alleria draws strength from the void, empowering her autoattacks to also slow the target down by 10%. E: Windrunner's swiftness (7 second cooldown): -Corporeal plane: Alleria dashes through the Light and reappears a short distance behind the direction she was facing. Additionally, a beam of pure light falls upon her new destination, healing her and her allies in a very small area around her. -Void plane: Alleria, swiftened by the Void's power, swiftly dashes in a straight line towards the cursor, which grants her an additional 10 energy per second for 3 seconds. R1: Plane shift (5 seconds cooldown, no cost, AVAILABLE SINCE LEVEL 1). Cooldowns of her abilities sepparately on each plane and are reduced even when Alleria is out of said plane): Alleria changes the current plane of existence she's at: -Corporeal plane: Alleria loses all her previous Plane Shift bonuses and can’t cast any ability for 2 seconds but, in a quick and stylish fashion, gets back on her real body and gains 10 physical armor and 10% attack speed. In addition, she forces all her attacks to strike through the Light, dealing physical damage. -Void plane: Alleria loses all her previous Plane Shift bonuses and can’t cast abiltiies for 2 seconds but, in a quick and stylish fashion, gets embraces her Void form and gains 10 magic armor and 10 magic armor penetration. She also makes her attacks come from the void, dealing magic damage (includes auto attacks). Numbers are of course kind of irrelevant, but I tried to make her kit feel close to what she’s been wielding on Legion. I hope you’ve enjoyed readin’, and please excuse my gramar/spelling/Use of English mistakes!xTemerz1 29 Oct
27 Oct Livestream and Giveaway Tune in for more details! 27 Oct
26 Oct We LIVE! Tune in for some HotS and giveaway details! 26 Oct
25 Oct Hots School Episode 2 Why it's sometimes good to have a specialist in your team: 25 Oct
24 Oct HotS Ranked GamePlay #7 [Master] Another episode of Ranked GamePlay from Hero and Team League (Diamond + Master Tier). If you liked it somehow, subscribe for more!:) Thanks for every support!:) 24 Oct
24 Oct Alarak skin idea Obersturmbannführer SS Alarak Its just that uniforms of SS officers are cool and it would really suit Alarak's body and his character. Not to promote !@#$ ideas of course, everyone knows how low it is. Just an idea that will never happen but give forth your opinion about it.SickMage0 24 Oct
23 Oct MONDAY STREAM! LIVE baby dolls! 23 Oct
22 Oct Blizzcon Virtual Ticket Giveaway We have another giveaway for the Blizzcon 2017 Virtual Ticket supplied by Blizzard Check out more details: 22 Oct
20 Oct LIVESTREAM and Giveaway! Tune in and win a Blizzcon 2017 Virtual Ticket, supported by Blizzard! 20 Oct
20 Oct New Abathur Guide - "Split push help team" Hey guys, Finished our Aba guide for this year, hope it helps: ...Marcelian0 20 Oct
19 Oct LIVESTREAM with giveaway supported by Blizzard! LIVE, new hero reworks and much fun! 19 Oct
18 Oct Hallow's End Unboxing! LIVE and Hyped for Junkrat, and new skins! 18 Oct
17 Oct GOLD League streaming! Plus a surprise announcement! 17 Oct
16 Oct Hi, I stream! LIVE baby dolls! 16 Oct
15 Oct Hero Idea: Lothraxion Name: Lothraxion Title: High Commander Appearance: Role: Melee Warrior Abilities: Trait (D): Protection Aura: Lothraxion and nearby friendly Heroes gain 10 Armour, reducing damage taken from enemy Hero Basic Attacks by 10%. Hand of Reckoning (Q): Damage the target for X damage. Nearby non-Heroic units are Taunted, forcing them to attack Lothraxion for 2 seconds. 25 Mana. 4 Second Cooldown. Consecration (W): Deals X damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies in an area. Deals double damage to enemy Heroes. Lasts 4 seconds. 60 Mana. 15 Second Cooldown. Cleanse Toxins (E): Remove damage over time effects from the friendly target. 40 Mana. 12 Second Cooldown. Ultimate Abilities (R): Light of the Protector: Lothraxion spreads his wings, emitting a beam of Light that deals light damage every second and Blinds all enemies within. Lothraxion cannot move while channelling. 20 Mana per second. 15 Second Cooldown. Avenging Wrath: Lothraxion has the mana cost and cooldowns of his abilities halved, and deals 50% extra damage for 10 seconds. Using Hand of Reckoning on an enemy Hero increases the duration by 1.75 seconds. 100 Mana. 80 Second Cooldown. Unique Talents: Level 1: Holy Mockery: Increases the range of Hand of Reckoning's taunt by 50% and affected enemies deal 25% less damage for 4 seconds. Divine Blessing: Removes Hand of Reckoning's Mana cost, but increases its cooldown by 1 second. Judgement: Increases damage of Hand of Reckoning against non-Heroic enemies by 50%. Level 4: Holy Siphon: Consecration returns 5 Mana to Lothraxion every time it deals damage to enemy Heroes. Purify the Land: Increases the area of Consecration by 25%. Friendly Minions and Mercenaries within Consecration receive 20% less damage from non-Heroic sources. Harm to Energy: Cleanse Toxins returns 2% of the target's Mana per 1 second remaining on the removed damage over time. Level 7: Retribution Aura: Allies effected by Protection Aura now deal X bonus damage with every Basic Attacks. Merciful Aura: Allies effected by Protection Aura heal for 2% of their Maximum Health every 3 seconds. Lothraxion loses 0.5% of his Mana every time an ally is healed. Warding Aura: Allies effected by Protection Aura also gain 10 Spell Armour, reducing damage taken from Abilities by 10%. Level 10: See Ultimate Abilities. Level 13: Reach of the Light: Hand of Reckoning's range is increased by 2. Burning Wrath: Hand of Reckoning deals X damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. Redirect Harm: After using Cleanse Toxins, Lothraxion deals X damage to enemies in front of him. Damage increased by 5% for every second remaining of the removed damage over time. Cleanser: Cleanse Toxins gains a second charge and has its cooldown lowered by 2 seconds. Level 16: Blade of Justice: Using Hand of Reckoning causes a rotating blade of light to dart forward, dealing X damage to enemies hit. Protection of the Light: Activate Protection Aura to increase the Armour bonus to 25% for 4 seconds. Burst of Holy Fury: When Consecration fades, Lothraxion emits a burst of light in a ring, dealing damage to nearby enemies equal to 50% of the damage Consecration inflicted. Level 20: Reflective Wings: Removes the mana cost of Light of the Protector. Increases range and width by 25%. Glory of the Light: Avenging Wrath's duration is increased by 50%.SkrauhgD1 15 Oct
15 Oct [Guide] How to Climb in Ranked Hero League [Guide] How to Climb in Ranked Hero League Hope you like it!:)RazyeL0 15 Oct
13 Oct Why play a Warrior? Well, we have some reasons: 13 Oct
13 Oct Kael'thas is Juicy ?? See for yourself... 13 Oct
13 Oct KAEL'THAS IS JUICY ?? Kael'thas is Juicy ? See for yourself... 13 Oct