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9m Humor topic about Abathur So as the title says.This is all humor so it is not to be taken seriously. It may also include some rule 34 talk. So there is a skin I'd always wished for Abathur to have though I know he'll probably never get. I'm talking about a Abadick skin where he looks more like a dick.*acts as if he doesn't look like one at the moment* His locusts would be !@#$%s. When he does sympiote he would have new quotes like: It feels so good inside of you. I go way too deep. Heff my babies. Organism Abathur in you. His sympiote hat will look like a dick now instead. His clone heroic would clone naked versions of heroes with dicks. His Monstrosity heroic.Oh,let's not talk about that.It would be full of tentacles. Now his trait will also include an additional effect as well where if his allies ping or click him hard enough,he'll keep growing till he becomes huge and goes on a rampage gaining 50% armor and 4000 HP and 500% attack speed. After successfully delivering 69 attacks he'll throw ^-*!@ projectiles in a cone AOE damaging enemies and applying a DOT that does 6 damage per second for 9 seconds. Then right after,he'll start to gradually go back to his normal small size while losing his bonuses because,he'll be too sensitive and exhausted. When he dies he'd say "daddy,pls".Frost0 9m
1h New game mode for practice? First off i'd like to thank you blizzard for bringing out such an amazing game! i'm having a lot of fun with this game and been playing it a lot the last couple of months. I do however have an idea to make my experience and others even better then it already is. I would like to see a new mode for Heroes of the Storm. At the moment playing quick matches to learn new heroes is really hard and inefficient. A lot of times you won’t get a proper setup. (at least 1 tank and 1 support) I know there is Unranked as well, but I don’t think having a chance that your main counters gets banned out by other players or that the hero you want to practice gets banned out by your own team or the enemy team is very helpful when you want to practice one specific hero. I rather have a new mode with the format like league of legends for practicing, where you can pre-pick rolls and have at least 1 support and 1 tank every game. This will probably mean that the waiting time increases, but I rather wait longer before getting a match, than having to play without a tank and / or healer during quick matches. I've been talking to more people who think it is really ineffective way of practicing with the options you have giving us to choose from so far. Not too long ago you implemented that the chance you get the same heroes in a quick match is significantly decreased which is really good step in the right direction, and I have been enjoying that change for practice reasons. I know more people have the same view as I have, and some don’t mind the way quick matches work as it is at the moment. That’s why I personally think it’s good a good idea to have a new mode instead of replacing quick matches to a pre-pick option like I've suggested above. Hopefully the players who feel the same way as i do, will speak up in this topic. Thanks for reading all the way through and hope to get some feedback on this topic by an employee. Thanks in advance. Sincerely yours, MadonfireWoWMadonfireWoW0 1h
1d HotS Quick Tips: Denying Experience Another episode of HotS Quick Tips. This time all about soaking and making you win early game!Fuska0 1d
4d RazyeLx Gaming - Twitch Streams Hi guyz! if you are interested in HotS GamePlay, come visit my stream!:) Streaming NOW LIVE: Team League Wombo-Combo [CZ, ENG, COME ALL]: See ya there!:) RazyeLxRazyeL21 4d
4d Rexxar trait nerf Hi today I played Rexxar and Iam Disgusted. When Bilzzard changed his trait they broke him so badly that this hero is completely unplayable now. What do you thing about this nerf ?ItheSlave1 4d
4d New Illidan Skin I'd like to see Illidan in methamorphose all the time like boss from BT as a legendary skin. And if is chosen Methamophose as ultimate(R) he should become again like BT boss- dark n black.Hatebreeder4 4d
5d HotS Full Ranked GamePlay #2 [Kerrigan] with subtitles! NEW video!:) HotS Full Ranked GamePlay #2 [Kerrigan] How to MISS Every Combo, with subtitles!:) In this gameplay, you can see that I missed almost every combo. I was really unlucky with that, but even so we have won easily. This showcasts that even tho you might be unlucky, don't give up, your team can still win. Huge shout-out for Garrosh who played like a god. Also dont forget to turn on subtitles if you don't understand us, I wrote them myself:D Thanks for every LIKE and SUB!:)RazyeL0 5d
18 Sep Youtube. Need your replays. Hi everyone! I try make funny videos. And now I need your replays. If you have some fun or epic moments, please send it at I would really appreciate if you give me your constructive feedback. Have a nice day. P.S.: Sorry for my English.Gaston0 18 Sep
15 Sep Alleria in Heroes: my idea of her skillset! Alleria and her skill set revolves around her Heroic ability, Plane Shift, which allows her to switch realms as she desires, gaining different stat bonuses and changing the way her abilities work. It’s true that Alleria does NOT wield the Light on her corporeal form, which makes her kit non-cannon, but I think it does give her a nice touch and supports the idea of her fighting alongside the Army of the Light. I strongly think her kit will not resemble anything like this if Blizzard ever get her into Heroes but hey, I hope you have a nice time reading and imagining how she would turn out to be in game! :D Trait: Power in Reserve: When Alleria moves into a new plane of existence she loses all the Energy she had stored, and starts receiving 10 energy per second (max 100 energy). Additionally, for every 5 seconds spent in one specific realm, Alleria creates an arrow of pure light or shadow, which she holds until she changes form (5 max). When she does, she fires all of them while she transforms, each reducing the closest enemy's armor by 3%. Q: The Ranger's strike (8 second cooldown): -Corporeal Plane: Alleria jumps into the air and shoots a light-imbued arrow which explodes in a small area, blinding all enemies hit for a small duration. Additionally, when Alleria auto attacks one of the slowed foes, her arrows will look for a nearby affected target; if there's any, the attacks bounces and strikes him as well. -Void Plane: Alleria jumps into the air and shoots a void-charged arrow which explodes in a small area, leaving a rift from which the Void erupts, slowing enemies inside by 20%. If any enemy remains within the rift when it collapses, they get rooted and silenced for 1 second. W: Influenced by Power (Passive): -Corporeal Plane: Alleria wills to fight close to her allies. When close to an allied Hero, she gains an additional 5% attack speed and moves 10% faster. -Void plane: When no allied Heroes are around, Alleria draws strength from the void, empowering her autoattacks to also slow the target down by 10%. E: Windrunner's swiftness (7 second cooldown): -Corporeal plane: Alleria dashes through the Light and reappears a short distance behind the direction she was facing. Additionally, a beam of pure light falls upon her new destination, healing her and her allies in a very small area around her. -Void plane: Alleria, swiftened by the Void's power, swiftly dashes in a straight line towards the cursor, which grants her an additional 10 energy per second for 3 seconds. R1: Plane shift (5 seconds cooldown, no cost, AVAILABLE SINCE LEVEL 1). Cooldowns of her abilities sepparately on each plane and are reduced even when Alleria is out of said plane): Alleria changes the current plane of existence she's at: -Corporeal plane: Alleria loses all her previous Plane Shift bonuses and can’t cast any ability for 2 seconds but, in a quick and stylish fashion, gets back on her real body and gains 10 physical armor and 10% attack speed. In addition, she forces all her attacks to strike through the Light, dealing physical damage. -Void plane: Alleria loses all her previous Plane Shift bonuses and can’t cast abiltiies for 2 seconds but, in a quick and stylish fashion, gets embraces her Void form and gains 10 magic armor and 10 magic armor penetration. She also makes her attacks come from the void, dealing magic damage (includes auto attacks). Numbers are of course kind of irrelevant, but I tried to make her kit feel close to what she’s been wielding on Legion. I hope you’ve enjoyed readin’, and please excuse my gramar/spelling/Use of English mistakes!xTemerz0 15 Sep
15 Sep Revealing Enemies and Jumping Over Terrain guide Hey, check out my guide on jumping over terrain: 15 Sep
11 Sep Inevitable Arthas revamp in the future (speculation). Hello everyone , this is just a speculation Thread in which i will feature the reasons i think that Arthas will be revamped in the future and point out the facts. It's not ''my or your taste or opinion'' or ''Nerf this , Buff that''. The Death Knight Unit / Class was introduced in Warcraft 2 and was featured in the Orc / Horde faction , later on in Warcraft 3 - in the Undead / Scourge faction as a ''Hero''. Later on in Wrath of the Lich King - the Class was introduced in WoW and it featured / features many of the spells from the previous games as ''abilities / spells'' or ''talents''. Where exactly is the Problem here ? Arthas is considered the most - pop Death Knight in Warcraft (or at least the most iconic) , but there are many more of this class that excel in one aspect or another. From Gorefiend (which was the 1st) ,the 4(5?) Naxx Horsemen , Tassarian (which can be a amazing ''frost dual wielding dk'' in HOTS and many more that don't need mention. You still probably ask your self - where the **** is the problem? Well - let's check some of Arthas' talents and spells. Death Coil Frozen Tempest Army of the Dead Howling Blast Anti-Magic Shell Death Advance Obliterate Frost Strike Rune Tab Sindragosa Icebound Fortitude Fingers of Frost many more etc etc ... Most of these can be redistributed to another Death Knight Heroes that will feel very unique and my gut tells me that such thing can happen in the future. The Lich king was one of the 1st Heroes in this game and the stuff he got was ''rushed'' ... even after his revamp. So , what do you guys think - are we going to see a possible revamp in the future or other Death Knight Heroes? If they don't touch him , what kind of new Death Knight hero spells are they going to implement ?VithaR0 11 Sep
10 Sep [adv] hots facebook fan site hey guys just made a hots meme page i would like to invite you to make hots more popular: 10 Sep
08 Sep Hero Guides and Gameplays We post Hero guides and gameplays on the good tubez. Come check and see if you guys like our work: 08 Sep
08 Sep My Ideas Hear Me Out! so ive been playing World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm on and off lately and i was thinking what if my favorite character from WoW was it HOTS and that character would be Vol'Jin the next multi class hero, idk just thought it would be coolRocky0 08 Sep
05 Sep Best of Kerrigan - HotS Ranked GamePlay #4 [Master] NEW video!:) Best of Kerrigan - HotS Ranked GamePlay #4 [Master] Another episode of Ranked GamePlay from Hero and Team League (Diamond + Master Tier). If you liked it somehow, subscribe for more!:) Thanks for every support!RazyeL0 05 Sep
05 Sep Streaming with friends Game mode will be whatever we feel like. Language will be English. Fun will be guaranteed. Come join us: 05 Sep
27 Aug Dragon Aspects in HoS I like see them all like a heroes :)Flamer8 27 Aug
26 Aug Best of Kerrigan #3 This is only for guyz that watch YouTube, I know that many of you don´t like it, so I am very sorry for bothering you. NEW video!:) Best of Kerrigan - HotS Ranked GamePlay #3 [Master] I am very sorry for bad quality at some clips. That happened because I streamed at 720 HD, instead of 1080:/ Anyway if you liked it somehow, subscribe for more!:) Thanks for every support!RazyeL0 26 Aug
24 Aug Streaming - Diamond Ranked GamePlay + Team League [CZ] We will be speaking mostly Czech tho. Hope you enjoy it anyway:)RazyeL8 24 Aug
24 Aug Funny heroes videos channel Hi guys! I just started a channel for fun and am making videos for it. If you want to spend some time having a bit of fun, I'll be posting here some links for it ^^ First video 24 Aug
22 Aug HotS Ranked GamePlay #2 If you liked it, subscribe for more!:) If not, I am sorry:DRazyeL0 22 Aug
20 Aug Skin Suggestions 'Knights of the Frozen Throne' HS Exp. So I looked around the forums, just to watch if the idea maybe rises. As i couldn't find it anywhere but on the us forums, i decided to link this from reddit and to start a discussion here: The topic is about the new 'Knights of the frozen Throne' Expension in Hearthstone. I know that the idea was around now for +14days, as the HS event started but we need to net down information. So just to gather what u like and to bring this into the minds of the dev's. personally i like all the mentioned heroes of the opening picture because they would make additions to some of the heroes who lacks skins. What do you think?hazeŁ3 20 Aug
19 Aug HotS Ranked GamePlay Highlights #1 [Kerrigan] Hi guyz! Right now I have a huge amount of gameplay videos in my memory and it is just impossible to make from all video and I had this idea of making a full Gameplay Series of mine, bcs some ppl liked it on the stream so I thought that more ppl might like it. If more ppl will like it I will add subtitles to the important parts, so everyone can understand whats happening and so on:) Also if you have an idea how to improve these series, let me know. Thanks for every LIKE and SUB!:) See ya next time.RazyeL0 19 Aug
14 Aug HotS - Saddest Lost in Gaming History This lost was so sad, that I just needed to upload it... This is from Diamond 2, almost Diamond 1 game. We had just won the last team fight and had the game, but then.... 14 Aug
10 Aug Hero League Livestream! I like Gold League players! 10 Aug
09 Aug HotS - Garrosh Decimating Everyone Rise of the Warchief Garrosh joined the Nexus and my first impression? This champion is just TOO AMAZING. I am maining it right away. Go play him, while he is OP:) Here is some example of Garrosh GamePlay/Montage. Hope you enjoy it. If you liked it subscribe:) Thanks for every help!RazyeL0 09 Aug
07 Aug All Destruction, Haymaker Muradin 07 Aug
07 Aug good on 'Q'Skill valla 07 Aug
07 Aug crazy valla play dmg 100k 07 Aug
07 Aug one jump one kill limming 07 Aug
06 Aug How to Brawl 06 Aug
03 Aug Streaming - Diamond Ranked GamePlay + TL [CZ] We will be speaking mostly Czech tho. Hope you enjoy at last the GamePlay:)RazyeL0 03 Aug
03 Aug Ranked GamePlay [Diamond] - Your opinion Hello, I recently uploaded a new video from my Ranked GamePlay (montage) and I would like to ask you guys on your opinion. What do you like/dislike in the video? Is there too much zooming, too many effects? Such information will help me a lot to improve. Thanks everyone for any opinion, criticism, respond or support. If you actually liked the video, don´t forget to subscribe for more. 03 Aug
03 Aug Some orc pixelarts Hi all, i was working on some pixelart sprites to welcoming Garrosh to the nexus i hope you like them: 03 Aug
02 Aug Sonya Gameplay on Braxis Holdout! 02 Aug
02 Aug Team League Stream! 02 Aug
01 Aug Goofy Stream! 01 Aug
01 Aug HotS - Ranked GamePlay Few clips from HotS Ranked GamePlay. If you liked it, subscribe for more!:) 01 Aug
01 Aug How to Draft - Li'Ming 01 Aug
01 Aug Garrosh - First Impressions 01 Aug
30 Jul Johanna Taking the damage for the team 30 Jul
28 Jul Quick Match shenanigans 28 Jul
28 Jul Khaldor F-bombing viewers, whilst casting HGC? Khaldor not provoked or trolled but casually tells a viewer to go !@#$ himslef I would like to start off, by saying, I always backed Khaldor, to be a professional caster, and get more gigs. I always thought he was a good caster, better than most. But I cant sit back and watch him individually bully viewers, hence I decided to post this, after contacting the user he unfairly swore at and told him I would post it, if he clipped it. Context: There was some talk, about an NA team, dropping their name and re-registering for HGC. Some people were brainstorming, as to why, and some were alluding to different reasons, of how it may be exploiting the system. To be fair, it was conjecture, but Khaldor himself said it didn't make sense for them to change their name, as they would lose the points they had. So Khaldor, went on a savage rampage, on a user, directly dropping off the F-bomb on him for suggesting there could be something more. He was very aggresive to other users, discussing things too.Suggesting they were idiots for even talking about the reasons why, the above happened. (khaldor was not familiar with the situation it seemed). He seems to have gotten a big head lately. Even if he doesn't want to be a complete professional on his private streams, we shouldn't expect our professional casters to be so agressive to the viewerbase, when streaming HGC. Then stating, its his private stream, and can talk however he likes. Khaldor seems to have severe mood swings, depending on how you catch him. And its very unprofessional.Wolf0 28 Jul
27 Jul Daily stream! 27 Jul
27 Jul Ana Amari Hero Concept 27 Jul
26 Jul Team League Livestream! 26 Jul
26 Jul Dodging Gold 4 26 Jul
25 Jul New Logo, New UI ready to stream! 25 Jul
24 Jul Want sum stream? 24 Jul