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27 Sep Fall of Kings Quest healing bug I played a game with whitemane did 88,000 some in healing, won the game and before the game got to score screen it put me and the enemy healing to 0. So my quest for 100,000 didnt proc at all.eggshell5 27 Sep
07 Feb 2018 HL is dead It`s either the player base decreased to the point you wouldnt have anyone to play with, or the system is totally !@#$ed, or some other reason. The point is you can`t play HL anymore and the matches are 2-20 with level 50 players mixed with much higher players. Either way, for some reason i am the only one getting the garbage in my team, but i think it might happen both sides. I think everybody should stop playing this.. the game itself is not bad, but the matchmaking system, which is a key component of moba, is non existing.UnBizon18 07 Feb 2018
24 Oct 2017 Team league strange placement Just finished the promo matches with 2 of my friends and ended up in plat3 while both of them are in diamond2/4. I mean how is this possible if we been playing all time together against diamonds and masters and I got placed in plat3??????Chitosu2 24 Oct 2017
13 Nov 2017 Li Ming changes Are there any plans to change Li Ming? She has a winrate of 45%, and I think that she needs a buffSliperr3427 13 Nov 2017
24 Oct 2017 needs some love Greetings There are a few things that she need changed I think, starting with a better talent options for her Q (boosters)at lv 1, for exemple some quest having lets say : 1 sec cd reduction for her Q for each hero hit and after you hit 40 you permanenetly get a 2 second decreased cd and extends the duration of boosters by 1 second. Also whoever thought the idea of giving her Basic speed reduced in Mech form is beyond my comprehension : If they were so concerned about her sticking to a target with her mech being able to atk while moving, give her 95% movement speed by default, and remove "pro-moves" at lv 1 also lets face it her mech cannons tickle anyway...that isn't exactely "sustained dmg" :p , and she is not rly meant for that anyway. Another few things I don't like is that (like the vikings) you have to chose a talent to unlock her pilot abilities... Q (the vault) at 16 and W (concussive blast)at 20... Give them to her by default already and just nerf her " gg wp" to only do 25% extra dmg and have the "insta reset on mech cd if an ennemy hero is taken down" only able to occur once every 30 seconds or so. This way "supressing fire" or "nanoweave suit " would be much more appealing. As for the defense Matrix I think it should have the " fusion generator" talent of lv 4 , as default : if you absorb dmg you can get up to an extra 15% Self destruct charge. Oh and finally the most obvious 1 : The must have lv 4 talent " BRING IT ON" (extra 30% charge for losing health of her mech) should be default aswell : just nerf it to an extra 15% of charge. So that maybe her lv 4 would have another decent choice!!! Thoughts ?Sil3ntSmil3s3 24 Oct 2017
24 Oct 2017 Arreglen la reconección!! No puede ser que cada vez que uno trate de reconectarse al juego, pase mas de la mitad de la partida esperando a "que me pongan al día", por favor, esto cabrea mas que cualquier otra cosa! Si algún día dejo de jugar HoTS, será por esta razónLiberius0 24 Oct 2017
24 Oct 2017 Junkrat - technical complaints Been taking that crazy guy out for a few games and have gathered a whole bunch of technical complaints. That's a mix of perceived design errors and bugs. 1. His trap seems to be destructible, howver nowhere it is said to be so. Either that is a bug or it should be in its description and have a health bar added to indicate the same. 2. His trap and Rocket Ride don't cast when you come in range of the place selected, it just throws them as soon as you hit the button into the direction you aimed. That is very counter intuitive as you target a zone on the map - not a player directly. Such functionality if fine for damage skillshots, for delayed abilities it is not. Taking Azmodans Dunk as an example: If you cast at an area out of range, the character walks towards that spot until he is in range and then launches the projectile. 3. His Q bombs detonate when they are targeted to impact the ground. When a wall happens to be in that place the bomb detonated inside the wall on "ground contact". They should just bounce off it and not detonate inside. 4. The Rocket Ride respawn function is buggy as hell. Half the times I respawn with it something is bugged out. - For example Junkrat just sitting in the Nexus until the rocket appears and then being burried under the rocket, clipping inside of it, instead of mounting it. - Or you just don't get the rocket at all. 5. His traps should by default have a zone around it that triggers it. Not a big one but something larger than the size of a penny. The current area an enemy has to step into is so tiny it so far is barely ever happens even when hiding them in bushes. Enemies just walk past them. So far I was unable to finish the quest to trap 6 heroes even with the larger scale and it chasing enemies, it is so easy to avoid - even by sheer luck. Except one time where a random enemy Garrosh was kind enough to walk into them on purpose.dayofmone3 24 Oct 2017
29 Oct 2017 Knockback effects acting as stuns? Would be nice to have clarity into knockback effects such as Auriel's detainment strike which stops Dehaka's drag (mobile channel) and all stationary channels in a situations when not collided with terrain, but does not stop Li Li's jug of 10 000 cups. By Dehaka's drag "interrupted by stuns and silences" by the gamemechanics knockbacks are working as stuns even they are not supposed to be?Khaqi8 29 Oct 2017
24 Oct 2017 Leaver Status Hi I'm becoming really frustrated with the leaver system, I'm not too sure what else to suggest to you but since this is a feedback forum I thought I'd come and give you some. Through no fault of my own, I've been experiencing a few disconnections of my own home internet recently and no I cannot prevent this by 'getting better internet' due to my location at present. Unfortunately this always seems to happen when I'm in the middle of a league match. This has happened so many times now that I've now got to play 4 matches before I can compete in Hero League again due to leaver status and this is gradually going to increase to a maximum I presume? I'm concerned how many this is going to increase as at present this requires me to play near enough 2 hours of quick matches which quite frankly I do not enjoy before I can again compete in hero league. Is there no way you can tell the difference between a pure internet disconnection and a genuine abandonment of a match? I have never 'abandoned' a match in my time of play HOTS. Also, if I can manage to reconnect back on to my internet and log back into the game. It takes so long to reconnect back into the game that I sit in a queue of 'the game is 10:00 minutes ahead' and then when the counter finally reaches zero. I'm sat there with a giant red 'DEFEAT' in my face, which is not only frustrating for me but I'm sure for the other players on my team that have had to suffer with my AI replacement. Maybe I will just have to give up hero league altogether if my internet connection cannot stabilise but once again this is just some feedback for you. In all honesty, this is currently putting me off even playing the game at all. Thank youDreamatic14 24 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017 Unfair ranked play points reward/punishment So. Hots is not stable game for me, it often crashes. (btw, EPIC reconnect system) And if game crashes at draft(ranked play), it punishes me with -1000 points, or something close to that. So, if i wait for game to begin, then do alt+f4, i will screw other 4 players, and lose only 200 points. I don't see any logic in that whatsoever. If it's needed for people not to leave the draft, atleast make -100 points, not damn 1000. (I presume i've lost around 6000 points in this season thanks to those hard crashes) And second problem i see is with points gained/lossed. So, if i play with Grey, for example. And i've lost a game. Have 0 kills, 10 death, lowest hero damage, no assists. And someone plays, let's say, Murky. Has 10 kills, 0 death, first at all stats. Point is, why we both lose 200 point? how is that even removetly fair? Or is current -197 and -203 points is that "skill" reward? Because i don't buy it. When i've played within plat league, i was gaining 195-205 points for victory. When with master tier, i was gaining 250 points, while my skill lever remained exactly the same. It's supposed to be the opposite. I'd love any responce. Danke.Babsdude1 23 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017 Valeera 1Vs.3 gank hero? WTF? I just played 2-3 Games with Valeera in the enemy team and every time we needed 4-5 heroes to kill her. without a stun or lockdown that can hit her you have no chance to kill her. On top is she so invincible that you can lose her even if you found her on the screen. Over all it seems that there is a very big balance issue all over the heroes. Maybe its time to step back with new chars and start to balance this properly. New heroes are fun but if they screw up the gameplay for half a year it becomes very frustrating.Shinigami4 23 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017 This forum doesn't work, posts don't appear. Nothing negative in them at all, talking about how to improve certain functions in the game, posts don't appear. I doubt this one will appear, or maybe blizzard doesn't want constructive thoughts on how to improve the game.horseRank4 23 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017 New Zul'Jin Is he effective? Am I missing something? Played 5 games with him and I didn't feel at ease with the hero after rework as I hoped. Granted that's not a big sample, he does seem to lack movespeed and attack speed in the early stages, getting his talents too late to be relevant early. I know he is not supposed to be strong early game, but I had some trobles with him in that aspect. Amani rage is great though. What am I missing here?Zell2 23 Oct 2017
23 Oct 2017 Why must you push people away? So like a lot of people reading this, I enjoy heroes. I think it's a fun game, quite interesting and I could play with a few friends. But I have to say, I have never seen a game work as hard at being unplayable as I have with Heroes of the storm. Aside from all the matchmaking problems that have been mentioned, there are the technical problems. Personally the issues i've had are frequent blue screens of death, that used to be fixed by running the game in compatability mode, then there was constant lag, that was sorted by lowering sound quality to medium. Then there was constant lag again that for some god known reason got fixed by putting my phone in aeroplane mode (buggered if i know why that works), then a problem with the main menu just flat out refusing to work when looking for a game that so far i have only fixed by restarting the game but now the fix i had for the bluescreen problem no longer works. I don't know why, frankly i no longer care. Then there is the design of newer heroes. Genji has preposterous amounts of mobility to the point that if you don't specifically counter him you will never deal with him, good chance he will just slaughter you. is nigh on unkillable without a coordinated group, and the idea of any heroes being able to auto-attack while moving is a terrible idea. Also, why does Ana exist? What was the entire point of her design? By the time she could potentially be useful the fight is over. So I enjoyed heroes, but i'm sick of blizz going out of their way to ruin it for what seems like no reason at all.Kalitas2 23 Oct 2017
04 Nov 2017 MMR Keep up the good matchmaking blizz.......Not.... fu*king bells ends. As you guys keep trolling me with bad comps and bad mmr games i will now troll all my games till i get a ban. Time to have fun bye byeLowery18 04 Nov 2017
22 Oct 2017 Bug report If zeratul uses Void Prison and closes Nazebos zombies in it, they will stay on the screen untill the end of the game.LgdKeeper3 22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017 Matchmaking i understand its quickmatch, but the matchmaking and team comp really sucks balls!!!!! How about standardizing the team comp? This game is trolling, fuucks up the game play!!!St1ckyD2 22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017 QM My team Nova Morales Murky Ana Butcher Enemy team greymane Junkrat Auriel Samuro Sylvanas map: Braxis holdout please guys tell mi how win this game? this is nod balanced match. This boring game. I dont like this balanced match always very boringdevastator4 22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017 More Anti-Aliasing options? Will there be additional Anti-Aliasing options in the future? It seems the current On or Off option only features CMAA, which is pretty bad at reducing Jaggies.TheDeeGee6 22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017 - worst hero in the game Before start discussing my claims first let's see character description from dear hots team. What do they see reasons to play her? Mobility. What kind of mobility? 85% speed? Lack of mount? In fact she is most immobile character in the game and only with "Rush-down" reaches the normal hero. They have mixed up the columns of strengths and weaknesses? Sustained damage. Sustained - yes, damage - I didn't find it. I used an electron microscope to sight it but still could not find. If you find her damage, tell me, okay? Hard-to-kill bruiser. Bruiser without damage? Well this is just a new word in the MOBA genre, respected hots team! I know that you want to make a revolution, but not as dramatically, pity us! Here's how the's strengths/ weaknesses table should actually look: strengths zoning disadvantages CC self-sustain support mobility no damage can not fight against any character has no role The last point is the second one, which I would like to talk about. So you start the match. Tank says: "I need support" Support says: "I need DD" DD says: "I need tank" You pick and all together: "Damn you!" and all. Until the end of match you become "troll". Because is nothing and can do nothing. Why don't they buff her? Because they are afraid. Remember how carefully only through the PTR server they change her talent for a big matrix? They are afraid because as soon as they up her, there will immediately be heard screams: " is indestructible, is OP!" That's why she is the worst hero: she can not be balanced, only overweakened or overpowered. As a result, allies hate her for being useless, enemies hate her because she is "hard-to-kill". And no one likes her, except for those who play her (fans). To make "OK" her need to change the concept. What worked in OW does not work in HotS. Why did they make her such a concept? If because they wanted to make her look like a from OW, they failed. In Overwatch was pretty strong and is really stong now. She really has one of the best mobility, a huge defensive potential (I'm talking about the old Diva, with whom hots team sculpt their fake). So HotS - definitely not But if so they can safely change her concept. Need to break chain "Mech-pilot-mech" and and turn it into "Mech-pilot-...-mech". Are people angry that she can throw selfdestruct and renew mech? No problem, let the call of new mech be available not after 4 seconds but after, for example, 10. Does she all time return into mech? Increase cd for call of mech and remove the option to instantly call with killing im GG, WP. In other words, cut exactly what sometimes makes she too strong, not that where she is already weak. BUT instead make her mech strong enough, make her a full-fledged hero, not a stub without a role who is she now.Stebus4 22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017 Johannas Iron Skin TBH proppably the most powerfull trait in game except maybe overstacked Butchers. Amount of shield she gets considering her avarage hp (2179 hp on lvl 1 is not that much) but 31% of it is very powerfull + 4 sec of being unstopable makes her almost unkillable. If we add in consideration that her every skill is CC we get OP character. OFC in hands of noob she will still suck but in hands of pro she is very dnagerous tool. I think her trait should be changed to be more diablo like - full immunity but for 1 - 1,25 sec max, instead of massive amount of shields with very low cooldown combined with unstopable. She would become less forgiving character but also more intresting one - not just conversion of Artanis trait.Rolf6 22 Oct 2017
27 Oct 2017 the new muradin thx for the !@#$y changes naw mura is more garbage then beforerau3 27 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017 I've got the same daily quest for two weeks Hello, my name is Dvir. For the last two weeks or so, every day I get the same daily quest in Heroes of the Storm: "Play 2 games as a Diablo Hero", which rewards 200 gold. I complete the daily quest every day in the day that I recieve it, only to get the same daily quest on the next day. While I know that daily quests are random and there is a chance to get the same daily quest a few times in a row, I doubt that I randomly got it for about 14 days in a row. Is this a known issue? Is there any way to solve it? Thank you very much in advance :)Dvivoni5 21 Oct 2017
09 Feb 2018 Can We Abandon Daily Quests? Hi there, I may just be being a bit dense, but I would love to be able to/know how to abandon some of the daily quests. I play this for fun, and therefore stick to just a couple of heroes that I enjoy playing (I like healing). This means that there will be some dailies I will never complete. I was just hoping to be able to abandon the ones I won't ever do, so that in time, I can get new ones. Thanks for your time, and sorry if I just can't see where to do this. And sorry for being a casual. /MooTree62 09 Feb 2018
21 Oct 2017 GARROSH Okay, we got it, this !@#$ing nerd can pull and throw enemies, it's not fkn funny anymore seriously This pathetic hero requires LITERALLY 0 skill, because every fkn moron can randomly pull enemies and throw them to his team, this hero is by far the worst in this game I know that this post will get disliked because "omg dont get into his range, play safer", it doesn't even fkn matter how you play, the CD's are lower than they should be and when he pulls anyone 95% time it means a kill and if he miss, JK 8 %^-*ING SECONDS COOLDOWN Even easier than stitches and artanis combined, why don't you reduce stitches' hook to 5 sec and artanis' E to 10 sec? I actually wouldn't !@#$ing be surprised if you do because you have no sense of balance what so ever BY FAR the worst hero added this game, even nova requires more skill than this %^-* EDIT: I just experienced the worst games I've had in my life, people who are dying 14lvl vs 17lvl, fighting 2v5 (YES THIS IS DIAMOND 2 AND DIAMOND 1 EVERYONE), people who obviously think going for a camp is far more important than focusing objective, i can go on with this list but why waste my time anymore? Cya !@#$ing blizztard golddigging piece of %^-*s, you just care about thickness of you wallet don't you? Holy hell, you DISGUST meXantyc41 21 Oct 2017
21 Oct 2017 False Reporting. People who say they are going to report you, when you have done nothing wrong should receive a silence/punishment.horseRank3 21 Oct 2017
14 Nov 2017 Junkrat impression Heya Junkrat a fun hero but super weak to be played in competitive game play . His pokes(grenade launcher) are weak and easily avoided , and even if u hit with full talent 150 hits it's damage is still to low His E ( the trap ) useless , the only way u can get some1 trapped it's if they step in a brush on it and face checks it . His mine is decent to escape or try sending some1 who makes a mistake into your team or a wall , a fair skill i would say The ultimate rocket is a joke , to easy to avoid unless u follow up on some highly timed CC like a Zarya or Etc mosh pit The exploding wheel is decent dmg , and u can "drive it from a safe distance " and that's about it His health pool is a joke , to low for an assassin even a poke one like him . He is countered by any hero that can get close to him , muradin , anub , genji and the list go on not to mention stealth heroes . Even if u escape with your mine and send your enemy afar u still don't do your role ,that's the assassin role . In my opinion he is more of a specialist then an assa . TL: DR : fun to play hero , he doesn't fit in any competitive modeSoulScar14 14 Nov 2017
20 Oct 2017 QM I played Junkrat my streak is 7 wins and 16 loses. I hate QM system my team always bad or 0 kombo team. enemy team is best in the world. Junkrat is funny hero but its boring always losing. I played 100% no give up and losing. I liked this game but 16 loses is bad and boring. Repair QM system its broken and dont balanced. tell me what do you do, when you have much losing ? sorry for my english. Im not enlandomandevastator2 20 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017 Many models missing from hero pages Many many models are missing from the main hero page: It used to be updated regularly but not anymore - i don't even speak about the variations but the models and this is sad :( Here is an non exhaustive list of models that are missing: Sir Murkalot Blood Raven Sylvanas Jaina dreadlord Sonya Deathbringer Zagara Crypt Queen DVa destroyer Commandant Varian ETC L800 Kerrigan Succubus (slightly different from Legion Mistress) Anub'alisk Templar Li-Ming Power-drench Tychus (plus another similar variation) Slip'n'stream Tracer Bone-visage Xul Unraveler Zeratul Tal rasha Li-Ming the most recent skins for Halloween ... and maybe others that i missed And Tyrael demonic is still a very outdated version (i already informed many times about that several months/years ago... no change) Any plans to update that? It would be good for us so we can have a complete set especially for the community websites (Psionic Storm in my case) but it's also Blizzard interest as we communicate about them with the weekly sales (!).HerrVigg0 20 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017 DC from draft I was about to rank up, but got disconnected in the draft after i had picked a hero, my internet was fine, so it was on your end. and i wasn't even the last pick, and I loose all my ranked points, This have now happen 2 times in a row, as im about to rank up i get a dc from draft, and you take all my points. now I have to "struggle" in god knows how many games more just to be able to rank up again. how can i ever rank up when u just remove my points for something that isn't even my fault????Kongge1 20 Oct 2017
11 Dec 2017 Absurd matchmaking Not sure if you guys have noticed this , but the games lately have been absolutly uneven.90% of the games are between 10 and 15 mins and extremely rare do you witness a 20 ot 20+ min game.Also the matchmaking itself is BS to say the least... eaither you crush the oponent or the oponent crashes you.Clearly blizzards developers are really bad and thay seemed to ruined the matchmaking even more but i can imagine that this problem is due to the fact that the game doesn`t have a large enough playerbase.The game`s management is terrible , and to be fair this game doesnt even deserve half the playerbase it currently has.Blizzard developers ... you people suck totally.GmFresh12 11 Dec 2017
20 Oct 2017 Nazeebo Q vs squishy heroes Hello there! I was trying out new patch on PTR recently. And first thing that strucked me was Naz's Q buff. It was already doing high damage (especially with 20 level talent it just sky rockets). So I just set up try mode game - 20lvl, Naz vs Li Ming. Completed quests... it takes single Q to destroy Ming. One shot for heroes with around 2.9k life on 9 seconds cooldown at the top of that - seems stupid to me. It also took half of ETC hp. Either try mode is bugged and gives Naz bonus damage, or Blizzard mistook Halloween for 1 of April. Pleast mind that there heroes in this game that don't have perma protected (ResidentSleeper), self heal or 50 armour. Just so you know : ) Have a nice dayShiro8 20 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017 won't be purchasing another 2400 shard mount that's 2 now - the surfboard and the spectral stallion - that have looked quite cool in the menus, but absolutely terrible in game. both mounts I used once and had no real interest in using again. i'm pretty annoyed, because i bought a decent amount of gems both times and used the shards for something I thought i wanted, only to feel cheated each time because I couldn't test how it looked in game. pretty bad behaviour by blizzard not to let you see how it looks in game before you purchase.jeffwode0 20 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017 Junkrat - technical problems V2 Since my last thread was broken, let's try this again. There's a number of technical issues with Junkrat. 1. His map icon is too similar to Lunara's. A bunch of pink surrounded by green/yellowish. Hard to tell apart unless you take a closer look. 2. His trap appears to be destructible. Nowhere in a tooltip it is said to be so. Either it needs to be indestructible or have the tooltip adjusted and a healthbar added. 3. When a map object stands at the first impact point of his bomb it detonates inside of it. E.g. when you aim inside a wall the bomb detonated inside the wall. It should bounce off map objects. 4. Rocket Ride tends to do funny things, such as not appearing in the first place or burrying Junkrat beneath it. Needs a look at. 5. The initial trap trigger radius is too small. Even when hiding it in bushes enemies just walk past it most of the time. It would be appreciated if the trigger radius could be adjusted to HOTS appropriate sizes, not OW. 6. His Trap and Rocket Ride don't cast at the target location but the direction you point at. That is fine for damage skillshots, not for those abilities, it is very counter intuitive. They should act like eg Azmodans Dunk; if you cast it to a location out of your range the character walks towards that spot and casts as soon as within radius. 7. There is no feedback when you Detonate the RIP tire far away. When you are close you can hear the detonation. When you are far away your camera immediately goes back to your character. No visual or audible feedback at all, every time I use the ult I question whether it went off. 8 There is no skill diversity. I find absolutely no reason to diverse away from one set of talent choices every game unless I want to troll and go for a trap build. Even that is just 2 talents. 9. Is he really an assassin? His strenght clearly is wave clear. His abilities are not for damage dealing but map control. He does little damage in teamfights because everything within auto attack range is too close to comfort, squishy as Junkrat is. The Q ability is pretty much the single tool to deal hero damage and it is not very good at it. It should be reconsidered whether his role does not put him into a specialist role.dayofmone1 20 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017 Loot boxes not received Hello, If you play one match ... and after it you level up your account to 150 and also you level up your hero to level 4 - you only get the epic loot chest when you should get both the epic loot chest and the normal loot chest. This has happened to me at least 4-5 times and now finally I've wanted to see if this is the intended behavior or not. Thank you very much :)Rusu0 19 Oct 2017
05 Jan 2018 less OW quests.. hi, I hate Overwatch heroes in this game.. all of them, tank, healer or assassin. and now game makes me play with them, play Overwatch heroes for 300 gold.. I don't want it, but i kinda have to. there are like 5 or 6 heroes from OW and I don't like any of them. I have 99% of the heroes and all of them are +5.. so I don't have to play them.. just want to ask blizzard team for much less OW quests... I can manage like 1 quest every week.. thank you.Hazakolofton15 05 Jan 2018
19 Oct 2017 New account gems Hello i created a new account and im lvl 15 and i got no gems, we dont get them anymore or what? please help<3Katana2 19 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017 FX causing headaches HOTS, Hearthstone and Diablo give me headaches after playing for a few hours. The issue was reported years ago, but there is still no option to turn off special effects like screen shake. 19 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017 Congratulations on new AI They do stutter steps like a pro players. Also you did some great job simulating bad players behaviour: - AI don't respond to pings at all (even "follow" now is often ignored) - AI ignoring objectives (I push this lane guys, k?) - AI giving up in pretty equal situations (4v5, 1v1, fort razing) - AI feeding in hopeless situations - AI failing capturing objectives (leaving area, interrupting channel) - AI terror from garden of terror often don't even move is there no PTR servers or internal testers or anything?Seru22 19 Oct 2017
19 Oct 2017 Several issues with the new A.I update Just for reference, I've gotten about 150 levels in total from just playing with and against the A.I, because I like to just lay back, try new heroes, try new builds without ruining other peoples experience and from all my time with the A.I (Old and new) I've noticed some... Odd behaviour... The most drastic behaviour I've seen is the A.I (For some reason it's mostly Nazeebo who does this) is literally walking into towers/core, walking around, not using abilities and dying (Much like a feeder) which tbh is quiet a realistic behaviour but still, not something I think blizz intended to implement. Another behaviour is they randomly seem to stop responding to pings on the map (Like an objective or camps) Kharazim bot doesn't use his heal unless he needs to be healed. Tyrande using her Lunar Flare to where my recall as Tracer will put me where she obviously cant see or couldn't have known I would end up there the second I use my Recall. A few matches both teams would just clump themselves together and literally move as one unit the entire match Abathur using... Well only his hat and mines and... Well thats about it, doesn't even use his hat abilities except for the shield. Enemy Garrosh would throw me AWAY from danger instead of into danger. Stukov is using his Healing Pathogen and instantly using his Bio-kill switch before it even spreads (This has happened in every match I have a Stukov bot in it) Rehgar would use his Ancestral Healing to heal literally 1% of an allys health outside of combat (This only happened one match though) That's pretty much all I can remember, but I do remember getting frustrated at a lot more things. The most recent bug I've noticed with the A.I is they are stutter stepping aaaaall the time (It was quiet funny to watch tbh) but then when they went to push towers at lvl 20, they would step into the range of the towers, and step away even with minions attacking the tower, so they had about no siege damage done. I honestly don't understand what is happening with the A.I but every single game I go into now, something new and odd happens on either my team or the enemy team. And even though sometimes they are a bit funny, 90% of the time it either takes all the fun out of the match or makes it impossible to win because the Nazeebo is feeding. I hope this post was useful to anybody at Blizzard when it comes to the A.I, I just wanted to express my experience because honestly the new A.I update has done nothing but frustrate meVariann1 19 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017 New players in draft mode ruins it... OK, I have had enough now. Today I have had 7 games, in 6 of them I had people on my team who were obviously completely new to the game. Last game a lvl 8 guy. This has made draft mode completely unenjoyable, I have played to many hundreds of games to bother with obviously bad players outside of quickmatch. Why are they even in my game? Why am I matched with them? What are they even doing in draft mode when they are lvl 8??? Shouldn't they be playing vs AI at that stage? I know I was at lvl 8...Kadagar7 18 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017 Tyrande needs nerf - Best Hero DMG is a Support, WHY ? Is it just me or everybody is fine with Tyrande being the most damage dealer in the games? I am fine with the new talents but her base damage develops so fast. I think her basic dmg would be re considired. If that makes so many people upset the skill damage can be improved but basic attack do not have cooldown so it needs to be nerfed. And with her Trait it reaches utopic values.Kochero6 18 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017 Zul'jin Changes, Good or bad? What do you think about the recent Zul'jin changes? With all honestly at first I was pretty sceptical about these changes, but lookin' at it now I'm pretty okay with it. I'm happy they added "You Want Axe" as a Baseline quest. But I'm curious.. How do you feel about the recent changes?Kurai0 18 Oct 2017
17 Oct 2017 Leaver buster bug.. Ranked is !@#$ing up with me. I had like +450 Points G2. so I forgot to ban at 1 of the matches and lost the next match and It became 0 Points maybe dodging wastes points np. but why do I get banned cuz I dc 3 times in a match for 2 sec each. I took the MVP and won the match in 13 min and took points and took 2 matches ban for no reason ... WTF?!?!!!RAB3A0 17 Oct 2017
17 Oct 2017 Queue times. I think it would be a good idea to address the issue of the insanely long queue times. Is it not ridiculous that we have to wait 300~ seconds at least to get a game, and the same amount or even more of someone dc's? Discuss.Six4 17 Oct 2017
02 Mar 2018 Trolls in ranked hero league Hello, I would like to adress the long known issue of trolls in ranked hero league. Personally, I never troll and/or leave the game, but occasionally in ranked games I encountered certain people that are trolling. At the time I thought that the number of them was not high enough and I can still win games. However, after losing some games because of them, I dropped from gold to silver and now I cant get a single game without someone trolling. In one game, when a player disconnected, another player just went to a random spot on the map and pinged to the disconnected players bot to stand with him. He said nothing, just stood together with the bot (2 players of our team) and did nothing while enemy team pushed forts and eventually won. Just the game after that, another person whose pick was banned clearly stated that he is going to troll, picked abbathur and teleported into the middle of enemy team just to suicide. I am concerned that my reports do nothing. Even if I report a person and write the whole issue in the comment, I might even get that same person in the next ranked game (it literally happened). At this point, being competetive player as I am, I cant help but feel hopeless. At my current rank, I cant do anything besides pray I wont get a toxic/trolling person that I can do nothing about. Do Blizzard employees really look at the report section? Is there a chance to reduce the number of these people? Or am I guilty of being in rank of leavers/trolls? Looking forward for Your replies, Sincerely, IPaprikute12 02 Mar 2018
17 Oct 2017 Sprays on the new Volskaya map Hi, on the new Volskaya Map is the spray very bad to see on the objective areas: one reason could be, that this area have his own lightning effect like red/blue/yellow. Maybe you can improve this and also make the warcraft spays much better visible. A little bit higher contrast would be good. should be a work of 10sec. Thanks.Dracken0 17 Oct 2017