No custom skin for Auto Select Hero

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I like to play with a random hero. Makes the queues a little shorter, and I like the variety of gameplay.

The issue is, when I pick a "custom" skin when I choose a specific Hero, this option is saved every time I choose the same hero. This does not happen with the Auto Select option. The hero always gets the default skin.

Since I mostly play with random heroes, I almost never get to see these "custom" skins. Would love to see this fixed.

Thank you.
I agree it would be great (and probably pretty easy to implement) to have it use the skin/mount settings you have for the hero that gets picked.
I've made two posts about this on both general discussion and beta feedback, feels like an easy fix and a quality of life change for us auto selecters.
Bump, still an issue over three years later. Please can you default to using selected loadout settings with auto-selected heroes! Or make it an option.

It just makes the entire auto-select feature less fun to play when we don't get the skins we have unlocked.

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