How can I watch old replays?

I have many old replays that I really enjoyed watching from time to time and can't because the game version isn't current. Is there a way to watch old replays? Plz blizz hlp
Same, I even named a few with cool plays in them. Too bad you have to watch instantly and record or it's gone.
Which is pretty lame, suddenly on new patch the old data can't be read anymore ?

Maybe the whole replay is just a text file with player coordinates and which buttons are pressed at which time or something like that. And on new patch the old data can't be synced or something ?
Smells like bad design to me :( I don't save them just so I can delete them the very next day
They updated the replay system a few months ago.

I don’t remember exactly at which patch it was live, but you should be able to view all replays after the patch, no matter the version of the game you have. Games recorded prior to this patch are not viewable though.
I just went trough my old replays to delete anything I did not name and what vinny said is true !! :D

I can watch replays from patch 15 and newer, anything older does not play.

GJ Blizzard and excuse me for failing to notice ^^

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