New Quick Match Team Composition Rule - Feb 24, 2016

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We just implemented a rule for team compositions in Quick Match that we previously detailed in last week’s blog on the current state of matchmaking in Heroes of the Storm. As mentioned in the blog, we’d like to limit cases in which Quick Match teams will receive several heroes who fill unique roles, or have limited lane presence.

From now on, it will be very unlikely that you will encounter more than one of the following heroes on the same Quick Match team:
  • Abathur
  • Cho’gall
  • Lt. Morales
  • Murky
  • Nova
  • The Lost Vikings

As with all of the team composition restrictions we’ve implemented so far, parties can still bend this rule. This means that you may still see heroes like Abathur and Cho’gall on the same team if those players entered the queue as a party.

There are two other exceptions that are worth noting, as well:
  • If you are matched against a team that has two of the above heroes in their composition, such as Abathur and Murky, your team may also receive two of the listed heroes.
  • Auto-Select does not yet abide by the new restriction. This means that if you have one of the above heroes and an Auto-Select on your team, the Auto-Select may also become one of the listed heroes. Auto-Select support for today’s new Quick Match restriction will arrive with a future patch.
Awesome at last i won´t see Cho´Gall and Lt.Morales on same team
I don't agree with the list at all.

I agree with the concept of restriction certain gimmick heroes from being overrepresented on one team, when the opposing team has a well-constructed balanced composition.

Azmodan, Sgt. Hammer and TLV on same team is still viable with these new rules. Great huh.

A much better rule would had been 1 specialist max on each team, non-party, non-autoselect. Sorted. Thats the rootcause because a single Murky, single Abathur, single TLV doesn't crack your composition.

Nova is terrible right now but thats because of other reasons. Her being on the list and Zeratul not would suggest Blizzard took a "hero presence" approach to this issue for some of the heroes. A 2nd rule COULD be max 1 stealth assassin on each team, non-part, non-autoselect. Sorted.

Regarding Morales, we can all agree she doesn't have a strong presence, little to no damage. Lets take two steps back however and reflect. Those arguments can be applied to few other support heroes aswell. So lets have them on the list aswell no? She doesn't belong on the list. Re-do some of her talents, bring in the option for abit more damage either baseline or through talents. People don't even bother autoattacking or using E if they can't get any feedback or empowering feeling doing in.
Nice of you to try these things, but the system seems more broke than previously.

Can't recall the last time i had a decent setup in QM for both teams. totally imbalanced teams both for and against!

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