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Omg the new wrestling skins are the most amazing thing i've ever seen... My poor shards...
How does new diablo and lunara feel?
They both feel pretty great, tho lunara came out of it better than diablo I think.
Finally a draenei, cutest character with best laugh, even tho I'm for the horde.
Wondering who will be next to rework.
Now we've had the Raynor rework, anything seems possible. xD
guys dont u think this is to complicated just to join discord? like u need 1 hour to just get into the community.. . idk i would like to check your discord but it takes to long to got in like i dont like to waste time on signing into the discords.. just my opinion cause i spend lot of time joining one dscord community, that wasnt even online a lot, so i left it shortly after.. thats why i am saying it...
The discord link is broken now.
It says the discord linked in the post is unavalible
Discord links have an unfortunate habit of randomly breaking like that... You should be able to connect with our custom link:

To Haro specifically, you can just drop by as a guest if you want, though some sections of the discord and some events are restricted to full community members.
So who do you guys think the next hero is gonna be?
Lord Vincent Godfrey.

Ok that's just wishful thinking. xD
Disc priest seems fun, seems like they have other plans for Anduin then.
I dont know so much about preist specs in wow... So we have discipline now, which are missing still? and what are they like? what characters might represent them (other than anduin)?
Well Whitemane feels like disc priest =)
So what do we think Anduin will be?

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