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I have an issue with HOTS, for more than a month now and I really don't know what to do. Running Win7, 64 bit on a PC that exceeds the recommended specs for HOTS.

What happens is the game fully freezes my PC and it requires a reboot. This happens every few games. Never happens in the first game of the day and very rarely in the second. Usually after the 90 minute mark is when I expect it to hit. Never freezes in the log screen or when loading etc. It is always IN the actual match that it happens. Doesn't get triggered by any specific events. May just happen when I am riding around the map as well as in a team fight. Full on random.

Checked temperature - nothing abnormal. Am running latest drivers from nVidia. Deleted and reinstalled the game. Other games don't seem to cause any such problems. Kinda running out of basic ideas.

Am looking for a solution, as I want to keep enjoying the game. Let me know if there is anything I should try.

same problem here, posted 10 days ago, no answer yet. But i'll follow in case you get a response
Yeah I've had the same problem for about as long as you, I have updated every driver I could think of, checked if my internet was an issue (which it wasn't).

The only thing that seemed to work was changing my resolution to full screen, but it was a temporary fix as the next day I froze again randomly during the day.

One thing to note is that when I froze and then rejoined a teammate said that he was lagging when I froze. Could be a coincidence or something else.
So, don't know if that happened for you too, but when my freezes happened the sound was also freezed, like stuttering. That led me t believe my issue was graphical, and then sound was affected. However I noticed that the esound problem was an issue also outside of the game. I fixed my audio drivers, but the freeze kept on coming. Then last night I had a blue screen, which may have revealed the real problem: the wireless adapter. Don't know if you guys play on cable or wifi, but I would recommend to check those drivers for the connectivity card, since it may cause the cascade effect of the freeze. I think that was the problem, but i'm not sure yet, will keep you posted.
Update, solved the problem: it was a bad wireless driver, which eventually led to the total PC freeze. Try maybe to go back to a previous version of the driver, could solve the issue.
Hey Tognotommy,

Thank you for the update and sharing your solution. Hopefully it can help out others as well! :)
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
Hello guys , I have the same problem . While im playing hots and in the middle of teamfight my pc crashes and drop me a bluescreen , so whenever that happens i do reboot . Also i have checked drivers , graphic card and all the others . Everything ok . Also i checked my electricity power and i put an adoptor for my pc . After 3-2 games i had a reboot again and i dont understand why . Plz blizzard . This problem affected also WOW . I think maybe the server has some issue , i cant have a clear solution about the problem .
I am having the same problem, Everything was fine untill I changed from windows 7 professional to windows 7 home. all the hardware is the same so I know its not a hardware issue, I don't use wireless so I know that that is not a problem. I STRONGLY suspect its a windows update, but how to tell which one? There is over 200 of them. I have all my graphics turned off or at lowest setting as well as sound. As I said before everything was working fine until I changed versions of windows. Why does it happen randomly? The game plays just fine then my screen goes black. I cant do anything. Windows key wont work, it just goes black and freezes, still running. So I have to do a hard reset, and tale the chance that unplugging my PC wont cause future problems on my hard drive. Of course I don't have to tell you how frustrating it is when your in a game and everything stops then to come back in with a leaver status.
28/08/2017 14:45Posted by ToxioTommy
same problem here, posted 10 days ago, no answer yet. But i'll follow in case you get a response

Pls let me know iof u know something
Here is my version of the problem: Same situation that the game freezes and the screen goes black, but the computer itself keeps working. i can use the windows key (windows 10) but the only thing i can do to exit the game is to restart the computer. not even the task manager gets shown.
Hey all!

We have a page with troubleshooting steps for when your screen goes black in Heroes of the Storm
Please check the page here and try the steps to see if they help.
No they dosnt work .... and you know that !
08/12/2017 04:38Posted by SHARKY
No they dosnt work .... and you know that !

You really need to calm down. Make your own thread and wait like all the others, or just browse and !@#$.
Hey guys

SHARKY, please do make your own thread, confirm you've been through Heroes of the Storm crash troubleshooting, and if you have, make a post and include your MSInfo and DxDiag.

Locking due to age of original thread.

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