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Hello, around 2 months ago I have encountered a problem that exists only with HOTS lobby. It doesn't occur if i am already in a game, only on ranked choosing screen(before map load), simple lobby or waiting in a queue for a quick match etc.
I tried reinstalling the client, reparing it, updading drivers - it didn't help.
Please assist.

Please tell me how to attach a DXDiag file and i will upload it.
Hey Roboute,

When the game crashes, does it provide you a crash report option as well?

In regards to your System Files (DxDiag and MSinfo), post them on a page like or through OneDrive once you have the files ready, and post the links here so we can have a look.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
Nope, just white or purp screen, buzzing sound and crash of all system, not just the game.!AmAWcAcWceCMbzVyK5wskXlvmYY
Here are both.
Waiting your reply.
If your whole system is crashing, it could be related to bad drivers or a possible hardware issue.

Let's start by removing your current video card drivers using a Display Driver Uninstaller. Restart your system afterwards, and install newly downloaded drivers afterwards.

Programs with overlays could cause crashes as well. Although they would usually not crash your whole system, it would be a good idea to stop any of those for now. In fact, close other applications running in the background for now.

Before testing everything out now, I would suggest you check for potential Overheating first. Test once done, and let me know how you got on.

If that still did not help out, post a new MSinfo file. Make sure to follow the instructions from the Support Article, as that mentions how to export and save as a .txt file I can look into.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
Good day. Did all above, overheating not present, i have a pretty cold build.
Checking the game now.
Hi. I have performed the actions above - it didn't help.
What was done also:
Memtest( found errors, reset RAM freq to default 1600 - errors gone)
Issue still persist.
No overheating!AmAWcAcWceCMbzVyK5wskXlvmYY

Link to the requested logs provided above.
Hi Roboute

Please can you make the MSinfo file again, but make sure you export it as a text file rather than nfo file?

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