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Why did you delete my post
Is this the way you solved the issue ?????
Hey Devil,

Your post has not been deleted, you previously posted on the US forums.

From the crash report ID, I can see that your game crashed. We will need a bit more information to investigate this though. At which point does your game crash, and does it happen often?
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
I get this msg every single time I leave the game. It doesn't crash the issue I have is that my fps is lock to 60. Few days I update my Win 7 to Win 10 since then I have that problem. I updated my video drivers to last version, my vsync is unchecked everything seems to normal, but its not my fps Is lock to 60 and I always get this report when I leave the game.

I am very sorry about my eng I hope you understand.
Hi Devil!

I'd suggest disabling Xbox DVR as it may have been activated when you upgraded, and disable full-screen optimisation by doing the following:

1. In the Blizzard App, select the Options drop down and select "Show in Explorer"
2. Right-click on the game executable(for example World of Warcraft.exe) and select Properties
3. Open the compatibility tab and check "Disable fullscreen optimizations
4. Press apply and OK.
Thanks alot !
I did everything. Xbоx DVR is OFF and Hots "Disable fullscreen optimizations" is checked but i still get that msg 05A05901-8614-48C2-B20C-451465475F27 and my fps is still locked to 60. I don't mind getting this msg when I leave the game but I want to find the way to fix that 60 fps.
Once again thanks for helping me
Solved !
Thank you
Yay \o/
What fixed it?

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