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We are a bunch of friendly and easy going players all based within Europe. If you are a new player, we can help you get the knowledge you need. We dont have any requirements except for being friendly and mature.

Additionally our server is consist of 600+ members and is dedicated for Heroes of the Storm only. We do QuickMatch, Ranked, Unranked and host our own in-house tournaments where we do 5v5s and more.

We have also recently implemented a very effective LFG system within the server which has proven to be very useful. Members can easily find others to form a party and play the mode they want. Its been highly praised by everyone.

We have plan to expand upon our LFG systrm to allow our members to form TL teams too. This is a step towards helping those who are trying to become more serious about the competitive side of the game but are in need for a team to do so.

Join our Discord now and start having fun.

Will see you in the Nexus.

Edit: included the current member stats which is 600+.
Bumping : )
We are welcoming anyone who wants to join : )
Bump. I have edited the post to adjust the member count. We are now more than 300+ members :)
We are still looking for more if anyone is interested : )
We have an In-house tournament going on tonight. Join now so you could take part in it : )
We have got another tournament planned for this evening. Join now and show your interest if you are up for it.
Bumping : )
Is using a mic a requirement for joining? Or can one just listen to others and reply in chat.
25/06/2018 21:52Posted by Moosetache
Is using a mic a requirement for joining? Or can one just listen to others and reply in chat.

You don't have to talk. You can just listen. No one minds having members who don't want to talk on mic. So its absolutely fine : )
We are still looking for more. Approaching 400 members now. We are pretty much one of the most active hots server. Join now and have fun : )
Will join in an hour to your discord.
We are actively growing every single day. Join now and have some fun : )
More and more are joining us everyday. Join us too and start having fun with us :)
Bumply bump
We are way past 500+ members now. We are actively growing and getting really crowded. Come join the fun : )
Bump : )
Bump, Anyone is welcome to join us. We now have more people interested in many different modes.
Approaching 600 members now. You are missing on alot of fun times. Join us and stop playing alone :D

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