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LF TL; Your place to start your Team League adventure for season 4!

Season 3 is ending and it's time to start over! With all the changes coming up, it's going to be even better to be in a team in Team League! We have the tools, ranks and members to get your all set up and ready for this coming season.

What we offer

  • Join our community, solo or with an incomplete team
  • Set up your HotS Rank - if we suspect foul play, we will ask for verification via an in-game screenshot / hotlogs
  • Start looking for people wanting to play, at your current rank and team up on our Discord
  • Got a team? You can request a locked down channel for your team to practice.
  • We have members that are willing to train you in skills and heroes, either 1on1 or feedback via replays

What we want from you?

  • Keep the server alive! Make use of the available channels to chat, share, flirt (keep it PG). The more active the server, the faster our numbers will grow!
  • We are all here to learn and get better. Help each other get better with positive criticism.
  • Yes, things get heated in battle, stuff gets said. Talk about it after, like human beings or ask the staff to mediate.
  • Be nice, be a person. We don't condone any sort of harassment, racism or downtalking of anyone

If you can agree to these simple rules, then wait no more, join our Discord and let's make this the place for HotS TL for S3 and beyond!


Even though we are still a relatively new server, we have a pretty active player base, with 2 or 3 active groups in the evening hours. So give us a chance if you join during the day time and don't be that person that joins and instantly leaves, because you will be missing out on a great community!

Join now and thank us later!

The "LF TL" team
fancy meeting you here
Shameless bump! Currently growing at a steady pace of about 10 members a day!

We hope you also become a part of our community so we can start teaming up and go for that gold! ... or plat, silver, diamond.. ya know
We've grown to the amazing number of 75 members in just 5 days.

Currently we have 1 -2 groups going and more people are attempting to form teams in all rank brackets.

You are still more then welcome to join!
Nearing 100 members with 2 active groups running nightly.

Join us and get your TL rank!
Over 150 now and still growing. If you are still looking for a team, why not drop by!
190 and we have 2 active TL teams and 2-3 active team every evening.
My Favourite Server!!
Such a great place.... BUT NEEDS MORE NORWEGIANS!!!! Swedes are ok too...
And Danes, Danes always bring beer.... I like Danes...
More Norwegians?? More moose lovers you mean haha.

No worries, you are all welcome!
Season 3 is ending, a perfect time to join us!
Numpty Dumpty!
Bump! 4 active Discord teams and a 5th one is forming! Come join us today!

We've got cookies!

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