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I am Azok and I am here as the Captain of the Prime Legion MO-Stars (Heroes Lounge Division 3 Team) and a representative of the Prime Legion, a multi-gaming Clan/Discord Community.

We currently run the following Sections, in addition to a few smaller games that are not noteworthy for the purpose of this post:
    Bless Online
    Heroes of the Storm
    League of Legends
    Rainbow 6: Siege
    Rocket League
    World of Warcraft

We are also looking to expand into the following Sections, which are relevant to the Blizzard theme:
    Destiny 2

If you are looking to join a group of like-minded individuals to play games with (Heroes of the Storm - or any of the other Blizzard products listed above) and are age 13 or above, please feel free to register at our website and fill out the membership application form* or contact me here!

The website is:

*The application form is a required formality that, once complete, provides you with the invite link to our Discord server.

Thank you for your attention and time reading this post.


Prime Legion Clan was founded in September 2017 and we offer a flaming free environment for gamers from all over the world. We work hard every day to make sure our community is one of the best.
We are still looking for additional Heroes of the Storm (and other Blizzard product) players to come and join our multi-gaming Clan/Community. If you are over the age of 13, you are welcome to apply to join!

Social Media
You can Prime Legion on:

You can also find Prime Legion MO-Stars on:
    FaceBook: FaceBook:

Prime Legion is looking for both casual and hardcore players to expand its Heroes of the Storm community! If we get enough additional members, I will be able to put together a second competitive team under the Prime Legion banner.

You can check out our current team, the Prime Legion MO-Stars at:

All the information needed to apply to join is in the two posts above or you can leave a message here and either myself or another member of PLC staff will get back to you ASAP!
Hei Azok! I would like to join you guys! Malthael#2362
Thank you for your application and welcome to the Prime Legion Malthael!

Remember: we are open to anyone (so long as you are over the age of 13), no matter your level of experience. Casual or Hardcore players are welcome.

For those World of Warcraft players out there, we have a Guild on Defias Brotherhood.

Just head to the website, register an account and then fill out the member application form - use my name as reference for a quicker approval.
UPDATE: Our new website is under construction. For those wishing to join the Prime Legion please visit:
Website is still under construction but our forums are still available and the application forms are working!

If you're fed up with playing Heroes of the Storm alone and want to play as part of a friendly community, feel free to make an application at the website (link below) or leave your questions here!

Join us at:

Have a great weekend all!
Still Searching some new Members for our Clan.

Come Join our community for have fun, playing together and learning from each other.

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