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Looking for a gaming buddy. For now I play HotS, but plan to expand further. I've recently bought new PC so I can launch any game there is.

I don't really have friends who share my interest in playing games, so I want to find one so gaming would bring more pleasure.
Looking preferably for a girl because it's easier for me to talk with opposite gender, but it doesn't matter that much.
I play for fun and my skill differs from hero to hero, so if you want to play to win than this offer is probably not for you.
I am a friendly person and won't offend you in case there are mistakes.

I am a 21 year old male from Ukraine.
Feel free to write me if you just want to play some games.
Hey, would you like to play Cho with my Gall?
Me and my girlfriend would be delighted to play with you. We are not that good, but we are social and friendly.

So if ya interested add me Not#22437 and we shall have some fun :)
Im also looking for people to play Hots with add me Wolfram#21102 if u want to play
im also looking for anyone just to have fun playing and leveling up i havent played played since beta and i was in Europe region i was lvl 40 something and now im in the american region playing from scratch my user is MrCjGames#1347 i also have discord if you wanna talk
Hey there!

We have a great community that does everything from Quick Matches to Team League and custom scrims!

You can join our Discord via this link: http://discord.gg/ytG2puD
Want more info first? https://www.reddit.com/r/LookingForTeamLeague/comments/9dhxer/lf_tl_hots_discord_community_team_league_oriented/

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