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Hello. I am Not, I am 26 years old and hail from Finland. My better half is 25 and also from Finland. We have been playing HotS for only a little while. Myself I am only level 68. My fiancee is at level 116. We have pretty much been playing agaist bot. I have background in MOBA's tho she does not.

We play for fun. We really enjoy the game at our pace. We are pretty active and we are really social. We are jolly couple who loves to laugh and have a good time.

We are looking for likeminded jolly folks to play with. Maybe you can teach us thing or two. We use discord.

I like bacon, tattoos and horror stories
I dislike hiking, getting haircuts and icy roads

She likes bodymods, chocolate and animals
She dislikes hiking, a**holes and seafood

If you would be interested in playing with us, add us in bnet

im 23 years old, and come from Czech republic. I play HotS mostly casually (with my wife from time to time as well). As far as ranking goes, i am silver, round level 200.

I´m interested in plaing QM or TL, but nut sure, if you happen to play against AI exclusively, or not, therefore, if you happen to do so (at least for few trygames), add me - Andreassan#2981.

Iam open minded (at least i believe so :) ) and do not have problems at teaching/helping with the game (if i happen to have somewhat more knowledge).

I do have micro for in game comunications, however am not used to speaking in english and our apartment doesnt always allow it, so i usually type.

I like fencing (HEMA), boardgames and german language (sort of),
dislike most of mushrooms, long distance running and the teal colour.

If so - see you :)
Hi buddy, sent you a friend request
I sent you both a friend request.
Hope to see you out there!

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