Uk Longtime player looking for group/team.

Looking for Group

I'm a UK player with HOTS experience since Beta, and several thousand hours of Dota and Dota 2 experience before that (oh, and Heroes of Newerth but let's not discuss that). I like to think i'm well rounded, although I tend to lean more towards Assassin and Healer roles primarily, and Tank secondarily. I have enjoyed playing for fun all of this time with a friend via Discord; this has meant that I have never climbed beyond my initial Solo placement of Silver which was seeded based upon Quick Match which I played before Unranked was a thing. I do not see myself as a Silver player purely because that's where the MMR placed me once and I never bothered to climb to higher solo ranks due to playing with a friend instead.

Anyway, take that as you will. My friend has now discovered WoW all over again and I'm alone. I play most days, have all heroes and am tiring of the ridiculous drafts and strategies I am forced to participate in, lest I get report abused. I like to keep fairly abreast of the meta and sometimes I just shake my head. I want to play regularly with people I can come to know the capabilities and tendencies of; when me and my friend played we knew what the other was going to do in almost any given circumstance which is pretty handy.

So yeah, hit me up if you want to play and have a group with a spot.

Stay Sexy.
Hi sexy,

Add me on battle net p4t4m8n#2109, so we can chat

If you like you Can ADD me SuperAK#2330
I'm looking for a few people to play with in the evening hopefully :) as all my friends have vanished or gone to WoW too. Only tried to play ranked 2 of the seasons so far and got Rank 1 in the beta and platinum last season. Played virtually every moba to date (Heroes of Newerth outranks them all!!!! Still play it to this day :D).

UK based aswell and home to play in the evenings from around 6-12pm. Happy to use Discord and don't mind playing any role, though my weakest would be tank.
Added everyone so far, despite not being able to pay for last couple of days. Gemshade, I can't add you due to not having your whole Battletag. For reference, mine is HekaDooM#2953.
Hey Mobb!

Welcome to Heroes of the Storm!

We have a great community that does everything from Quick Matches to Team League and custom scrims!

You can join our Discord via this link:
Want more info first?
Bump, still looking. P4t4m8n you appear to have removed me before we had the chance to play, have a good one man.

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