Isn't it time for Lt Morales to be reworked?

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Isn't it time for Lt Morales to be reworked? The reason why I am writing this is because of the amount of nerfs she has received, but nothing has been given back to her in return. Morales was reworked because people said that she was too boring but what blizzard has done is even worse. There were subtle things like the shields to mercs and healing to mercs (Now Gone). Having regen globes to help keep your mana going (Now Gone). The way in which her grenades worked changed so you would have to detonate them (No big deal) The fact you have to have your team mates within a 2.5cm area to hook the Q onto them which I swear the radius use to be much bigger. All in all, the only thing you have left is a healer who can through grenades and apply shields. With the interaction of her healing abilities with mercs destroyed, a hero which was reasonable is now useless. I would like something in return to make me want to play her because she is not worth investing the time in and if you do it would take no longer than 10 minutes to learn. This nerf can only be compared to the ones of Nova and Chromie who were once loved and turned into abominations. If you want an example of what I mean, take Artanis, he has about 4 ways to do different swaps. The thing you can do is get rid of the first talent Cadueus reactor which gives you energy back for every basic attack you do which goes against the way she works. She should be back line and only fight at a distance. P.S. the interaction between Gazlowes turrets and morales being able to heal them was fun but overpowered so I am not going to complain about that one. If you want to describe morales now, the best way to do it is to describe her as a cardboard cutout because that is about how much depth she has. If anyone who plays morales is reading this put your point of view across because she really needs changing.
im playing morales and she is in an ok spot - its a situational hero

mostly to buff a rainor or make a valla (which sucks hard right now) playable

positioning is most crucial on morales - so maybe easy to understand - not so easy to play/master

the granade thing is a buff - now u can throw granades that knock enemys into your team - sooner you could have only knocked them away

also one thing most players do not understand about medic is that you actually want to heal - not heal till u are full energy - heal - ...
way more efficient than to always heal for 2 sec - but many cant wait to run in and u get forced to heal again (heal inefficiant)

she also has ok talent choices - so there isnt an obvious best at any level

whats missing is a cleanse - would be cool if you for example can activate and deactivate unstoppable for heal beam for bonus energy

also if u write without any space between your paragraphs for so long its extremely annoying to read
Dont need cleanse when you can give a target 50 armor and nonstop healing.

What I miss with Morales is a damagebuild. Like a infinite quest to stack dmg with your nades, like falstads or chromies Q used to be.
So you want Another rework ?
They could give her Irradiate back(a burning rage on the healing target) and maybe increase the speed of the grenades.

The range upgrade is at level 16.
What I would need for Morales is mostly quality of life.

Keeping this stupid healing beam on targets is the most tedious game-mechanic in the entire game.
Youre Morales, youre the main-target. Youre going to get cced a lot.
That means your healing beam is constantly going ON and OFF and every time that happens, you have to tediously reclick your healing target.
Half the time your target is barely clickable in a teamfight and have fun when you clicked on a minion.
its not really a disadvantage if you are the main target - you should be positioned more safe than any other player on your team at any time - so its a good thing that they cant focus your valla or sthg like that as much.

so cc on you should not be a problem - because u stand far enough back.
if your team is diving in relentless and asume u follow them into death - they are playing it wrong - tanks have to fall back to you to get heal not the other way round.

it can be hard to position savely if the opponent team has a dive comp - but then it was not that smart to pick medic in the first place. rather get some sup with strong self heal then like deckard, whitemane, ...

i personly pick medic right no pretty much only with valla (really bad hero right now in most drafts) or rainor or maybe zul - also a good partner is garosh because of his zoning and the value he gets out of the heal with armor.

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