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Hey everyone,

We regularly receive feedback and suggestions on how we can level up the Heroes of the Storm community forums. Many of you have told us that the forums can be difficult to navigate, that posts you want to see sometimes get buried, and that reporting doesn’t always appear to lead to action.

On that note, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching new forums very soon. With a streamlined look and new features to match, we’ll deliver a better experience for the Heroes community. Brand new notification features will help you keep on top of your posts and real-time updates will help keep you from missing out on the conversation. Additionally, we’ve replaced the previous report function with a new flagging feature to help foster more engaging conversations. Even more improvements are coming to our forums and we can’t wait for you to use them.

Please keep in mind that the current forums will be hosted on a different platform, so older posts and threads will not migrate over to the new forums. The forum history will be available in a read-only state for a short period of time after the transition. Be sure to save your favorite conversations if you plan to revisit them in the future. New posts will automatically be directed to the new forums.

Stay tuned for more information and we look forward to seeing you in the new forums!
firstly, getting pinned significantly reduces visibilty, i've only seen this since its monday and im looking for the rotation.

im excited by forum improvement, here its not so bad, but following your conversation in the NA side can get really tidious with so many threads opening.

a feature that might be nice to have is being able to see what an edited post said previously and not just (edited) in the title , but what I really want is new avatars! please make sure you bring an updated list for the new heroes, im not even asking for carbot portraits, just baseline with releases
Fix the game not the forum. Get your priorities straight.
17/09/2018 10:45Posted by orBeat
Fix the game not the forum. Get your priorities straight.

The forums are older than the game by a long time. I'd say it's about time, and it should help foster the development of a cohesive and inclusive community.
17/09/2018 10:45Posted by orBeat
Fix the game not the forum. Get your priorities straight.
Because web developer can develop games....
An update to a forum sounds great.

I would like to see more subcatagories of forums just so we can look them over.

At this point we lost alot of subcatagories on EU that US still has.

That is my 1st point to add.
Alot of players are in general discussion cause everything gets lumped in together there. There is no dedicated support forums except for Technical Support.
But other support is lacking.

There is also too much of the same thread opening as we know and it turns most of general discussion into "complaint city"
No problems on that but maybe move these to their own subcatagory?
So that other discussion don't get burried under these.

I suggest the following 6 Subcatagories:
1: Match Stories. (Share your favorite stories of matches here.)
2: Hero Discussion (Discuss your heroes here.)
3: General Support (Since not everything is technical and though we can make support tickets. It's handy to see what gets solved in the forums to look it up)
4: Suggestions (This one vanished, but add more guidelines to it. Skin ideas, Hero ideas, mount ideas, map ideas and such.)
5: Support Discussion. (This is where we can discuss the systems in place of the game)
6: Map discussions (Find your strategies here and talk about the maps.)

This leaves general discussion to talk about whatever else.
Nice... But the game is still broken.

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