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So despite our dislike about the map rework Blizzard still proceeds to release it?

Why do we even bother give our feedback then?

Have you seen the ratio on YouTube video about the rework? It's about 30% likes vs 70% dislikes. Not to mention the discussion in the forums.
!@#$ Blizz.
I don't think the new GOT is any good, I tried it and it removes all dept from the game. GOT had it's own identity, this entire game is going towards crappy maps like Cursed Hollow with this change. The tributes and now seeds spawn two often, then you are required to go there every 1-2 min, can't do laning, can't get back levels, can't soak, frustrating gameplay.
Removal of plant vehicle also a bad decision, I would call new Garden of Terror: Painted Cursed Hollow with painted Webweavers to look like terrors.

If Blizzard still really reads these forums they will get it that this change is a bad one.
Its ok blizzard will say that people experience diferent things xxD. I serieously dont understand this isnt the only game its like this, balance team is on serious drugs or smthing, even altarac isnt balanced but you are able to return from there, and then they release this. I guess some noob players cried to devs for loosing in cheese ways to murky or smthing( i do understand that they want to put focus on objective and they should but this is not the way especially considering there are a lot of heroes that are either late game or not good for team fights). Do at least queue time for team league is reduced thanks to changes so that is better i guess.?
p.s having this map in quick match(most played mode) makes even less sence
Garden of Terror is now a mix of Cursed Hollow and Tomb of the Spider Queen.

What next, are we going to change Dragon Shire to be a mix of Blackheart's Bay and Infernal Shrines. Where we gather coins to pay the dragon to hit stuff instead of controlling it ourselvesd?
25/09/2018 21:11Posted by AlienRock
I don't think the new GOT is any good, I tried it and it removes all dept from the game. GOT had it's own identity, this entire game is going towards crappy maps like Cursed Hollow with this change.

While I agree that introducing an additional pure brawling and "win more" map on top of alterac was a bad idea, I do not agree in your assessment of Cursed Hollow. The latter is a lot more complex and allows for a lot more tactics. Some examples:
- Ignoring objectives until the late game is possible on both maps, the winning team however is obliged to cover all 3 lanes in Cursed to get maximum value as the enemy minions die instantly. One can push with 5 on one lane if the enemy team isn't defending on GOT.
- There are 2 bosses on the map, that offer counter-play or give an additional advantage when well-timed
- Cursed also specifically caters towards drafting, as "delay" (chromie), "race" (hanzo) or just global heroes have each their own value on the map; the new GOT just favours heroes that either delay or thrive in choke-points
- Cursed has a real comeback potential, as the objective allows you to walk through forts and keeps directly to the enemy core in the late game. While the GOT objective is stronger for the majority of the game; it is weaker when thinking about comebacks.

But to be honest, I did not like the old GOT either, as it was one of the "random" maps in the pool together the nuke map. If i had to change GOT, i would have restricted it to one (controllable) Terror in the middle that has to be channeled by either team that has enough flowers.
Many of the dislikes for the youtube video were for reasons other than the rework being bad, such as, it being useless.
They wasted so much development time and effort on something that wasn't problematic to begin with. Some people disliked the map some didn't. It wasn't urgent. It wasn't necessary.
There are several other issues that need their immediate attention. The abysmal matchmaking. The messed up ladder. The stagnated state of the meta. The ineffective ban system. The still poor reconnect system. The atrocious experience of trying to watch a replay. The balance of the game.
There are all these important matters that need to be immediately addressed, yet they waste time with a map rework that was never asked. gg
I also dislike the vehicle removal but after playing a couple of games there i do find it more enjoyable then previous Garden of terror, i used to groan whenever old garden popped up, now i dont mind at all, yes its lost it unique flavour but overall im happy.

Also the distinctive global sound when the seed has been fully channeled is a nice touch to signify to everyone that the objective is over.
Let's not forget that the people posting in the forums is a small number of the community.The rest are playing the game.
I'm not keen on the new garden of terror update.

I tried it for the first time yesterday. It's too close to the cursed hollow for me to enjoy.
Whilst I enjoy the cursed hollow, I find having the same game type on a different map is boring. It's too linear.
Plus it's good fun having people playing as the garden terror and rampaging down a lane.

I also like the fact that the old map style allowed both teams a chance at getting a garden terror. This is really one sided.
26/09/2018 23:59Posted by ColonelZx
Its ok blizzard will say that people experience diferent things xxD.

The current reputation of the map is worse than when hanamura was released.
Just played it for the first time, I don't ever want to be put on that thing again.
GOT / Cursed / GOT / Cursed same to me... yawn
Alterac 2.0 but even more imbalanced, more snowbally and without bosses. This rework sucks
yeap, this map is now way worse.

I played like 5 times on it and always won, so i don't know, but can only imagine how painful for enemies the objective is. Map feels too tiny this way, and objective takes down forts for sure.
This just shows how little Blizzard knows about this game, and how little they care about the players. I don't think i have seen a single topic, where people complained about the old version of this map. But as others have said, there are other things, and way more importent things, they could have focused on
Check this one out:

Garden of Alterac Tomb! huheuhehu
30/09/2018 19:13Posted by Nova
Check this one out:

Garden of Alterac Tomb! huheuhehu

More like Tomb of Cursed Alterac's Terror.

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